Chapter 1105. Zhao – Turtle Shell


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“Three beat four?” These eastern people have lived in their unknown country for so many years, no one knew about them. And then they once showed their abilities on a resource tour, so they immediately decided that we could challenge us? Do not forget that their magic over the past 100 years has lagged far behind the rest of the world, – the girl with a mole on her face smiled coquettishly.

Her eyes were fixed on Mu Tinyin, she continued to say: “Within 10 minutes I will deal with this magician of the ice element.”

“Be careful,” said the commander of the German team, Joseph.

Joseph’s eyes were dark blue. He was dressed simply, his character was calm and serious.

He noticed Ai Jiang Tu, and began to slowly approach him. In a previous competition, Joseph realized that the character of this Chinese magician is an element of space iron.

Mages from military schools and higher educational institutions have enormous differences, military magicians are always disciplined, they do not have this youthful maximalism. In addition, military magicians were conscientious in their work and were very serious.

In their opinion, it was not a stadium, but a battlefield!

Joseph had long noticed Ai Jiang Tu, and the guy seemed not to specifically notice the commander of the German team. After all, Joseph was very physically fit, healthy, like a mountain!

Joseph chose an offensive tactic. He approached the camp of the Chinese team, using elementary and intermediate level magic as a means of attracting attention. Thus, he showed that he wanted to bring the matter with Ai Jiang Tu to a final outcome.

Ai Jiang Tu did not leave the team, standing within the magical defense of Zhao Man Yan. His eyes were constantly following Joseph and another member of the German team.

“It feels like you don’t want to fight alone with me, if so, then … On the offensive!” – Joseph waved his hand, giving a signal to the rest of the team.

Joseph’s orders were executed flawlessly. At that moment, when the team members saw a signal about the beginning of the attack, they soared in the air filled with grains of sand. Mages began to use magic one after another, shaking space.

* Roar

A huge dune formed in the sand, following the roar from which the eardrums burst.

The sand started stirring, a huge back and head appeared in it, a roar came again and the sand flew in different directions.

Amid this sandy chaos, one could understand that it was a white Asian dragon. His whole body was covered with white granite leather, he looked like a revived statue. His eyes looked fiercely around, making a terrible impression!

The mage of the ice element from Munich smiled coldly, stepping on an ice chain, he freely rolled down from the shoulders of a white Asian dragon!

The dragon slowly went forward. Seeing that Zhao Man Yan created a mountain shield, the dragon, like a giant mechanism, hit the shield with his huge body …

The mountain shield of Zhao Man Yan scattered across the earth into stone fragments.

* Roar

A white Asian dragon roared at Zhao Man Yan. The dragon’s breath could turn people to stone. The terrible breath of a white Asian dragon turned Zhao Man Yan, Ai Jiang Tu and Mu Tingyin into statues. Zhao Man Yan used a water curtain to solve this problem. Using the totem seal freed the mages from the burden of stone.

– This is an Asian dragon, in addition, it is a dragon of the element of the earth. It’s good that they are not in the highlands, otherwise this creature would pose a greater threat to the team!

– Asian dragons are super creatures, the blood of the naga (snake-like mythical creature in Buddhism) flows in them. And thanks to the power that they possess, they can be called true dragons! … – hunters sighed at the stadium.

– Many adult Asian dragons are somewhere near the level of the emperor, and some of them are so strong that they are emperors! .. It’s good that this dragon has not reached full maturity, otherwise the Chinese team, even twice as many , I could not conquer this beast! – expressed his opinion a simple hunter sitting on the podium.

Many stadium hunters have never even seen a white Asian dragon!

The roar of the beast rang out for kilometers around. He was so terrible that Zhao Man Yan was seriously scared. But the worst thing was that the main element of that magician from Munich was the element of ice, so the influence of ice magic was very widespread in this section of the stadium, even the magic of Mu Tingyin was much weaker.

Mu Tingyin joined the battle with a German with a mole on her face. Mu Tingyin looked very annoyed, shouting to Zhao Man Yan: “What are you holding other people for cattle?”

