Chapter 1109. Now I will arrange!


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– The Chinese team has a replacement!

Caught in the shackles of the shadow, Zhao Man Yan could not get out of the power of night.

After some time, the voice of the head judge was heard in the arena.

Zhao Man Yan struggled to break out of his shackles, hoping in his heart that they would replace Mu Tinyin’s whore.

However, everything turned out quite wrong. Nan Jue was unable to defend herself against the magic of Reed and left the arena.

This time, Jiang Yu joined them. This Zhao Man Yan also did not expect. In his opinion, now is the time to release the hot-tempered Mo Fan. Destroyer on the destroyer, the clash of two magicians, and see who does not resist!

What is the use of Jiang Yu ??

Going into the arena, Jiang Yu immediately called his stone monster. It turned out that the creature has reached the level of commander in chief! His stone body has turned into a super powerful stone shield!

The magic of the main attacking magician in Germany could ignore defensive magic, but this feature did not extend to the natural protective properties of creatures. The exception was situations such as with a white Asian dragon, when team captain Joseph applied a corrosive shadow on him.

Zhao Man Yan has always considered this stone block useless. But today, a stone monster stood in front of his comrades, and took upon himself all of Reed’s attacks. From this, Zhao Man Yan was even moved!

– Caution, again, this technique! – Ai Jiang Tu immediately felt that the energy of dark magic accumulated in front of a stone monster and immediately realized that this was the work of Joseph.

The dark magic of this guy was very strong, since she was able to so quickly destroy the special skin of the dragon. It seems that it will also be dangerous for a stone monster!

“You are too inconsiderate,” Joseph grinned. Many spears of shadow flew out from under his cloak and rushed towards the stone giant.

Shadow spikes cannot be resisted. Plunging into the body of a stone monster, they quickly destroyed its stone defense …

Following this, a diamond-shaped silver glow appeared over the monster. The corroding spikes had already shaken the stamina of his stone body, and tenfold gravity made his body collapse!

The silver glow in Reed’s eyes faded out. This stone monster caused him a lot of trouble, but now he will eliminate all the Chinese players, one by one !!

Numerous lightning flashed in the sky, and behind the clouds came thunder! At any moment, lightning could fall to the ground!

Lightning attacked the Chinese team. A green tint flashed in the electric discharges, and when Reed’s magic passed through the defensive magic of his rivals, the green color became even brighter …

– Night rakshas, destroy him! – ordered Jiang Yu.

Lightning fell on their heads, and the guy was already injured, so it’s time to call for the night rakshasa.

Jiang Yu understood that they needed to eliminate this magician of destructive magic and was waiting for the right moment.

Rakshasa Night is an unrivaled killer. She walked soundlessly along the golden sand. In the moment between lightning strikes, the feline monster turned into a dark meteorite blade and in an instant appeared near Reed’s neck.

Jiang Yu did not want to kill Reed at all. The rules of the competition say: the attack is enough to touch the vital places of the enemy, and he immediately leaves the battle.

So the night rakshasa needed only to leave a scratch, and they will get rid of Reed!

Reed was completely carried away by his destructive magic. In ordinary life, he was a calm, simple guy, but when he saw how, due to his attacks, opponents clutch their heads and run away, he laughed like a madman! It was an incredible pleasure to put opponents in a desperate situation with their power!

It was this pleasure that prevented him from feeling how the night cat approached him.

– Control: retreat!

Reed instantly reacted, he realized that the attacker behind him and, raising his head, quickly shouted these words.

A powerful driving force was formed by the power of thought, which spread in all directions like a cyclone.

But the body of the night rakshasa was so thin and graceful that, like a thin needle, it penetrated the force of retreat and nevertheless came close to Reed’s neck.

Only then did Reid get confused. He would not have time to invoke a protective magical item, so he could only dodge.

– Earth waves!

Suddenly, team captain Joseph entered the case.

Controlling the sand under Reed’s feet, he sharply brought him closer to him.

Such a sharp movement of Reed, of course, could not save him from the attack of the night rakshasa. But due to the fact that he suddenly changed his position, Rakshasa left a deep, deep scar on his back.

