Chapter 1103. The Battle of the Great Powers


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“By the way, Mu Ning Xue has not yet recovered?” – Feng Li turned to Song Hye.

Song Hye shook his head.

– She is still very weak, she will not be able to participate in this contest.

– Oh, without her, the strength of our team will noticeably weaken.

– Why, the magic of ice Mu Tinyin is no worse. Moreover, she also has a spiritual seed of ice, said Mu Gong.

To this replica of Mu Gong, Feng Li could only nod silently. Everyone was well aware that there was a huge difference between the forces of Mu Ning Xue and Mu Tinyin. Mu Gong should not have so insistently recommended his man.


Competitions have already begun. The first three competitions were very colorful. Indeed, in the last round the strongest teams remained, and the players could no longer hide their capabilities. If you compare with the qualifying and resource rounds, then the strength of the players in the decisive round was much higher! Resources obtained after the resource tour also played a significant role. The students who got the most resources were able to overtake by several orders of magnitude those with whom they had been equal recently.

The US team fought with the Greek team. Greece was considered an ancient magical state, especially since the sacred and revered Parthenon was located in this country. Players of the Greek national team were not inferior to the Americans.

The fierce battle has been going on for a long time, and three of the participants were replaced. The views of the entire planet were riveted to what is happening. Such a spectacle made all students at the age of twenty, still at the primary or secondary level, burn with envy and shame!

In the end, the Greek team won and entered the front ranks of the ranking.

The next was the battle of England and France. Between the forces of the combined teams of the two great powers there was a big gap. England team was in a better position. One team captain Jail was able to suppress opponents, using only the magic of the call.

After this contest, even more spectators admired Jail. Everyone knew that the call was not his main element, he possessed two more more developed types of magic, but did not even apply them in the decisive competition!

England joined the ranks of the winners, and France went down to the bottom lines of the rating.

In the third competition, the teams of Canada and Egypt met. Both countries were not distinguished by outstanding capabilities, but the Egyptian team continuously used necromancy, which ultimately broke the opponent.

Most viewers thought that Egypt was very lucky at these international competitions: they didn’t get a strong opponent in the qualifying round, and they made good money in the resource round.

Everyone expected that they would be crushed by a stronger country in the final round, but they were lucky again, and they added the name of their country to the list of winners. The people of Egypt almost cried with joy!

Canada underestimated the strength of the opponent. They counted on a quick attack, but in the end, the magic of the enemy’s necromancy was on top. The Egyptians called for very strong creatures, the undead became more and more, until they finally crushed the Canadians.

At such team competitions, it is not so much the power of the players themselves that they are tested, but how much their strategic skills and the degree of teamwork are tested.

The fact that the Egyptian team defeated the stronger Canadian team once again demonstrated the importance of mutual understanding within the team and ingenuity!

………… ..

– Honestly, I’m not sure that we can defeat the German national team. It would be better if we came across Canada or Greece. We do not know anything about the Germans. They are very careful. For all the time they were in Venice, they revealed little about themselves, ”said Jiang Yu.

The most dangerous thing is to fight with an unknown enemy. The strongest members of the Chinese team have already demonstrated all their strength in previous competitions. Opponents had complete information.

While the German team did not stand out a single participant neither during the qualifying, nor during the resource rounds. And that was the worst! After all, this means that they did not make any efforts at all and got to the final round!

“Mo Fan, you should first carefully monitor the fighting situation,” Feng Li addressed the student.

“Well, I will come out at the end,” Mo Fan had nothing against such a draw. If he goes last, then he is the trump card of the team.

Mo Fan realized that he showed too much during the resource tour. If he left at the beginning, the opponents would immediately join forces in the fight against him.

“Ai Jiang Tu, you are in control!” – said Feng Li.

Ai Jiang Tu answered with a nod.

Ai Jiang Tu could not hide. If he does not appear at the very beginning, then the Chinese team of five people will probably take a short-term advantage, but then it will be difficult to fix something.

“Mu Tinyin, you control the arena,” Feng Li continued.

Mu Tinyin flashed her eyes. She had long been waiting for a chance to demonstrate her strength. Her magic of ice spikes has become even stronger, now she can gouge out many eyes!