Hearing these words, Zhao Man Yan was also angry. It is a pity that you can not give this fool a good slap in the face. Obviously, her magic of the ice element was the same in strength as that of that German, but the other two elements were much weaker. The main thing that Zhao Man Yan should do now is to prevent the approach of a white Asian dragon. But he still needs to defend himself against the German magicians!

“Your mother, you have to use the third element.” The tide of light! – Zhao Man Yan understood that the pressure on the magicians from his team was enormous and decided to use another magic element.

Zhao Man Yan called on his most powerful element – the element of light. High-level magic of the element of light created scales of light that made golden chain mail for each of the five magicians.

– My light mail is now in action, now you are not afraid of magic below a high level. But when you encounter high-level magic, you will have to call on your defensive abilities, then it will not work! – Zhao Man Yan shouted to the other magicians.

Having said this, Zhao Man Yan called for a vessel of wooden fish, placing a totem seal on the golden chain mail to make them even stronger.

– How good! – Jiang Shaoxu immediately felt safe.

The power of control Zhao Man Yan moved forward a lot, before, with the help of a tide of light, he could create only one light chain mail, and now there are five! He has clearly not been lazy lately.

The defensive abilities of Zhao Man Yan were strong enough, light scales of a tide of light covered the bodies of magicians, without interfering with being flexible and agile. Even when Ai Jiang Tu used the instant movement of an element of space, all these scales, like feathers, pursued him, each time creating a new chain mail for his protection!

After Zhao Man Yan used the magic of his main element, the magicians were able to rest from the advance of the German team.

– That’s the tortoise shell! Old man Zhao! Yes, even where you are! – Mo Fan could not help laughing.

– Get it, get it! Shouted Feng Li, he looked tense.

In vain, from the very beginning, they did not give all their strength, without resisting the enemy. Now, each of the five people was injured, and the replacement of team members with stronger ones was no use.

But now it was necessary to maintain the same position, defending weakly. Then the members of the German team will lose vigilance. At this moment, Mo Fan will come with his barbaric bombardment and the hopes of a strong German team will be shattered!

– Yes, Reed, who knows how to break through the defense, Joseph, who confronts Ai Jiang Tu, a call magician whose contract beast is a white Asian dragon, and a girl with pink and blue hair and a mole is very strong, and if it weren’t for Zhao Man Yan , wielding three elements and a powerful defensive ability, then everything would be gone! – said Song Hye.

– On the other hand, the powers of the magicians of the German team are more powerful than those of our guys.

– It is not yet clear. In your rich family there is still one gifted magician! Said Chairman Shao Zheng, sitting behind Zhao Yujian.

Zhao Yuqian laughed, he was very busy making money and for the first time came to look at the competitions in which his brother participated. He didn’t even think that the chairman, Shao Zheng, would praise this parasite, macho and sloppily. Brother clearly has potential!

Zhao Yuqian did not understand anything in magic, but as soon as he saw Zhao Man Yan apply the magic of the element of light, he noticed that the pressure on the Chinese team had decreased and the German advance was no longer so furious.

– It’s strange, even though Zhao Man Yan has spiritual seed, but his defense of light magic is much higher than usual. I wonder how much money his family spent, what gadgets bought him? – Mu Gong watched with interest the course of events.

Families Mu and Zhao have been enemies for many years. The Mu family envied the money of the Zhao family, and the Zhao family envied the abilities of the mages of the Mu family.

“No, it’s not what you think,” Zhao Yuqian shook his head.

Some magicians did not understand what was happening, but the old top-level magicians knew that Zhao Man Yan had some kind of treasure that strengthened his defensive abilities and imposed spiritual seed from above.

Obviously, this was a very rare thing. As if Zhao Man Yan could use magic one level higher. Such a thing, even magicians of the highest level would envy!

– Well, do not be shy, you can buy all the treasures of the world with your money! And especially since for so many years a magician has finally appeared in your family, and even your own brother. I do not believe that your father did not spend a couple of billionaires on his son! – continued Mu Gong.

Zhao Yuqian laughed, but did not answer.

“The Germans changed tactics,” Han Ji said.

– Sucks!

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