– Damn it! A little bit more!! – Zhao Man Yan said with annoyance, looking at this scene.

If Rakshas managed to get rid of Reed, then their chances of winning would increase dramatically!

But the capital of the German team Joseph turned out to be an extremely insightful and experienced fighter. Being magicians of the shadow element, he still managed to feel the noiseless approach of the night rakshasa in the shadow.

Such barely noticeable fluctuations occur when the breaths of different elements collide, so most people do not even notice them. But Joseph not only drew attention to this, but also managed to react and save Reed!

– Do not underestimate these Chinese, understand this! – the captain of the German national team said coldly.

If they were not so inattentive, then they would have long ago found the weak spot of the Chinese team and would have smashed them. But now they are equal in strength, and this is very bad!

– What a nasty quirky creature! I will not miss her! – Reed pierced a burning pain.

The girl with her moles was distracted from the fight with Mu Tinyin and hastened to heal Reed’s wound. At the end of the horses he is their main striking mage!

“Let your anger break out, little wild beast!” The girl said coquettishly, healing Reed’s wound.

Reed was really very angry. He was assisted by two comrades; he will no longer need their protection before this creature!

His anger turned into boiling fiery magic and formed into an even more powerful Burial with a heavenly flame – hellish flame. Looking up, one could see how a huge stone of hellfire was approaching the small water city of Venice.


The fire was so powerful that it spread to the floor of the arena.

Atz Jiang Tu did his best to apply instant displacement and save all teammates. First, he moved Jiang Yu, who was closest to the place where the stone fell. Then he moved Jiang Shaoxuy, and immediately afterwards he appeared in front of Mu Tinyin and created a spatial defense by the power of thought, observing the hellish green flame …

But even if it was formed by the power of thought, it was still a magical defense and hellfire could penetrate through it.

The shock wave threw Ai Jiang Tu and Mu Tinyin far to the side. Waves of fire crashed into their bodies one after another.

Both magicians have already used their protective magical artifacts, so when they met with a fire attack, they could not do anything.

A wave of hellfire swallowed Mu Tinyin and threw it to the edge of the arena. The girl lost consciousness. An assistant judge immediately appeared in the arena to save her and remove her from the arena.

Mu Tinyin quickly came to her senses and, seeing that her assistants were pulling her away, cried out angrily:

– I’m fine! Let me go! I still have unused magic artifacts !!

“You have officially dropped out of the competition,” the assistant judge said unshakably.

Assistants could pick up players based on the situation.

Mu Tinyin was in a controversial situation. She could be saved, but she could be left. But in the eyes of this young assistant judge, Mu Tinyin was in mortal danger, and he considered it necessary to pick her up.

As soon as he did this, it doesn’t matter if Mu Tinyin could continue to fight or not – she dropped out anyway!

Mu Tinyin darkened, she wanted to tear this assistant to shreds! Because of him, she dropped out of the match !!

As soon as she left, a replacement player appeared in the arena.

This time came Nan Rongni. The whole team was subjected to devastating attacks of the enemy and all had various injuries. In such a situation, four players could quickly drop out of the competition, so the mentors decided to send Nan Rongni so that the girl would help her comrades and heal their wounds.

Healing was the main element of Nan Rongni, so her abilities were much higher than that of a girl from the German national team. Soon after she entered the arena, Ai Jiang Tu burns, purulent skin of Zhao Man Yan, wounds from lightning strikes by Jiang Yu — the team regained its health to an acceptable level.

– The healer will not help you !! – at this point, Reed turned into a continuous bunch of lightning energy and at any moment could send a natural disaster to any corner of the arena.

After Nan Jue left, Reed’s hands were completely untied. The Chinese team continued to sacrifice their magic artifacts.

Even hung from head to toe with artifacts, Zhao Man Yan came close to a difficult situation.


Looking at this situation, Feng Li involuntarily frowned. Glancing at Mo Fan, who was about to break loose, he said:

– Get ready to enter the arena. They have already tried to spend the strength of the Germans, so do not disappoint us.

– Mo Fan, come on !! – Sitting on the bench Mu Mu Jiao smiled at Mo Fan.

– Now I will arrange! – Mo Fan was waiting for his moment.

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