Chapter 1102. Bad Thoughts


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“Still, the words of the chief chairman make sense, Mo Fan, listen carefully.” Do not you understand that all this was told to you? Still thinking of moving to another team? – Zu Jimin did not miss the opportunity to stab Mo Fang.

In normal times, it is more than harmless.

– I really notice that my character is becoming softer, I was even able to endure your face, flashing in front of me, for almost a year! – Mo Fan was also not very friendly, so he expressed causticity in response.

– Who are you scolding ?! – could not stand Zu Jimin, – do not think that your magic is much stronger than mine, you will not go unpunished. Maybe I’m a little weaker than you, but I didn’t even think about betraying my native country! Moreover, he did not ask for any award for his services.

“A garbage that at least knows its worth,” Mo Fan said.

Zu Jimin’s face actually turned green after he heard that Mo Fan called him a garbage, and even before the main chairman! He wanted to immediately begin to deal with him, but he remembered that this conflict could affect the reputation of his family.

Of course, being completely intelligent, Zu Jimin understood very well that he couldn’t just take and start an open conflict with Mo Fan: “You are strong, we won’t say that you can bring the team to the top three. If our team enters at least four of the strongest teams, I will immediately admit that you are right and agree with you. ”

– Yes, I do not need your recognition, you will prove to yourself that you are a real garbage, and then you do not need to buzz over my ears. In truth, I’m still trying not to face the team in fear, fearing for its reputation – otherwise I would have beaten you to a coma at the very beginning. And in what family were you able to raise such a moron as you, who sow discord in the team, hampering universal success? – said Mo Fan.

“Student, what do you have against my nominee?” – at that moment, a female voice was heard behind Shao Zheng. A certain severity was heard in her timbre.

Zu Jimin, hearing the voice of his aunt, inwardly triumphed.

He knew that Mo Fan was very hot-tempered. This woman is the secretary of Shao Zheng and also has considerable power in her hands. It was she who recommended Zu Jimin to the team.

Zu Huiyin literally twisted her face after the words of Mo Fang, she could not restrain herself!

“So that pig was your man from the start.” You should pay more attention to his education so that he does not harm the team. The senior chairman has already said at what cost the cultivation of magicians in our country is, and, in truth, if Zu Jiming promises to no longer sow discord in the team, then we can assume that we are already in the top three in these competitions, – Mo Fan was clearly not nice to the secretary of the chairman.

Zu Huiying’s face after these words simply turned green!

But where did this puppy come from that dares to talk to her like that, secretary of the chief chairman!

– Chairman, I really do not understand. Strength, of course, is very important, but nevertheless the most important thing is the inner spiritual impulse. Such an arrogant student cannot vouch for the result of our team. Since he received invitations to the national teams of other states, is it worth us to keep him? Let’s just take away all the values from the resource tour and share them equally among the remaining students! – Zu Huiyin could not stand it.

From the very beginning, Shao Zheng did not get into a quarrel between Mo Fang and Zu Jimin, and when Feng Li tried to do this, the chairman only stopped, making it clear with his gaze not to do this.

The chairman did not stop the conflict just because he was sure that hidden contradictions in the team would not lead to anything good, and even vice versa could only aggravate the situation.

In the decisive round of world competitions, when up to eight people can enter the arena, confidence and trust between team members play an important role, and strife can only destroy everything.

It was obvious that there was a discord in the Chinese team. Shao Zheng saw with his own eyes how Zu Jimin, Mu Tinyin, Nan Rongni and Li Kaifeng created their own small group, which flatly refused to help the team of Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue, leaving them to their own devices.

This was not only seen by Shao Zheng. It was immediately clear that the disagreements within the national team were becoming more widespread, and there was growing competition between the participants of the same team!

Shao Zheng wanted these contradictions within the team to become the main driving force, if now these guys will take out everything that has boiled inside, they will try harder in the arena to become famous and show themselves!

“Mo Fang, of course, has a boneless language, but Secretary Zu Huiyin, your proposal also crosses the border,” said Shao Zheng, making it clear that he was not going to punish or fine Mo Fang.

“I only think that this student has been showing instability of his psyche from the very beginning, there is no denying the possibility that he will decide to betray his country and team,” said Zu Huiyin with anger in her voice.

