Chapter 1100. Deity of the Underworld Hyle


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– Fuck! What kind of black is this coming down from heaven? His mother, this is a spell! Cried Mo Fan suddenly.

The image was really very mediocre, but even so one could quite imagine the magic being released and its outlines. A black silhouette descended from the sky, and it was like the tip of an iceberg, which entailed a series of even more strange events.

– You look inside! What is inside! Saw? This thing threw Isender a few kilometers! – commented Zhao Man Yan.

The image was vague, and Mo Fan did not really distinguish which of the silhouettes belonged to Isender.

The members of the Holy Court did not attack personally, they cordoned off the area around.

In this black outline on the ground, an internal space was visible that resembled the contractual space of darkness, but it was noticeably larger than the space in which Mo Fan fought with the rider of darkness. Isender just remained imprisoned in this space.

This spell did not last long, and Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan could not consider what was inside this black space, only one thing was clear – Isender was detained precisely because of this!

“Is it really Hyle that is talked about so much?” – Exhaled Zhao Man Yan. Memories flashed through his head about someone telling him that whoever sees Hail’s true face will be immediately carried to the land of the dead. From these thoughts, the hair stood on end.

“Is Hyle the one who defeated Isander?” – asked Mo Fan.

– This is the European deity of death, which means “lord of the underworld.” I once heard someone in our clan Mu secretly saying that it is a creature that can compare with the sphinx, said Zhao Man Yan.

“Are you talking about that ancient Egyptian sphinx at the pyramid?” – Mo Fan recalled the name.

– Right. Sphinx guards the entrance to the pyramid of Cheops. He is an Egyptian being – the most important representative of their undead. He is also the first mythical animal of the ancient Egyptian afterlife. Hyle, in turn, is a mythical animal of the ancient Greek afterlife, whose significance is equal to the influence of the lord of hell …. Only now, if in our culture the afterlife is mostly fictitious, then in their history these deities are real, ”Zhao Man Yan added.

Hearing the speech of Zhao Man Yan, Mo Fan made the conclusion: “If Isender was captured by this Hail, then he died?”

Zhao Man Yan nodded his head: “Yes, even the strongest of this world are dying, despite all their regalia.”

– In all these ancient states there were mythical animals, isn’t China also an ancient state? Shouldn’t we also have similar mythical animal deities? Asked Mo Fan again.

– Of course there is. The totem snake is our mythical animal deity, most of the totems have actually died out. We can say that we are still under the protection of our Hanzhou snake! I remember my grandfather telling me that China has four main totems: a green dragon, a red bird, a white tiger, a black turtle. I don’t know if he simply boasted about it, or it’s true, but he said that if these four totems still existed, then the smallest of them, the black turtle, could be compared with the Sphinx and Hail in battle, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“Most of the totems are extinct … why say that?” It is possible that people in our country themselves killed them, thinking that leaving such creatures in the country is simply unsafe, ”said Mo Fan.

“It really is, you know better than me how strong the Hangzhou snake is, right?” – said Zhao Man Yan.

“I know,” Mo Fan nodded his head.

The black snake is a real totem animal.

– The black turtle has two descendants, one of them is a black snake, and the second is a turtle. The black snake is the very totemic snake that we know. Knowing its power, I think that these words can be trusted, said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan, looking perplexedly at her friend, asked: “And when did you manage to find out about this all ?!”

“This … this … I just looked through the info, hehe,” said Zhao Man Yan, “by the way, your Xin Xia has become a real holiness, how have you not yet reacted to it?”

– What is the most holy? She has always been the goddess of my heart, ”said Mo Fan.

“Brother, are you really not reading the news at all?” The names of the four candidates have already been published, and they are all called holy. The fairy was supposed to be chosen from the four of them, but in connection with the death of Ender, there were only three of them left. And your Xin Xia has a one in three chance that she will become the next fairy! – exclaimed Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan shut up.

In light of recent events, he did not even have time to contact Xin Xia, so he did not know this news.

– What a dejected look? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

“I understand like no one else that this is absolutely nothing good!” I know that since she got there, she will not be able to leave or escape from there! – strictly said Mo Fan.

– In the Parthenon monastery, not everything is decided by power and power. Her qualities are great for becoming a fairy, or she was really chosen for this, but I believe that she is the purest hearted girl that I have ever met, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“What do they finally do there in their Parthenon ?!” – Mo Fan more and more did not understand the whole situation that was happening in the monastery.

– Okay, change the subject. The decisive battle will take place tomorrow, have you prepared? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

He wanted to find out if Mo Fan had already mastered all the resources that he had managed to extract from the resource tour.

Of the entire Chinese team, Mo Fan got the coolest values, and besides, he is one of the strongest in the team, so his power should now increase significantly.

– Have you heard about the spiritual boundaries? – asked Mo Fan.

– Yes.

“Now I’m on the fourth border,” said Mo Fan.

– Afiget! But then you really will have no equal in battle!

– Ha ha!

The rules for the decisive match were significantly different from the rules for the qualifying round. Teams will fight just the same, however, during the confrontation, participants can replace each other.

Ten people from two teams will also compete in the arena, however, if one of them is disqualified, the team can replace him with another mage to maintain strength.

Each team can replace only three times, so in total 8 people can appear from each team in the arena. If we consider that there are only 10 magicians in each team, then we can say that in this battle almost everyone will compete in the arena.

In light of the ceremony, the start of the decisive round of world competitions, Ender’s death faded into the background. Each Venetian cafe hung portraits of the participating mages, making up a unique rating of students by their strength.

This rating was compiled according to the past two rounds, however, it was stunning that Mo Fan was already on the fifth line in this list.

Mo Fan was speechless from a similar arrangement. He, your mother, single-handedly installed the SIX Mages, how could he be the fifth ?!

He was simply enraged by the fact that four more people were on the list above him!

– In the first place, the captain of the England team is Jale, her hair is green, her eyes are bright turquoise. Until now, no one knows which of the elements is his main. In the qualifying and resource rounds, he used only one element – the draft, his draft and contract animals literally flattened the opponents. Rumor has it that its main element is lightning, it also has powerful natural talent, ”said Jiang Yu, notifying the team.

– The element of lightning! Very interesting! – said Mo Fan.

– In second place is an American who is in close contact with the Temple of Liberty – Jesse. While she was training there, she was already able to catch many criminals on the continent, thanks to which she received the nickname “impartial”. The main element – plants, the secondary – the curse, also owns the element of light. She is a leader mage. By the way, during the resource tour, she moved alone and was able to earn valuables with a total value of 1.3 billion! – continued to speak Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu even deliberately pulled out a photograph of Jesse and left it for everyone to see.

Zhao Man Yan literally blurted out Mo Fan: “Yes, this is at least the fifth breast size!” My darling … just look at this figure! ”

– She is really very impressive!

Jiang Shaoxuy, who was sitting next to her, only said with reproach: “This will all sag! Her breasts cannot compare with mine! ”

– Yes, but she’s FIFTH!

– Go to hell!

– Please note, in third place is a magician from the German team – Reed. A magician with destructive magic, its elements are similar to Mo Fan’s elementality: the main one is fire, the secondary one is lightning, the auxiliary one is an element of space.

– In fourth place, an unbreakable American named Billton. It is huge as a horse, its main element is earth / stone, the auxiliary element is light, the secondary element is appeal. In the qualifying round, he was surrounded by five Swedish magicians, they attacked him for half a day, but could not break his powerful defense. Wizards of crushing magic just hate him!

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