Chapter 1104. Attack Neglecting Defense


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“Reed, it seems these Asians don’t appreciate us at all,” said a girl from the German national team with moles on her face.

The rest understood what she meant. At this time, the fighting system of the Chinese can not be called strong.

In the decisive competition, the teams of all countries give all their best, using all their strength. The Chinese did not fall into the last round for many years, but finally breaking through, they so casually choose the composition of the team in the first competition. The Germans did not understand what was the catch?

Do they really think that such a team will be able to defeat an ancient strong nation with vast experience in such matters?

– Apparently they like to keep their strength. Now they know our power, we will not give them a chance to replace! It will be a quick battle, said an element of ice from Munich.

“Don’t underestimate them.” It is possible they first want to explore our capabilities, – said the more cautious team captain Joseph.

The teams stood at a distance of 150 meters from each other, and the entire sand arena was about 300 meters in length. It seemed to the mages that they were in the desert. Despite the fact that Venice was surrounded by water, the arena itself had very hot and dry air!

Arena conditions were recreated in all authenticity. Prefabricated stood on the sandy hills. With the accumulation of magical energy, golden sand began to be understood into the air.

On the hill where the German team was located, the first signs of an accumulation of magic were gusts of wind raising sand into the air …

There was more sand and as a result a sand cloud formed over the heads of the Germans. The huge sand cloud was apparently controlled by one of the magicians. Supplemented by the strength of the wind, it has become a hopeful defense for players!

“Of course they can use the terrain, but let them look at my sand castle!” – Zhao Man Yan accepted the challenge.

He stamped heavily with his foot and formed a high, solid wall of gold sand under his feet. The sand barrier was in the shape of a fortress wall.

The Chinese team stood on the sand wall as if in a defensive fortress. Now, if the opponents want to attack them, first they will have to destroy the wall!

– Seal of the earth! – Zhao Man Yan activated the magic tool, allowing the power of the magic ring to spread around and strengthen the magic of the earth. This seal increased the strength of the sand barrier by about two tenths!

“Some kind of ugly fortress in you,” Jiang Shaosuy grinned.

“Your mother, I’m not a builder for you!” Strong, solid – and enough. Why this extra effort. We guys are not very elegant either, but how good we are! – immediately answered Zhao Man Yan.

Jiang Shaoxu snorted, not about to continue the conversation with this insolent man. She was sure that Zhao Man Yan and Mo Fan became friends just because they had a similar train of thought – forever these vulgar jokes!

– Burial with a second-level heavenly flame – hellish flame! – looking at the dais, Nan Jue immediately reported.

Burial with the first-level heavenly flame – rain of fire, similar to raindrops. Fire drops descend from the sky and when touched with the surface flare up with raging fire, creating a sea of fire on earth.

Hellfire was completely different. At first, only one stone of the hellfire appears in the sky, but as it approaches the earth, it displays all the power of the hellfire and can even make sounds similar to the roar of a demon! The flame was also unusual. The hellish stone itself is dark green, so the fire surrounding it was also saturated green !!

* bam !!

With a loud sound, the stone crashed into the surface of the arena, raising huge sand waves. But all the flying sand was immediately scattered by a wave of hellfire, and even the strong sand wall of Zhao Man Yan crumbled to dust !!

The shock wave of the green flame spread in all directions and even shook the spectator stands, the floor of the arena was engulfed in green flame!

On the Chinese side, complete chaos reigned.

After such an attack, the entire combat system of the Chinese team was immediately broken. They did not expect that the Germans would not even scout the situation, but immediately launched such a powerful fire attack!

Green flames raged for a long time. The whole face of Zhao Man Yan was covered with sand, and burns were visible on his body in some places.

“Fuck how he managed to destroy my wall so easily!” – cursed angrily Zhao Man Yan.

When Zhao Man Yan and Mo Fan trained together, even Mo Fan did not immediately manage to destroy his sand barrier. How did the German manage to do this so quickly?

“How can you be a more useless defense magician !!” – disheveled Mu Tinyin was extremely angry.

