Chapter 11 Huolingsan


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Dan indoors.

Qin Yuyan holds the Danfang written by Chu Xingyun, frowning tightly, and has not yet started the furnace to refine Danfang.

“The proportions of the three spiritual materials are very strange. They are totally different from those recorded in Dan’s books. Besides, I have never heard of this method of making spiritual materials.” Qin Yuyan muttered in a low voice. The closer she looked, the more unreliable he felt.

Qin Yuyan became a second-class alchemist after three years of alchemy, which undoubtedly reflects her amazing talent.

In her judgment, the present Danfang is totally nonsense. If we follow the above method to refine, it is impossible to refine the quenching agent.

“It seems that the Master is right. I failed to become a third-class alchemist. That is, I was too impetuous. A boy who was still wet behind the ears said a few words at will, which made me confused.”

Qin Yuyan sighed slightly, turned around, just took a step, the body stopped.

Somehow, in her mind, Chu Xingyun’s dark eyes suddenly appeared, clear, pure, without any impurities.

“Come on, let’s try. It won’t waste too much time anyway.” Qin Yuyan returned to the front of the Danding Ding. Her spiritual power rose and turned into a burning flame, which made the whole Dandong room hot and dry.

Meanwhile, outside Dan’s room.

Chu Xingyun has prepared the spiritual materials, ignited the flame, the Hexapod Danding began to rise above the curling smoke, if there is no spiritual breath, began to emit.

Manipulating the intensity of the flame, Chu Xingyun is quick-witted and throws spiritual materials in succession. The components of each spiritual material are controlled very accurately, which seems to have been tested tens of millions of times.

“The way of alchemy, the most important thing is to achieve it in one go. The whole process of alchemy requires not only energy, but also great spiritual power. This kid, who can’t repair the triple realm of quenching body, dares to start alchemy. I really don’t know the heavens and the earth are very thick.” Standing outside the door, Qinshan saw Chu Xingyun’s actions and shook his head.

He is the landlord of Baibao Tower. He has a wide range of insights and deep insights into the way of alchemy.

In his view, Chu Xingyun’s practice, strength and alchemy are all laymen. It is impossible to refine Dan medicine. Everything is in vain!

Time slowly passes, the night fades, a dawn shines in, sprinkles mottled light.


The door of the Dan room was opened and Qin Yuyan, dressed in red, stepped out slowly. Her face, instead of feeling sleepless all night, was full of doubts and excitement.

“Miss Yuyan, are you all right?” Qinshan came in through the door with a trace of worry on his face.

Quenched Dan is the most common medicine.

According to the daily speed of Qin Yuyan, it can be refined in an hour.

But this time, Qin Yuyan spent a full night in Danshi, which made Qinshan very worried. If Qin Yuyan made any mistakes, let alone him, the whole city of Xifeng would be leveled.

“Isn’t it to make Quenching Dan? What’s the big deal? Chu Xingyun came over and yawned as if he had just slept beautifully.

He looked up and down at Qin Yuyan and laughed, “Judging from your expression, it seems that the prescription I gave has a good effect. It should be much better than the quenched-body dan you made before.”

“Hum!” Seeing Chu Xingyun’s proud appearance, Qin Yuyan snorted coldly. Although she felt a little unhappy, she managed to hold back her anger. With a fling of her hand, a red medicine fell on the table.

This red red medicine, Qinshan is very familiar with, it is quenching Dan.

But to his surprise, the fragrance of this quenched-body Dan is very strong, far better than usual.

Chu Xingyun picked up the quenching agent and glanced at it at will. He nodded, “The impurities have been removed completely, and the fire has been improved a lot. There should be 80% of the effect. It’s still a living thing.”

“It’s a piece of work?” Qin Yuyan’s face became difficult to look at.

Last night, she was shocked when she refined the quenched Dan according to the prescription given by Chu Xingyun.

She can clearly feel that the impurities in the quenching body Dan are almost completely removed, the Danxiang is stronger, the quality is more perfect, and it is far more than the quenching body Dan she made before.

But at the same time, she was also curious about why this weird prescription had produced such a perfect quenching solution.

Under the whim, Qin Yuyan kept on studying and refining, and spent the whole night immersing himself in the joy of exploring the unknown. The quality of the quenched body Dan was getting higher and higher.

At present, this quenching body Dan is the highest quality one, but it falls into the eyes of Chu Xingyun, only 80% of the efficacy, but also reluctantly said to make ends meet.

How can Qin Yuyan tolerate this?

See her stride to Chu Xingyun, because of anger, breathing becomes urgent, chest crisp peaks also ups and downs, surging waves, fragrant and vivid.

“I refined the quenching agent, difficult to enter your eyes, then you refined the medicine, can you let me see it?” Qin Yuyan’s cold voice.

Chu Xingyun laughed and said, “Sure, no problem.”

He picked up a jade bottle and put it on the table.

Qinshan and Qinyuyan immediately went forward, their eyes swept, and their eyes were solidified there. This jade bottle was filled with not red medicine, but a pale red liquid, which smelled terrible.

“Good boy, you can’t make medicine, just deliberately tease, don’t think this is Fang City, I dare not start Baibao Building.” Qinshan holds its nose and its patience with Chu Xingyun has reached its limit.

Chu Xingyun ignored the threat of Qinshan Mountain and asked Qin Yuyan, “What’s your opinion about this bottle of light red liquid? Do you think I was making fun of it unreasonably, just like him?”

“This…” Qin Yuyan was stunned, his eyebrows tightly frowned, and finally he nodded.

See, Chu Xingyun sighed, a hatred of iron into steel.

He picked up the jar and explained, “The essence of Dan Yao is to combine the essence of many spiritual materials, so that people who use it can easily absorb the essence. In other words, as long as it conforms to this essence, it can be called Dan Yao.”

“The pale red liquid I refined, named Huolingsan, ranks first in grade. It is a kind of special Dan medicine. It is not swallowed and taken. It only needs to be smeared on the skin to exert its efficacy.”

“Moreover, after my re-quenching, these impurities of Huolingsan were completely removed, the efficacy reached 100%. In terms of the effect, it is three times or even higher than your quenched body Dan.”

Chu Xingyun said, word by word, with great clarity, not only revealed her strong self-confidence, which shocked Qin Yuyan, but also very angry. Chu Xingyun once again mocked her, saying that the quenching agent she had made was less than one third of that of Huolingshan.

“I said, there are some things, you do not try, never know the right or wrong, if you are not convinced, you can try in person.” Perhaps it was the unwillingness of Qin Yuyan that Chu Xingyun waved his hand and sent the fire spirit to Qin Yuyan.

Looking at the pale red liquid in front of him, Qin Yuyan’s eyes kept flashing and seemed to be struggling.

Finally, she bites the silver teeth, takes out the liquid and rubs it on her arm.

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