Chapter 1120. Now the wheel of fate will spin!


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The trees were huge and majestic, as if they were grown by some kind of flattering monsters. These trees grew faster than ordinary ones, absorbing a huge amount of earth resources.

Among the dense forest, a new member of the Greek team lost direction.

As soon as he stepped onto the competition venue, he specially chose thick trees to hide from the British attack, waiting for his teammates to come and join forces with him.

“You finally came,” the guy breathed a sigh of relief when he heard some noise.

After he sent a signal to his comrades, not so much time passed.

“Yes, we came to get you out of here!” – came the voice of Mo Fan next to the guy from the Greek team.

This guy quickly reacted, immediately creating a light shelter that would guard him.

Light scattered around the Greek, gradually illuminating the trees. If it were not for the voice heard in the forest, the Greek would not even have noticed how Mo Fan approached.

– Chinese? – Greek eyebrows rose in surprise, frozen on his face in this position.

This is even worse than meeting the English! And anyway, how does this Chinese know where he is hiding?

“You thought you were done with me, but I …”

Mo Fan lazily listened to the words of a Greek who was trying to delay time. In the hand of Mo Fan there was a fiery sword, the blade of which was aimed at the light protection of the Greek.

The light protection was immediately destroyed by Mo Fan, the Greek was scared to death, trying to escape from the violence with his magic shoes.

This magical shoe equated to a high level, it must have been space level shoes. Greek did tread in small steps, but found himself at a very long distance. In no time, the Greek escaped to a distance of more than 100 meters.

– Gravity space!

A powerful voice filled the space. Greek legs suddenly appeared to be pressed by something heavy, his steps became slower, after each step his legs seemed to fall into the ground from pressure.

– Where did he run? – Mo Fan caught up with the Greek, inside the guy there was a burning desire to crush this Greek with fire and lightning.

This member of the Greek team was really strong, he could survive.

But after Mu Ning Xue and Nan Jue arrived in time, the Greek lost hope.

The Greek was about to burst into tears of pain and resentment. These Chinese have been spreading anger on him for 15 minutes. How is it? Because of the opinion he expressed? But at that time he was not yet on the site!

“Carlos, save me!” – this knight, the protector of the Parthenon, shouted at full strength, tears rolled down from his eyes, but no savior was visible.

It was difficult for Carlos, Azaleas and others to arrive on time. Seeing that a new member of their team was beaten to such a state that it was scary to watch, the soul of the Greek magicians became harder and harder.


There was a strange sound, and after Mo Fan struck the Greek with another lightning strike, his rescuers appeared.

The magic circle flashed and soon the assistant judge appeared nearby, without disturbing the fighting situation, he took this poor fellow with lightning speed.

In fact, the assistant referee thought that that member of the Greek team had an unfortunate fate. It was necessary to offend the Chinese team so much that he was surrounded and beaten by them, like retribution!


– Finish it properly for me! – Exhaled exhausted Greek, who was carried away from the battlefield.

The Greeks were angry, but did not raise a hand against the Chinese.

On the one hand, they already had a battle with the Chinese, in which they caused great damage to each other. If you start to fight them again, England will win. In addition, there were only 4 Greeks, and 5 Chinese.

The number of people was unequal, so in the fight against the Chinese, they would have to sacrifice their lives. Why bring trouble to yourself?

– The rules of these competitions are very interesting – a tripartite struggle! Now the wheel of fate will spin! – Mo Fan with a smile went to the Greeks, his cocky eyes fell on Azalea.

Azalea was evil, her chest heaving with anger. How did she know that this new member would be so unlucky. Appeared at the wrong time and in the wrong place – not far from the Chinese team! How many lives they took from him!

“Mo Fan, what’s the point of killing each other?” – Azalea remained calm, as if she had not seen a picture of the reprisal with the magician from their team.

“I have fun, and okay,” Mo Fan laughed.

“Like you don’t want to win,” said Azalea.

– What to talk about with them? First you need to beat them, and then we will talk! – Carlos was ready for action.

