Chapter 1118. The Sly Fox


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Finally came the day of the duel between the three states. The Chinese faded noticeably against the background of the famous teams of England and Greece.

This time it was decided to conduct the battle not in one of the Venetian structures, but in a separate space, like the one in which the resource tour took place.

This separate space was just a battle arena, which was created in advance by the magicians of space and earth. The length of this site reached one kilometer, a width of five hundred meters. The bustling river was as a border, on two sides of which was a forest. The crown of fifty-meter trees formed a green island right in the air.

Immediately after the forest, a mountainous territory began, which the farther became more steep and steep. The outermost cliff was so high, as if it was a large rounded dam, thus encircling the territory of the entire arena.

At the top of these cliffs were stands, on which spectators sat.

This platform was really no different from the usual battle arena, and for some spectators it was hard to sit upstairs, because from some places not all the arena was visible.

Only those spectators from different countries who purchased tickets were sitting in these places. All of them were now eagerly awaiting a decisive battle among the three countries.

The participants, along with their mentors, were on a separate platform, preparing for the exit and waiting for the instructions of the organizers of the competition.

Venues of different countries were located in different parts of the arena (each country was allocated a site on one of the cliffs), so everyone could see the participants coming down.

The arena was truly huge, and the height between the spectators and the battle arena reached 90 meters. Of course, each of the stands had representatives of the organizers of the competition, who ensured that none of the spectators jumped down and invaded the battle.

For the participants themselves, this battle was very exciting and difficult. Refereeing also promised to be difficult.

There were 20 assistant referees in the duel, all of them were directly in the arena itself. They did not have the right to interfere in the course of the battle, they could only calmly move around the territory, choosing the best viewing angle. If they saw that one of the participants was in mortal danger, they should immediately intervene.

In addition to the assistants in the arena, each participant had a ring from the Venetian masters. This ring itself can determine the degree of danger of a given situation. If the participant does not have protection at some point, and he is in serious danger, then this ring can release water protection, enveloping the fighter with it.

However, if the ring works, it will mean disqualification of the participant.

The Venetian ring at one time became one of the greatest inventions. Everyone sought to take possession of such a thing, especially those who travel often and find themselves surrounded by various magical animals.

– I heard? They say that even if we lose this fight, the Venetian rings remain to us as a reward! Said Zhao Man Yan, looking at the ring with interest.

“This is very reassuring, even though you can know that even in a critical situation there is protection,” said Jiang Yu.

– What are you all the same pessimists. Rejoice at some little ring, but it does not go in any comparison with those prizes that the countries that are in the top three will receive! Muttered Mo Fan discontentedly.

The Venice ring, of course, is not bad, and its price is high, but all its charm fades against the background of the main prizes.

“You … already anticipate the outcome of the battle ?!” I will not rant a lot, you have to give all your best! – gave instructions to Feng Li.

– Participants get ready!

– The battle of the three teams begins!

A solemn glow of magic of light descended into the arena, illuminating the river, trees and rocks.

This time, China put up its strongest squad: Mo Fan, Ai Jiang Tu, Guan Yu, Mu Tinyin, Zhao Man Yan. Mu Ning Xue was the sixth substitute.

As the rest descended into the arena, Guan Yu continued to look out for participants from other countries.

– England and Greece are somewhere between the river and the forest. As soon as we get there, we can immediately stumble upon them, ”said Kuan Yu.

– Well, then go ahead! You don’t have to hide at all, we will fight with them honestly, ”Mo Fan added.

Five people headed towards the forest and river. All three countries were very strong, so there was absolutely no sense in hiding their strengths in the sleeve. If you give your best, then there is at least some kind of ghostly hope of victory.

Having reached the place, the guys saw by no means the English, but the magicians from Greece.

The Greeks were 100 meters from the Chinese team. They did not begin to attack them right away, but on the contrary, looked somehow calm.

Mo Fan, glancing at Azalea, saw that even in this battle she was dressed as seductively as always, without changing her style. If Mo Fan were not aware that she was “a little out of this world,” he would also not have believed that she was a candidate for the title of Fairy of the Parthenon.

Soon the British appeared. The first to appear was a green-haired man named Jale. This magician inspired Mo Fanya with a special sense of danger.

Mo Fan also saw Irene, who was, as always, majestically calm. She smiled.

For an unknown reason, it seemed to Mo Fan that Irene was that person who would remain faithful to his lofty ideals to the end.

– What do we do? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

– We fight with England! – said Ai Jiang Tu.

– Seriously?!

– Aha!

Everyone rushed towards England, preparing to attack, but Greece also did not sleep – on the other hand, the Greeks were approaching!

From the Greek side appeared a black draft rider!

Zhao Man Yan, having seen him, almost fell! Wasn’t this black horseman in Egypt ?!

This black swordsman rider headed towards Kuan Yuya!

Guan Yu slipped among the trees, making the rider even more furious, cutting everything around.

– Fight!

At this moment, the British rushed into the battle, who saw that the Greeks were the first to start the battle.

– Fuck! England and Greece united against us! – almost crying, shouted Zhao Man Yan.

– As a result, we turned out to be idiots, they really united against us ….

“Haha, how unexpected, isn’t it, Mo Fan?” – Azalea, sparkling with her own eyes, looked at him.

“You thought I really could believe a fox like you?” – Mo Fan remained calm.

“I don’t believe that you are.” You had better leave the arena with your tail in the tail – Azalea literally burst into laughter.

“Do you really think me so stupid?” – Mo Fan, although he knew that the situation in China was far from predominant, understood that no one from the arena of their team would just leave.

– Look back, – Azalea also did not want to waste time talking.

Mo Fan turned around and found a green-haired man approaching him. Azalea triumphed.

“Although I myself can deal with you, it’s better to do it with someone, for sure,” Azalea’s voice became increasingly arrogant.

Mo Fan understood that behind him was the very same Jail that was located on the first line of the competitive rating ….

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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