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The establishment of the turmoil arena in Lingxiao Wufu, in addition to stimulating the new discipline, can also allow many elders to select people with innate talents to be disciples and cultivate them.

Today, on the last day of the turmoil arena race, there are a lot of Expert powerhouses in the Martial Dao Square in Lingxiaowufu. Even the other military houses have many elders and disciplines to watch. The scene is particularly hot.

On the arena, Li Chen stood up, raised his head high, holding a violent silver gun, and screaming out of his body, full of disdain and looking at the front.

Li Chen’s cultivation base is Spirit Gathering Fifth Level, and Opponent is Spirit Gathering Third Level. There is a certain gap in strength. Under Li Chen’s continuous shooting, the opponent will soon be defeated.

“After coming out of the foggy forest, Li Chen’s strength has made no small progress. This arena competition should be able to reach the top ten. If it plays well, the top five is also very likely.” Seeing Li Chen easily defeated the opponent Xiao Yu’s face has a bit of appreciation.

“Li Dian’s Martial Spirit is very common, but cultivate innate talent is good. When you first enter Lingxiao Wufu, you will step into the Spirit Gathering Fifth Level realm. In the future, you will be cultivate. It is not difficult to step into the Earth Spirit.” The person is actually the ancient Qingsong.

In the turmoil arena competition, Gu Qingsong, as the representative of Yunmengwufu, came to watch the battle with a lot of new disciplines. Shui Qianyue and Luo Sheng were on the sidelines, standing side by side, looking at the front of Martial Dao arena. .

“Many thanks two elder praise, Li Chen can make progress, or thanks to the two guides.” Li Yi reveals a faint smile, his eyes are slightly curved, all he said, all of them are pleasing.

On the other side, Ye Huan and Yang Feng also stared at Li Chen on arena, but his face was not so good.

“If Chu Junior Brother is here, these people dare to be so arrogant!” Ye Huan gnashing one’s teeth said, although the heart is angry, but more is deep helpless.

Since the Spirit Beast riots, they have repeatedly entered the fog forest to search for Chu Xingyun. The results have all failed, and even Chu Xingyun’s breath has not been noticed.

Although the two did not want to admit it, there was no way. Perhaps, Chu Xingyun was really under the claws of the beast, and even the bones were not left, and he was ruthlessly bitten.

“You lost!”

On the arena, Li Chen turned around and slammed the next sentence, ready to take a big step, but at this moment, a sound suddenly rang.

“Spirit Gathering Fifth Level vs. Spirit Gathering Third Level, wins, is so proud, can it be that not shame?”

The sound of ridicule was heard, and then everyone saw a man wearing a large black robe on the Martial Dao arena, his head raised slightly, just like Li Chen treated the opponent just as disdainful. The meaning.

“Who are you, dare to come to my Lingwu Wuyun to make trouble!” Xiao Yu shouted loudly, do not know why, when he looked at the black robe, there was a sense of familiarity, it seems to have seen where.

The eyes of the surrounding people were also attracted. Today, it is the turmoil arena of Lingxiaowufu. How grand and bold, this man is so bold and courageous.

“How? This Lingwu Wufu, I can’t come?” The black robe person spoke again, the voice is still full of ridicule, I saw him slowly faded black robe, revealing a delicate and pretty handsome face.

“Chu Xingyun, why aren’t you still dead?” Seeing this face, Li Chen jumped up almost like the conditions, and his eyes were wide and unbelievable.

“Do you really want me to die?” Chu Xingyun smiled at Li Chen, let Li Chen suddenly realize what he was, and immediately closed his mouth, but the shock on his face expressed his inner shock.

“Chu Junior Brother!” Ye Huan on the stands saw Chu Xingyun, showing a smile.

Yang Feng saw Chu Xingyun, and his heart was long and sighed. Chu Xingyun didn’t die. It was great. However, this guy was too overbearing and actually rushed to Martial Dao arena.

Among the crowds on the crowd, many people know Chu Xingyun, and their looks are a bit wrong.

They all heard that Chu Xingyun was besieged by Spirit Beast in the foggy forest and has been missing for ten days. What is the situation now, why did he appear here safely?

Chu Xingyun walked slowly toward the center of arena. Every time he took a step, Li Chen stepped back and his face was no longer arrogant, but was covered with deep fear.

Li Chen remembered very clearly what happened in the foggy forest. Even if he thinks of it now, he will feel a little scared. Now Chu Xingyun appears in front of him and is still walking. How can he not be afraid?

“Chu Xingyun, today is the turmoil arena race, you still don’t quickly retreat.” For the appearance of Chu Xingyun, Xiao Yu was full of doubts, immediately shouted, wanting to expel Chu Xingyun.

“But any new variant of Lingxiaowufu can be found on arena. I returned from the foggy forest and completed the final assessment. Why should I withdraw?” Chu Xingyun raised his brow and his voice was concealed.

“You complete the final assessment, this is true.” Xiao Yu glared at Chu Xingyun, shouted: “But…”

When his words were not finished, Chu Xingyun suddenly waved his hand and looked at Xiao Yu with a look at the idiot. The corner of his mouth was smeared with a smile. “Since I am the new variant of Ling Xiaowu, what do you put? Shit, shut me up!”

The barely fell, the whole space is in a quiet, even dead.

Everyone looked at Chu Xingyun with horror, but he saw him straight back, his eyes cold, and the power that came out of his body actually suppressed Xiao Yu.

In the stands, Shui Qianyue and Luo Sheng looked at each other and their faces were very ugly.

Chu Xingyun’s sudden appearance has already made them feel shocked. Now, Chu Xingyun’s momentum seems to be more powerful, dare to face everyone’s face, ignore, and even scream Xiaoyu.

“How are you in the end?” Xiao Yu was so angry that the body shivered, but there was no way to rebut Chu Xingyun.

According to the assessment regulations, returning from the foggy forest, it is the official disciple of Lingxiaowufu, qualified to participate in the turmoil arena race, and boarded the Martial Dao arena.

Moreover, Chu Xingyun also has a core disciple Command Token, he completed the assessment, can directly become the core disciple of Ling Xiaowu, the status is not under the elder, Xiao Yu, no way to force eviction.

“Come on Martial Dao arena, naturally to challenge the discussion, is it possible that is to show?” Chu Xingyun is another ridicule, let Xiao Yu anxious, but also scared Li dust souls scattered, directly soft on the ground.

I saw his hands and feet tremble, and looked terrified: “Chu Xingyun, I just finished the discussion. According to the regulations, you can’t declare war directly to me. Even if I can, I have the right to refuse.”

Chu Xingyun’s strength, Li Chen knows very well, can definitely defeat him, and still has no kind of power to fight back.

If you add hatred between the two people, Chu Xingyun will not let him go, and he will be ruthlessly violent. At that time, not only will his face be lost, but he will also end up with a tragic end.

Li Chen was afraid, and he did not dare to face Chu Xingyun. There was no courage, no fear, only deep fear.

“What do you count and qualify for me to declare war?”

However, Chu Xingyun didn’t look at Li Chen’s eyes and strode to the center of arena. His fingers extended and pointed to the stands in front of him. He said in an indifferent voice: “I Chu Xingyun, to the core disciple of Lingxiaowufu. In the name of this, Li Yi is challenged here. This battle is not a discussion, but a battle between life and death, the winner, the birth, the loser, and the death!”

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