The battered guy who had just been taken away by the assistant judge was her favorite. How not to get angry after she saw the Chinese mocking him!

“Don’t act impulsively,” Azalea looked at her.

Mo Fan rolled up his sleeves with an indifferent look: “Do not restrain yourself, want to fight, so go to battle!”

Mo Fan specifically provoked Carlos and the rest, how can one not get angry here. After all, they were a strong state in the field of magic, even the Americans were beaten by the Greeks. How can one silently bear the insults and insults from some Chinese ?!

“You know that I’m not doing useless things.” There is no point in wasting time with you, we better discuss how to deal with the British, – Azalea quickly regained her composure.

“Azalea, don’t think that everyone has the same character as yours.” It’s you who touched us, because of you we lost two people. We were injured, we had no hope of victory. We were ready to find a common death with you. And now the British will win, ”Mo Fan recalled his old grievances.

“Together, we are the first to engage in battle,” Azalea put forward the condition.

“You didn’t understand me.” We Chinese clearly distinguish between good and evil. If someone was unfair to us, we will certainly take revenge. Those who want to overcome us are those who we are ready to overcome, ”Mo Fan answered bluntly.

“Our people will heal your wounds, restoring your fighting efficiency.”

– We, the Chinese, have their own moral principles …

“I can use a magical vessel to restore your magical energy.” In the end, I can restore the magical energy for the three of you. ”Azalea bit her lip weakly, saying this last sentence.

– I agree! – Mo Fan answered a little bewildered.

Azalea in her heart with hatred called Mo Fan a scoundrel.


Having reached an agreement, the Chinese and Greeks decided to fight together.

Mo Fan wondered what was happening with Azalea. In the pizzeria, she said one thing, then many other things happened, which everyone was not happy about.

– Are you crazy? Teaming up with them, are you not afraid that they will suddenly attack us? Said Mu Tinyin, displeased.

“They say that busty blondes are usually stupid, but you don’t have breasts, and you’re stupid anyway,” said Mo Fan.

– Take it easy. This time they will not betray us. Unless Azalea is an English spy. Obviously, after she became a fairy candidate, no one wants Greece to be defeated, ”Nan Jue answered confidently.

By creating such a union, you can destroy the enemy. Even when enemies unite, in the face of a stronger enemy, they become one family, as if there was no conflict between them!

After the Greeks calmed down, they realized that their unification was the right step.

Although the magic of the Chinese was at a high level, the magic of the healing element among the Greeks was much stronger.

Ai Jiang Tu, Mu Tinyin and Mo Fanyo had a huge number of wounds. Even after Nan Rongni entered the battle, she could not restore their health in a short time. But this girl named Carlos, who was also a magician of the healing element, very quickly restored the strength of these three. Small wounds disappeared, you could see how medium-sized wounds healed right before your eyes, and heavy wounds could no longer affect the course of the battle.

Soon the fighting efficiency of these three was restored by 80 percent. Mu Ning Xue and Nan Jue were as good as new, it could be said that the Chinese team has fully recovered.

The issue of wounds was resolved, Azalea sacrificed her star necklace. The stars of this necklace seemed to envelop members of the Chinese and Greek teams with azure liquid. When a lot of energy is lost, it is restored very quickly!

Mo Fan spent the magical energy of the five elements. But when he saw that his energy was again replenished, he stared intently at Azalea.

This star necklace was a rare treasure, otherwise it would not have been able to restore the strength of the whole team in such a short period. During the battle, this treasure was indispensable!

Regardless of whether it was an element of spirit or an element of healing, magicians did not have the ability to restore magical energy. Even with the presence of magical elements and objects, not everyone could do it as fast as Azalea did.

“Do you have any rare contraption?” – Mo Fan was about to approach Azalea, giving her a look.

At that moment, when the ancient true dragon of darkness appeared, Azalea acquired a magical item of an element of space. Possessing this rare item, the rather high position of the Azalea became even higher than even that of Zhao Man Yan!

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