Chapter 1114. The German team is crushed with a fist!


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– Little getty!

As soon as Mo Fan called his beloved, he saw that the hetero, lost in the power of the night, escaped from the black maze. And, like the fiery heart that Mo Fan lost, jumped to his chest.

The clouds of fire began to boil, and the feathers of the raging flame created an amazing whirlpool around Mo Fan.

Brown and bright red merged together. Hot air evaporated sand from the stadium, except for the raging fire, which took possession of the territory of 300 meters, numerous lightnings still dominated here. The lightnings were like snakes, each of them was 10 meters long! Thus, lightning created a cap in the center of the tyrant’s thunderstorm sphere, which made the German team tremendous pressure from which it was difficult to breathe!

– A sphere of fire and lightning! – Mo Fan decided to use two kinds of power at the same time.

The elements of fire had the most active attacking force, but the elements of lightning were even more active. Elements that are several tens of kilometers in diameter were constantly assembled in this place of the site at the call of Mo Fan. At the same time, Mo Fan did not even need to create any constellations, star systems, star clouds, the air was already filled with the smoke of battle from the combination of two elements!

– Two spheres, this guy combined two spheres! – exhaled Ban Lai in amazement.

The sphere is quite isolated, since each element is separate. When two types of different elements are synthesized, they either dissipate or create an uncontrolled storm.

Therefore, a magician with several spiritual seeds can control the power of different spheres. But you cannot use two spheres at the same time …

But Mo Fan, on the contrary, used two spheres at the same time – fire and lightning crazy collided each other, filling the battlefield with a breath of destruction.

– The sphere of fire does not belong to Mo Fan, but to a fiery being. Mo Fan himself controls the sphere of lightning, and the fiery heterka controls the sphere of fire. I have never met such that two spheres achieve harmony, but Mo Fan is not looking for easy ways. His courage is even a little scary!

The two most active elements were together in one narrow space, this can lead to unpredictable consequences!

“Your round is over, and I will let you taste the unforgettable fire and lightning!”

In his left hand was lightning, which the magician took by the bend. Scary devil claws appeared in the sky, which were ready to tear this sky into pieces.

A raging flame bubbled in his right hand. Under the control of Mo Fan, the flame became even stronger and hotter. Tongues of flame soared violently.

A tyrant thunderstorm lightning appeared in the sky, one could see how giant devil’s claws covered the earth like a cap. The claws pierced the air between the members of the German team, the length of one such claw was 10 meters, and there were five claws in total. The Germans were in the grip of a devilish hand and against the background of it they looked insignificant, as if they were not people, but dolls!

At that moment, huge claws of lightning appeared. Seeing this picture, three members of the German team were forced to flee. They tried to use all kinds of protective objects and abilities to withstand the terrible claws of a tyrant.

The claws of lightning flashed frantically. They were directed to the center of the palm, as if clenching a fist. Brown – red fire flashed above the heads of three magicians.

Reed and Joseph raised their heads and saw a huge fist among the frantically dancing lightning bolts. It consisted of brown and red fire, as if the flame of Judgment Day had fallen to the ground. Seeing this, the magicians went crazy with fear!

The fist was gigantic, it felt like a 300-meter platform should be blown into the trash by this fist. The audience was terrified!

A huge fiery fist burned in the sky, being in the union of the claws of lightning, he thundered to the ground. German defenses melted under fiery force. The sand evaporated, the site collapsed, and the shock wave of a fist with claws of lightning destroyed the magic barrier …

Only after some time, people found that half of the sandy area sank, the magicians of the German team were in the rubble unconscious. Fendi, who was at a decent distance from the others, easily stared off stupidly at this picture. All his stubbornness and resistance was crushed by this destructive force of the fist.

– Ha ha!

Reed laughed. Waking up, he crawled along the ground to continue the battle. But looking around, he realized that he was in a very deep hole, at the same moment he felt a taste of powerlessness and defeat …

Its destructive magic can destroy only one person, and the magic of an opponent can destroy an entire team!

That is the difference!


As for the destructive power, the combination of fire and lightning went beyond the competition, the site turned into a chasm, the magic barrier was destroyed. If the power of Mo Fan’s magic was a little more powerful, then who knows what would happen to the audience in this sports arena!

Obviously, only this magician 20 years of age has such destructive abilities!

– This student acted recklessly. If these two elements got out of control, then the audience would have got it. Is it possible to combine fire and lightning?

“But he still kept them in check.” Otherwise, horns and legs would remain from those magicians of the German team! – Shao Zheng’s face was calm, but his eyes sparkled.

“But the worst thing is that Mo Fanu lacked self-confidence in her ability to combine fire and lightning.” By the way, does this mean that we won? Asked Song Hye.

Shao Zheng smiled, smiles also appeared on the faces of other dignitaries.


The power that belongs to their country, no one else has it!

After silence, the stadium immediately exploded. Wild cries of approval were heard all over Venice. And with the help of online broadcasts, the whole world found out about this!

Many people are weak in front of monsters, some try to hide, some become killed like cattle. But not everyone has the spiritual power to fight to the end, not everyone was like this young magician, whose body was in full swing from the destructive power filling him!

But not even every monster can withstand the destructive power of this magician!

Cries of joy and applause were dedicated to this young magician, who combined fire and lightning, who was confident in his abilities and earned the respect of many magicians.

Standing on the competition venue, sensing the attention of all these people, Mo Fan slowly closed his eyes and enjoyed the glory. The taste of how he was almost defeated, but still won, was nowhere to be experienced in this world.

Of course, Mo Fan in his heart did not forget about the man who sacrificed himself, repeating to himself: “Old Zhao, now you can be calm!”

………………………………………………………………………………… ..

“He has the most powerful destructive magic!”

“How does this guy cultivate to such a level of magic ?!”

Exclamations of admiration did not subside in the stadium, and Han Ji commented on what was happening through the broadcast. Overwhelming news blew China.

The news of the victory over the German team went through China like a fever – from north to south. And the secret revealed by Han Ji to the people caused a real sensation in the country!

– Taking into account the fact that during the disaster in Xi’an, this young magician made a huge contribution to the victory over evil spirits. The magical association did not divulge this fact. But they pay for good with good. Despite the fact that we survived, despite the fact that only ruins remained from Xian, the inhabitants of Xian will never forget this. Look at this strong young magician who has just defeated the German team. Because of him, we Xi’ans survived that calamity. He and his friend plunged into a zombie abyss, giving the multimillion people of Xian a chance for life! – An unprecedentedly solemn voice of Han Ji came into the microphone.

Including Pan Lai, people did not understand why Han Ji paid such great attention to Mo Fang. And all because the whole city was indebted to this young magician and they did not have a chance to pay him good for good!

At the gates of death at Mo Fang there was an unwavering desire to fight. How not to wish salvation to the people of Xi’an?

The news of the victory has already swept the world, but the disclosure of the mystery of Mo Phan, the benefactor, raised an even greater wave of attention.

Those who saved Xian were not top-level magicians, they are just a young magician – a student and his friend, but they were also happily surviving students during the disaster in the city of Bo …

I must say that Han Ji chose the appropriate case, now the attitude of people towards Mo Fan was not in doubt – they respected him.

Mo Fan, intoxicated by his success, did not even think that Han Ji would reveal the heroic facts from his biography.

The guy left the battlefield, smiling at his teammates and flirting with Mu Nu Jiao. In the end, he noticed that some people stood rooted to the spot.

“Mu Well, Jiao, you and I have been living together for many years, you really do not lose your head from love for me, like the others,” Mo Fan joked.

– That time you left the fight to go to Xi’an? Asked Mu Nu Jiao.

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