“Zhao Man Yan, you also come out at the very beginning,” Feng Li hesitated for a long time, but in the end decided that he should be sent in the first roster.

Zhao Man Yan was delighted and flattered by such a surprise, because many considered him the weakest of the whole team.

– Good, teacher! – answered Zhao Man Yan respectfully.

– Among the opponents there is a very strong magician of destructive magic. You have to be ready, ”said Feng Li.

The only mage from the German team who showed his strength was a mage named Reed. The main element was lightning, the second was fire, the auxiliary was the magic of space. All three elements of the magician had a destructive force, he could shake the earth with one wave of his hand and rightly stood in line with Mo Fan.

– Jiang Shaoxuy, you are responsible for spiritual defense, and for confusing the enemy.

“Nan Jue, you are responsible for defense.”


After the battle order is established, often someone has doubts.

Obviously, this is not the strongest combination: Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Shaosuy were auxiliary and defensive magicians. Zhao Man Yan is focused on defense by elemental magic, and Jiang Shaosuy is focused on defense by magic of the spirit. Their other elements did not possess outstanding offensive forces.

The sound magic of Nan Jue could certainly play the role of the main destructive magic, but its second element was water, and the secondary one was plant magic. And they do not have high destructive abilities.

Only the remaining Ai Jiang Tu and Mu Tinyin could conduct an attack, but their elements of lightning and fire did not possess a high attacking force.

– We know very little about the German national team. You should not deploy protection at the very beginning of the competition. Our defensive abilities are very strong. The more they want to break through, the more open they will be. At this point, we will change the strategy … – Did Feng explain his thoughts.

Everyone understood that the mentor’s logic makes sense. Egypt defeated Canada, thanks in part to continuous defense. They joined forces together and even strong opponents could not break through such a defense!


– Han Ji, did you say there is a matter requiring publicity? – remembered Feng Li.

“This is not in a hurry, we will wait until Mo Fan enters the arena,” Han Ji answered.

– The broadcast team wants you to be their special guest and tell the audience about the competitions. Do you want to announce then? Asked Pan Lai.

– Yes, there are things that had to be said for a long time, but it was constantly postponed.

“I still don’t understand why you want the secretary of the chairman, Zu Huiyin, to apologize to Mo Fan,” said Ban Lai.

Han Ji just talked with Chairman Shao Zheng about the situation with Mo Fang and Shao Zheng agreed to this announcement, but Ban Lai and the others did not hear about it …

– You will understand. In recent years, Zu Huiyin has crossed all borders, abusing his official powers and attracting people to his side. The time has come to teach him a lesson, ”Han Ji said.

Pan Lai still vaguely understood what was at stake and slowly answered:

“I don’t understand what you mean by lesson, but the information about how dishonest Zu Huiyin denounced Mo Fan was disclosed by some caring people.” The last time was very stormy for Mo Fan. His actions on the resource tour cannot be considered a violation, but he cannot be called correct either. And all the facts about the events after their return on the fair wave were distorted.

– They suffered through their own fault! – said Han Ji.

………… ..


Five German national team players entered the arena.

The table was led by a magician of destructive magic Reed. The guy looked a little strange: there was a red turban on his head, and all his clothes were silver with gold patterns. From his clothes one could immediately understand what elements he possessed.

With his colorful clothes, Reed himself looked completely impassive, from the very moment he appeared in the arena, his face was like a mask.

– This is Reed. They say that even many members of the national teams cannot confront this guy, – discussions have already begun in the stands.

– Oh, I saw him on the resource tour! He defeated the Japanese in one fell swoop, how was it … Min Buson! At that moment, the whole arena froze in horror!

– Yes, I saw it too. Although the broadcast was very short, it was still impressive! You never expect him to do the next moment!

– They say that this time China will not release Fan-Xue. Do they really hope to win without them ??

Participants entered the arena one by one before the official start of the competition. The teams did not know about the alignment of the enemy, this could only be considered while being on a high platform.

The arena in the last round changed every time. Today it was a simple desert area, completely covered with golden sand. From time to time, sand vortices appeared in the arena. All the spectators were in anticipation of a spectacular battle !!

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