– Just attacking the enemy was unexpectedly strong. Zhao Man Yan,

“This is the very magician who eliminated Min Buson in one fell swoop.” Surely there is something special in his magic, since he so easily destroys the defense, Nan Jue mused.

– Again! This guy is forming constellations at an unrealistic rate!

The green flame reappeared, but this time it did not appear from the sky, but formed in a giant green python. His fat long body shot up right above them !!

There was only one fire python, but it was huge and had great power! His whole body was shrouded in a green hellfire and reached several tens of meters in length!

“You cannot destroy my defense!” Water curtain! – Zhao Man Yan also began to get angry, in front of him appeared light blue constellations.

The constellations shone and a crystal-blue water curtain appeared before the magicians.

– Totem stamp! – This time Zhao Man Yan did not hesitate and called for energy from the totem vessel of wooden fish. The totem barrier was like ancient writings, which, one by one, were superimposed on a water curtain!

– An element of water with a spiritual seed, and a totem barrier that increases fortress by 50 percent. Let’s see how you destroy it! – Zhao Man Yan could also show character.

As a rule, defensive magic is higher than attack magic. High level attack magic is unlikely to pass the defense of the same level. Zhao Man Yan knew that attack magicians always stand out in international magic competitions, but he firmly believed that he could make the enemy feel despair!

Upon encountering a fiery green python, the water curtain immediately began to stagger. Zhao Man Yan was sure that the fire boa would now be destroyed, but contrary to all expectations, he went through the water curtain and attacked the magicians directly !!

– Zhao Man Yan, what are you doing !! Yelled Mu Tinyin.

Around the hellish flames raged and the python coiled furiously trying to get the opponents. The Chinese team had no choice but to retreat.

Zhao Man Yan was stunned. With an unbelieving gaze, he looked at a huge fire python moving freely throughout the arena!

– He just passed .. he just took and passed ??? – Zhao Man Yan muttered under his breath.

The water curtain was still there, then how did he get in here? This violates all the laws of magic !!!

– Defensive magic is ineffective against his attacks, or it can be said that his destructive magic is not sensitive to elemental defense. This is probably due to his giftedness! It is not surprising that he defeated Min Buson so easily, he certainly did not expect that his defense would be useless! – Jiang Shaosuyu hastily said in the midst of turmoil.

This is the second time. For the first time, no one understood why Zhao Man Yan’s sand barrier was ineffective.

The second time, when a fiery boa simply passed through the water curtain, it became obvious to everyone that it was not at all about Zhao Man Yan’s weak abilities, but about the enemy’s special magic!

This kind of magic is very rare and accurately refers to the natural abilities of the magician!

– If defensive magic is absolutely useless before his attacks, then is there any sense in continuing this contest? As soon as we use all our magic items and magic armor, we will immediately become his target! – shamefully said Zhao Man Yan.

After only two attacks, they have already used four defensive magic items. Usually protective magic items are used last. But this time, for such a short period of time, they paid a high price!

“We and Jiang Shaosuy will try to detain him, and you, Ai Jiang Tu, try to suppress the remaining opponents,” Nan Jue reacted immediately.

Jiang Shaoxuy possessed magic of spirit, and one could say she was the main enemy of the attacking magicians.

Nan Chiu was confident that opponents had spiritual protection. But if they apply spirit magic and sound magic at the same time, then Reed is unlikely to be able to continue his attacks!

In doing so, they sacrifice two team members for the sake of one opponent. Therefore, the remaining Ai Jiang Tu, Zhao Man Yan and Mu Tinyin, the three of them must fight with the remaining four opponents.

But they had no other choice. The main attacking mage of the German national team was so strong that he could defeat their entire team. If they do not restrain him, they will not be able to wait for a replacement and will suffer a crushing defeat!

– We need to come up with retaliatory measures. This guy completely ignores our defenses. We must have missed something! – said Zhao Man Yan.

– Yes, you go, think! – Mu Tinyin threw coldly and joined Ai Jiang Tu.

Zhao Man Yan could not find a place.

His defense was useless, and he was absolutely helpless in this situation!

He just had to carefully get rid of other opponents and look for the weak spot of the main attacking mage of the German national team!

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