Chapter 1119. The struggle for survival!


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“Remember what I told you before?” – Mo Fan did not appeal to those two magicians who were going to attack him, but to his teammates.

Ai Jiang Tu, Mu Tinyin, Zhao Man Yan and Guan Yu, of course, remembered this, but they did not believe until the last that they would find themselves in this set trap.

Five magicians from the English team attacked much more aggressively than the Greeks. All five of these magicians started releasing destructive magic, trying to break the defenses issued by Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan also did not back down, using all the magic items and artifacts that were at his disposal.

Ai Jiang Tu, Mu Tinyin and Kuan Yu moved towards the Greeks.

Mo Fan was also adamant. Although behind him was the famous Jail, even his destructive magic could not quickly break the spirit of Mo Fan.

Mo Fan continued to look furiously at Azalea, as if there was no Jail and no one behind.

Attacking the Chinese team, the Greek team faced a powerful retaliatory strike!

The Chinese continuously pulled out their magical objects and tools, and the Greeks did not lag behind them either.

After some time, Greece began to malfunction.

Azalea, panting, looked at Jail: “You must first stop him.”

“I think so, too, but he stubbornly ignores me,” Jale said.

– I see, you hope that both of us will find ourselves in a losing situation! “Azalea saw Jale’s thoughts through and through.”

Mo Fan literally grabbed Aazliya, injuring her – Jale looked joylessly at the current situation. But it’s true that fighting a wounded Azalea is much easier …

To everything else, Jale drew attention to the fact that the rest of the Chinese team also struggled with the Greeks. The Chinese magician, who was attacked first, shortly before being disqualified by the judges, was once again wounded by the magician of the healing element from the Greek team.

Although this healing magician didn’t hurt his opponent to the extent that they could be ruled out, the wound he inflicted markedly reduced his level of combat capability!

– Mo Fan, are you completely off the coils? It won’t bring you anything good! Azalea said viciously.

“Let’s not bother, try one more of my burning fists, sly fox!” – Mo Fan did not want to waste precious time and energy on idle chatter. He thought that if someone had betrayed him, he should certainly pay for it! If Azalea wants to exclude him, then she will have to fight to the bitter end!

Mo Fan was very lucky, because he has six elements in his arsenal! Despite how strong Azalea was, under the blows of destructive magic that flew like a machine gun, she was already forced to activate her two defensive artifacts, Jale was in no hurry to intervene in the situation, and the girl continued to think about how, probably, this Jail is gloating while watching all this!

– Ahhhh!

A scream came from the forest, and Azalea and Mo Fan were forced to distance themselves.

Seeing that the water protection magician from the Chinese team was injured, the sorceress smiled, but this smile sparkled on her face exactly until Ai Jiang Tu destroyed one Greek magician!

The tactics of encircling the Chinese team very soon bore fruit: soon two magicians left the Chinese team at once, but there were also losses from the Greek side – one was expelled, and another was seriously injured!

As for England, they were intactly observing from the outside!

Azalea did not expect such a struggle from the Chinese. Turning her mortal gaze to Mo Fan, she continued to pursue him.

– All temporarily step back, stop surrounding the Chinese, – Azalea could not stand it anymore and ordered the magicians from her team to change tactics.

The Greeks, not being fools and seeing which way the situation was heading, immediately stopped attacking the Chinese team and finally switched to English rivals!

– Azalea, do not run away! Play with Daddy! – shouted Mo Fan, who saw the confusion of the opponent.

Azalea decided to leave him alone for now, if she continues to fight with him, Greece would lose!

Azalea soon joined her team, starting to fight there.

Replacement was expected very soon, so until that time it was necessary to somehow hold out, protecting their team members.

The situation in the arena was very tense, while the replacement could be made only after fifteen minutes from the start of the battle.

However, if during these fifteen minutes no fighter remains on the battlefield, it will be very difficult for the judges to judge the duel.

Therefore, every magician had to be extremely careful.

In addition, during the replacement, new participants will be thrown into the arena with the magic of space, for this reason each team had to prepare well, because it was a great opportunity for opponents to attack!

Greece, too, has already suffered losses from its personnel; they, too, were forced to bring a new participant to the site.

If the British use this opportunity, then Greece’s chances of victory will noticeably fall.

The Greeks did not want to admit that their plan for cooperation with the British was a failure in the first 15 minutes of the fight, however, will the British now attack the Chinese?

It was obvious that they did not risk doing this!

– When we figure it out, you need to set the English team on the Chinese! Said the sorceress from the Greek team named Carlos.

Carlos turned out to be a girl who studied at the monastery. Its main magic is the destructive power of the plant element.

“They will not dare to do so, because now England has the biggest advantage,” said Azalea.

As soon as she told her team to stop surrounding the Chinese, the British, too, did not take any steps.

They understood that if they began to advance now, their short-lived advantage would immediately disappear.

During the battle, they will definitely have to compete with the British, but they will still have an edge on their side ….

Oh, these British! They are obliged to thank China for the fact that they are now exhausting the Greeks, forcing them to spend their resources and strength.

“These Chinese … why did they cling to us and keep up ?!” – said Carlos.

After all, the British also hate these damn Asians!

– They are only reinsured. If they enter the battle, then in the second minute they too may lose one of the magicians, which means that they will have to forget about the victory over Greece. We can’t recall our alliance with England, now they are aimed at their own survival in this round, ”said Azalea.

Azalea was forced to reckon with the presence of Mo Fan.

She hoped to destroy him at the very beginning, to make China fly out of the fight, and then completely concentrate on the confrontation of England.

Speaking of power, she was sure that she could not lose to Jail.

However, the Chinese persecution began to interfere with all the plans in one heap.

“And what do we do now?” Continue to attack the Chinese or attack the British? Asked Carlos.

“We’ll try to deal with England,” said Azalea.

– What about China?

“For now, put it off for later,” said Azalea, biting her lip.

For the replacement period, the three parties entered into a truce.

Of course, the replacement was required only by the teams of China and Greece, while England tried to find places where the new arrivals would descend, only in this they were not lucky, since they could not find a single mage from the replacement.

Mu Ning Xue and Nan Jue entered the arena.

Nan Jue frowned when she saw that all of the three remaining magicians in the team had already been injured.

And so it was clear that China would have the hardest time in this battle, but it was hard to imagine that they would suffer such losses in the first fifteen minutes of the battle.

“Our situation is just awful, I don’t even know how long we can hold out,” said Ai Jiang Tu, asking Nan Jue to help him heal his wounds.

Nan Jue is not a magician of healing, so she could help Ai Jiang Tu only with her military wound healing skills.

Mu Ning Xue saw the position of Mo Fan. Both Azalea and Jale are very strong rivals, if not the strongest, and there is a great risk that Mo Fan could fly out, and this certainly could not be allowed!

It’s good that Mo Fan is really healthy as a bull. Although he had injuries, they did not significantly affect the overall level of his fighting ability.

“Now we …” Ai Jiang Tu began to speak, but at that moment Nan Jue gestured that she wanted to say something.

All eyes instantly fell on Nan Jue.

In the next instant, the girl’s voice rang out in the heads of the Chinese team: “I know where the magician was sent to replace the Greek team. He is very close to us! ”

The eyes of the guys who heard these words shone literally!

– Destroy it! – Mo Fan rose.

Now everyone was set up only to destroy the Greek team!

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