Chapter 1101. One Step Ahead


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The information that Jiang Yu provided, Mo Fan simply passed by, he only remembered some information about the strongest of them.

With the approach of the main match, Mo Fan became more and more self-confident, because only the shadow element was now rather weak against the background of other elements. Although the shadow was its auxiliary element, the absorption of the fifth stage by the shadow and the shadow mantle did their job: among the students participating in world competitions, he was noticeably distinguished by his dark magic. And if for everything else he can still release the power of the night, then his shadow magic will become absolutely awesome!

The call element has reached a high level, only Mo Fan still has not learned to control this magic. He remembered what Jiang Yu told him, and this information already gave Mo Fan even more confidence!

In the early morning the whole of Venice was awakened by the loud ringing of an old bell.

After the bell, music began to play, it was very melodic, which is why it was pleasant to listen to it.

At this moment, the ceremony began, which became the departure point in the decisive round. Eight teams from different countries that showed themselves in the qualifying round are the best, lined up. They were in the center of the large Venetian arena. Eight different flags fluttered in the wind, and the ceremony itself was actively supported by the cheers of the audience from all sides.

Eight teams – only about a hundred people. Although there were many magicians in the qualifying round, which proved to be excellent, the qualifying rules remain the rules.

After all the qualifying matches of different states with different opponents, after victories and defeats in the final round, only really strong teams remained, whose magical powers were approximately at the same level.

On the day the tour began, four arenas were already prepared, in which all eight states had to show their strength. The winners of these four battles will fight the next day.

– In general, we have five fights, in other words, we will fight most of the teams represented. Our task is to enter the four of the strongest countries, if we show ourselves perfectly there, then there will be an opportunity to be in the top three winners. The other five teams will not receive any valuable promotion. Of course, I don’t want to add spiritual burdens to you, but you should know about it … – mentor Feng Li told everyone in a serious voice.

– Know what? – asked Mo Fan.

Everyone knew that Mo Fan was illiterate, so his inquiries only aroused lazy smiles on the faces of Zu Jimin, Mu Tinyin and Guan Yuya.

Being from famous families, they were more than anyone else well aware of the seriousness of this world-wide event, after all, we are talking about the distribution of the rarest magical resources.

Everyone was now hoping for a fair draw.

The draw in this event is very important, since it depends on its results whether there will be hope for one or another team to receive rare resources. Even if the team receives a vein of an element of land, then it will have the opportunity to rebuild cities, sites, etc .; every year, several powerful magicians can be helped be glorified, which will undoubtedly be able to raise the general level of cultivation of the country.

Hearing the clarifications, Mo Fanya seemed to dawn: “Are we so stand out? We can definitely get the resources! We were able to reach the final stage of the competition without any particular risks – should I rely on something for this? After all, other countries can lure me, then two Japanese women tried to seduce me … ”

Of course, the rest of the team did not believe him when he said that other teams were eager to get him. The only thing he stood out for sure was in the level of his licentiousness.

Behind Mo Fan there is no support for any powerful clan or family, there is no specific organization that will stand behind him, and in general there is no support. All that Mo Fan can disgrace is, he loves to make himself the navel of the Earth. The rest of the participants carefully follow the rules: any word or action is closely monitored. Disrespectful attitude to mentors, even frivolous conflicts with other participants in the competition can immediately cause a bunch of questions and complaints to their family ….

– I see you really like beautiful girls. Oh well. I can help you by connecting you with that clan from which you really like the girl. In China, I am very respected, but if someone remains dissatisfied with you, they will throw you out right away! – came the voice of a middle-aged man behind him.

– Senior chairman!

– Senior chairman!

Feng Li and Song He immediately rushed to express their respect.

– This is kapets !!! – said Zhao Man Yan. He just opened his mouth in surprise when to see Chairman Shao Zheng!

The rest also began to blur in the bows, even Ai Jiang Tu.

Shao Zheng gave a military greeting, appearing to be a prominent military man. Mo Fan, seeing him, thought only that he looked like a market merchant, since he was dressed in much the same way as his father, this man did not even have a serious pompous expression that is inherent in all dignitaries!

The title of chairman automatically assigns this person to the highest magical estate of China, but Mo Fan still could not feel the magical breath emanating from him.

Is the higher a senior person, the more it looks like an ordinary person? How was he able to completely hide his magical breath?

– Mo Fan, do not stand before the chairman to carry all nonsense. Fighting for the sake of the state is not the highest award, you are a Chinese student after all! – Mentor Feng Li strictly told him. Having said this, he then used a spiritual voice to address him: “If you become a traitor and cross over to the side of another state, I personally will break your legs!”

“I just said that!” Of course, I will fight my best for the glory of the state! As for the girls, here I can handle it myself. “I think that among unmarried magicians in our country there will not be someone whom I cannot defeat if I have to compete with them,” Mo Fan grinned.

“Mo Fan, and it’s not for you to die from modesty,” said mentor Feng Li, rubbing his beard.

“Ha ha, but he’s right.” At one time, I also defeated all the rivals who claimed the hand and heart of my wife. Initially, she liked tall handsome men, but then she still noticed how beautifully I finished them, and since then we have been together with her, ”smiled Shao Zheng.

– Chairman … so inappropriate! The secretary general said softly.

“I came to support you, but I can’t promise a substantial reward,” Chairman Shao Zheng said bluntly.

– Senior Chairman, your verbal support is the best reward for us! – interposed Zu Jiming.

– Well, that’s great. In addition to support, I still have to say something, although I do not want to do this. Of course, you yourself understand the relief and location of our country on the world map. We are in the top five countries in which the strongest magical creatures live, and the point is not that we have many strong magicians, but that we have a huge population, so I want to apologize to you that our country is so high mortality rate among magicians who are forced to sacrifice their own lives for the good of the country.

– Having reached this stage of the competition, you have already proven that you are very strong, but I still have great hopes for you. I hope that you can achieve the highest successes so that our country can get more valuable resources. I also hope that in moments of despair, when you want to give up, you will remember about people who have to deal with magical animals. Just move step by step … for the sake of these resources several thousand soldiers were killed! – the voice of Shao Zheng became more and more serious.

With his speech, he made clear what he expected from the performance of the Chinese team.

He is a leader who perfectly understands the conditions of the country, these magicians must also understand, for which they are engaged in magic!

After these words, Mo Fan recalled the director’s speech in high school ….

He made this huge journey from the weakest entry-level mage to the world competition of the strongest high-level magicians, all this is done for the safety of mankind!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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