Mo Fan understood that this Zu Huiyin was blocking the actions of her relative Zu Jiming, whom she herself put into the national team, but how dare she put it like that before the chairman?

He had not yet met a man that dared to speak of him like that ….

“Zu Huiyin, I don’t like hearing these your words.” Although I do not know about the inner motives of other students, I can say for sure that Mo Fan has no problems with this. I am not satisfied with your doubts about him; I hope that you will apologize to him. ”Han Ji stood next to him. He also could not stand it, inserting his five cents.

“Han Ji, have I heard it wrong?” – Zu Huiyin is stupefied.

Is that funny? Should the secretary of the chief chairman apologize to some student? Yes, Han Ji is clearly blundered!

“You heard everything correctly, I’m waiting for you to apologize to Mo Fang,” Han Ji took a step forward, making it clear that he was extremely serious.

“Han Ji, Zu Huiyin only teaches the younger generation, do not take everything with hostility,” said the elder of the Mu clan, Mu Gong.

“This guy is behaving in such a way that even me, the heir to the Lou family, wants to kill him.” Han Ji, you already lifted this little boy to heaven, and now you are waiting for Secretary Zu Huiyin to apologize to him? – Sounded the words of Lu Xin.

From the very moment Lu Xin came here, he did not take his cold gaze from Mo Fan, as if wishing to destroy him.

“Lu Yilin has already died, and at first it was Lu Yilin who wanted to kill his team mate …” said Song He.

“Even so, he had to inform the magical court first, so that they could deal with this case already.” Does he have the right to kill people? And now he dares to talk like that! As much as I think about it, I am becoming more and more convinced that there are people who specifically wanted to stomp my nephew — Lu Xin was already angry at the end, because all this was the work of Mo Fan!

– I already said that first you need to wait until the end of the world competitions, and then we will discuss everything again! Lu Xin, do not raise this topic again! – said Feng Li.

– Well I’ll wait. I hope that the magical court will make a fair decision, otherwise I will do justice myself! – said Lu Xin, his every word was pronounced more and more seriously.

Han Ji did not fit into this matter, but the situation with Zu Jimin, Mo Fan, and Zu Huiyin still bothered him.

“Old man, it’s Zu Jimin who must apologize to Mo Fan, Zu Huiyin only warned him.” She didn’t mean that he was really going to cross over to the side of another country, and Mo Fan himself was to blame for never watching his tongue, ”said Pan Lai.

Han Ji’s demand that the secretary apologize to the student is already too much.

Zu Jimin’s eyes widened in astonishment: why should he apologize to Mo Fan? This Pan Lai completely flew off the coils?

– Will not work! Whoever said so, that must be held accountable. Mo Fan only joked, and these people deliberately turned his words before the chairman. Zu Jimin himself, as he first said about it, is in full bloom, his abilities are ordinary, and his guts rot from envy to his teammate, but I don’t care. But you, secretary, a public figure, with what hidden intent did you pronounce this? – Han Ji was adamant.

– What can I have a hidden plan? I just wanted to teach him a lesson. Since he is talking about this, his personality really raises questions, and given the fact that he is guilty of the death of Lu Ilin, I can also judge his internal evil thoughts, and this is absolutely unacceptable! – said Secretary Zu Huiyin.

“Bad thoughts … okay, okay, now remember it yourself!” Han Han said with a cold grin.

“Did I say something wrong?” Asked Zu Huiyin.

– Today is the final stage of the competition, and I want Mo Fan to prove something with his performance. Zu Huiyin, you have three fights to decide for yourself whether you will ask for forgiveness or not. However, as soon as the time comes, you will not be able to take your words back, and then you will not get off with a simple apology!

– regret? I, Zu Huiyin, never take my words back. Many people make mistakes and make erroneous conclusions, but I’m not like that, otherwise I would not have been at the post of secretary of the chief chairman! Bad thoughts are bad thoughts! – Zu Huiyin was still arrogant, not even thinking of retreating.

It’s good that Lu Xin came from the Lu family, who simply hates Mo Fan. If something goes wrong, then he himself will deal with this little guy.

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