Chapter 1106. Mental Hallucinations


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“Has anyone read the data about this protective mage ?!” – Joseph looked coldly at the other members of the team.

The girl with the mole was a little embarrassed, saying in a low voice: “Read. He is the second son of the Zhao clan who owns a financial conglomerate. They said that he got into the team only thanks to the money of his family. In the previous battle, he did not show himself like that, we did not even think that he had something to hide. I can’t even imagine how much the Zhao clan spent on it in order to bring it to such a level of cultivation. ”

The defenses of Zhao Man Yan were so good that even German magicians could not have expected such a thing.

Someone, and the Germans do not like such turns in the course of the battle, they are used to relying on their calculations made before the start of the fight, and now this armored mage simply broke all their tactics.

The German national team is also considered a strong opponent, and as soon as their tactics changed, all the participants immediately began to rebuild.

Their most powerful wizard of destruction magic was attacked by sorcerers with basic elements of spirit and sound.

– They really disappoint me, they can’t show the result even in the battle of four against three! – Reid said reproachfully.

– Protective magic can also resist destructive magic, if they stand to the end – what then should we do? – the girl with a mole said displeasedly.

“That will mean that your destructive magic is not strong enough!” Muttered Reid, sparks of rage already slipping in his eyes.

– Why are you angry? He himself has not yet made a single magical release! – the Munich magician of the ice element said with displeasure in his voice.

“Elements of spirit and sound … it’s obvious that the Chinese team is in full readiness, since they interfere with me,” Reed said.

– No need to drag out time!

“Well, fight these two sorceresses and free Reed from their spell, destroy them!” – said Joseph.

The spirit mage versus the spirit mage is always interesting. Finally, one of the magicians of the German national team began to attack the inner world of Jiang Shaosuy.

Jiang Shaoxu all this time was concentrated on suppressing Reid’s spiritual forces, but when she saw a star cloud being created to the side, she was forced to switch to defense.

Her consciousness was already clouded by the intervention that had burst into her inner space!

– Demonic obsession – total control! Hallucinations!

The German magician began to launch hallucinogenic illusions into the consciousness of the girl!

The cultivation of the element of the spirit is also of several types. One of them is the magicians, mostly military, who train and educate magical animals in the service. As a rule, such a spirit mage becomes the main owner and rider of his pet. Most of all among the military you can meet magic eagles. Such trained animals rarely show disobedience.

The second type of magicians of the spirit element is war magicians, who always concentrate on suppressing enemy forces. Such magicians are very common, they can be found among the employees of the magical court, members of famous families. This group of magicians is considered the largest.

The third type of magicians of the spirit element is magicians who specialize in creating hallucinations. They invade the spiritual space of their enemy and, affecting the deepest feelings, fears and memories, use them! Such magic of the spirit element is very similar to the magic of the element of the curse, since the element of the curse awakens nightmares that attack the enemy!

Jiang Shaoxu happened to meet with such a magician of the element of spirit. She felt herself falling into a world of hallucinogenic illusions!

For the spirit mage in this case, the most important thing is to recognize the necessary memory, which is painful for the enemy, while the latter does not even understand how something begins to happen to him!

Jiang Shaosuy seemed to plunge into chaos, her head began to split into pieces.

After her inner torment, Jiang Shaoxu woke up in a painfully familiar room, she could smell the flowers coming from the window with the wind, and also feel the sun shine.

Looking around, she gradually began to realize that absolutely everything around her was familiar, and she began to calm down.

Her head was still sore, and the thought was spinning around her temple: “So this is a dream … a very long dream. How can I fall asleep right in the middle of the Venetian arena during my battle? Am I really so lazy? ”

Thoughts about a long international internship, battles, and views of Venice began to pop up in my head, but all this was as if in a dream, since everything that happened in the girl’s mind, namely the room and the atmosphere, was extremely realistic.

Everything happened very slowly. Waking up in a dream, the head is usually like a white sheet on which there is nothing, and a lot of time must pass before you begin to gradually remember who you are, what happened yesterday, etc.

The Venetian duel was in full swing, and Jiang Shaoxu at that time as if just got out of bed and now looked at the courtyard bathed in sunlight …

“Lazy, if you sleep until noon, how can you become a strong and famous sorceress? – the words of the man sounded.

He began to pat Jiang Shaoxu on the head, which is why the girl raised her eyes to him with displeasure.

“Tomorrow I set off on a long journey.” After I leave, you should become even more diligent and diligent, understand? – the guy was looking at her.

– Brother, where are you going? – asked Jiang Shaoxuy.

“Where else can I go?”

– Is it really your research and searches of all antiquity again …?

“Our Chinese culture is about five thousand years old, and we need to take advantage of the fact that we have the opportunity to explore the long history of magic, because other countries do not have this opportunity.” The ancestors left us a legacy, therefore we all the more cannot be behind others. A few days ago, the battle in Venice made the hearts of people just go cold with horror, and on a resource tour we flew out. If this happened years earlier, when none of the other countries really had a clue about magic … you! You must work hard, you will be 19 soon, and you will be able to get into the national team. You will be able to get even for us, to clear our reputation, and then your older brother will definitely be able to say how much you are proud! – the guy said with warmth and patience in his voice.

– Yes, I’m too lazy to do this, there are so many people in all of China! What am I supposed to do? I’m a girl, even if I persistently cultivate, my natural talent is still not so strong. Yes, and why be proud of me, I will still lag behind, even if I do my best, ”Jiang Shaoxu said in a girlish voice.

– Good good. Do as you like, our little princess. I told you that I need to prepare, because this time I am going to a very scary place. As soon as our team finds the ancient entrance to Jiayuguan, then we will definitely go down in history! – said Jiang Shaojun.

“Do you really like to run around such places?” Isn’t it better in the city?

– But you…

“You’re a girl that you can understand!” “Brother, have you ever changed your lines?” – Jiang Shaoxu hatched her eyes.

Jiang Shaojun smiled shyly, and, patting his sister on the head, turned around and walked through the window.

Jiang Shaosuy looked at his retreating silhouette, not understanding herself why it was becoming somehow blurry white. When she tried to take a closer look, nothing was visible. Children frolic in the courtyard, birds chirped, the aroma of flowering trees clearly spread – now in the eyes of Jiang Shaoxuy, the courtyard was empty and inspiring pessimistic thoughts.

In the Venetian arena, a girl stood like a statue, a red cloak was cast over her shoulders, her eyes were empty, and only black pupils glittered in the light … suddenly, burning tears flowed from her eyes.

– Jiang Shaoxuy, Jiang Shaoxuy, wake up! Come on, come to your senses! – Nan Jue tried to bring her to life.

A huge white Asian dragon was already approaching them two. Nan Jue persisted, using the magic of sound, but this was not easy for her.

If Jiang Shaoxu does not wake up immediately, she will be disqualified!

– Nan Jue, go away quickly! – said Ai Jiang Tu.

Jiang Shaosuy just did not wake up, she was mired in the world of her dreams.

Now we can only hope that the enemy will not harm Jiang Shaoxuy, and she will be able to leave the arena unscathed!

Nan Jue did not want to back down; she remembered the words of Chairman Shao Zheng that one should not give up just like that.

She had no idea what kind of hallucinations Jiang Shaoxu saw and why she was crying non-stop with bitter tears. However, she was sure that this German spirit magician plunged the girl into her hardest memories. Nan Jue had never seen Jiang Shaoxuu forever joyful and positive so overwhelmed.


A white Asian dragon was already standing in front of the girls, destroying the water shield.

Water splashed violently onto Jiang Shaoxuy’s face, but she didn’t feel anything, continuing to stand in her former place, reveling in her tears.

The dragon grabbed Jiang Shaoxuy with his claws, bringing it to his dragon head.

The Munich magician, who was on the shoulder of the dragon, when he saw the girl’s condition, laughed out loud: “Pak, haha, did you make her see the tearful melodrama, bringing it to this?”

A spirit mage named Pak stood in his place, not responding.

The Munich magician smirked at the girl again.

However, soon the Munich magician noticed that Jiang Shaoxuy’s eyes seemed to be revived, and now through bitter tears she looked at him with a murderous look!

Munich magician dumbfounded.

– Caution, she has already woken up! – at that moment the voice of a spirit magician named Pak was heard.

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