Chapter 1121. With a sword at the enemy


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– This is a spatial bracelet. You are aware of the strength of Jail, if he manages to apply his skills, then we will not be able to eliminate the four rivals in the next ten minutes. So I can use this spatial bracelet to move Jail as far away as possible from our battlefield … It can be used twice. If we move Jail a couple of times, I think their whole strategy will fall apart – not paying attention to past disputes, Azalea explained in detail to Mo Fan the plan for confronting the British.

“Since we have such a magical artifact, why don’t we isolate Jail and attack him?” Eliminating Jail will be much more effective for breaking up the entire team, ”suggested Nan Jue.

Azalea shook her head.

“I know Jail much better than you.” His combat response capabilities are very high. If we immediately manage to take him under control, then we can surround him and may even eliminate him. But if we do not take it under control, then even nine people will not cope with this talent.

– Is this guy so strong? Mu Tinyin asked doubtfully.

“He is stronger than you can imagine.” If we get rid of him for a while, this will be the safest way to attack the rest, – Mo Fan agreed with this strategy.

This guy was very strong. All the wounds on Mo Fan’s body were just from his hands. In addition, Mo Fan clearly felt that Jale was not using his full power.

“You’re a mage of sound, aren’t you?” As soon as we get rid of Jail, you attack Duchess Irene. We should by no means let her drag out this operation, ”Azalea turned to Nan Jue, painting a little man on the ground with a stick.

Nan Jue looked at the girl in amazement …

Shouldn’t all her thoughts be preoccupied with the upcoming fairy elections? How did she know all the players so well?

Mo Fan certainly remembered that Azalea was engaged in the search and sale of various data, she knew a lot, and getting all the information about the students participating in the competitions was a trifle for her.

“The duchess has a very powerful magical artifact that invokes the spirit of a sea serpent.” If this creature appears in the arena, with all its destructive magic, we won’t even be able to hurt it, especially since the duchess herself is a spirit magician. So we need to stem the use of this artifact. In this, we rely on your magic of sound, ”Azalea explained.

Nan Jue heard some rumors about the spirit of the sea serpent, but she could not even think that such a rare and valuable artifact would be granted to the duchess. England is truly an amazing country!

“Mo Fan, I can only wish you strength.” You have to eliminate this guy. He possesses destructive magic and carries two defensive magic items …

“… You know too much.” What color is the duchess’s outfit today? – asked Mo Fan.

Azalea gazed at this booby.


The combat strategy took very little time, and the union of the magicians of China and Greece headed towards the British.

The British saw the Greeks and Chinese meet among the trees. They did not intervene, so they were sure that both teams hate each other and arrange a massacre there. But they soon saw how the opponents calmly left behind the trees and approached them. They obviously are up to something …

Jale ran a hand into his green cosmos, as if his head hurt.

– They are teaming up against us. No wonder there was more than one flash of magic, Gibber muttered.

“I have a bad feeling,” said Jale.

– Or maybe it’s not so bad. We know what the Chinese are capable of, and the strength of the Greeks cannot be called particularly strong … ”said the deputy team captain Kingston.

Kingston was in seventh place in the ranking and the alliance of opponents did not even pay attention to him.

– Let’s face the battle! – Jale understood that this could not be avoided. He watched closely Azalea and Mo Fan.

Before that, Jale and Azalea attacked Mo Fan, now it was his turn. Two opponents headed in his direction.

“Brother Mo Fan, don’t you think that this insidious wife is fooling us?” Can we unite and eliminate the Greeks? We are warlike men, why should we play these female intrigues? ”Jail smiled softly, but spoke loudly and clearly.

“Your plan is certainly not bad, but Azalea promised me a stormy night, after this contest.” Of course you can’t promise this, so I will return to you in full all the wounds that you inflicted on me! – answered Mo Fan.

Hearing this, Jail smiled even wider and said carelessly:

– So here it is! Azalea of course it can. Brother, if you don’t mind, I would also spend the night with you … Ha ha ha ha!

Mo Fan angrily rushed forward and almost fell his head in the sand. Of course, he knew that there were a lot of gays in England, but he was sure that Jale was simply joking over him.

Azalea smoothly planned straight to Jail. They agreed that Azalea and Mo Fan would attack, so the other three Greek magicians immediately began to attack their targets.

Greece is famous for its special blessing magic. Each Greek applied the blessing of gain on himself, and their strength became much higher. Even if they lost by number, their fighting ability was at their best!

“Azalea, did you really promise him a night?” I will be very suffering, because I am the main protector of your angelic beauty and devilishly beautiful figure, ”Jale continued to tremble without stopping.

– Of course, we even discussed the poses … Bye, little genius! – Azalea did not attach importance to these nonsense, but her attack became even more aggressive.

Jail from the very beginning did not part with a kind smile, but when he saw how Azalea released a powerful silver glow, he immediately changed his face and his whole cynicism evaporated.

– Water is disgusting! – cursed Jale.

Jale instantly reacted, dropping onto the weft and leaving a shadow behind him.

He wanted to run away, but the silver glow from Azalea’s bracelet was faster. It quickly surrounded Jail, creating a spatial magic circle around his body!

Clear geometric shapes appeared in the magic circle. Silver threads, sharp corners – a whole constellation!

A powerful whirlwind formed around Jale. He used the wind against this spatial magic. Unfortunately, this spatial magic did not cause any damage, so Jail did not need protection, and the speed was far from as fast as that of instant movement.

– You will regret it !!!

Jail yelled angrily, and the next second disappeared in an unknown direction!

Spatial movement not only sent Jail to the other side of the arena, but also limited his movement, delaying him for a while.

They had very little time, and after sending Jail, the Greeks and Chinese immediately attacked the remaining four English.

– Music of death!

In front of Nan Jue appeared the outlines of an ancient musical instrument guqin, as if woven from magical radiance. Chilling sounds turned into a sonic arrow, rushing into the Duchess of Irene.

Changing her face, Irene quickly applied a water curtain to protect against sound attack. But the water element is not particularly effective against sound, and Irene suffered one failure after another.

– Sound interference!

Nan Jue’s forces were painful for the enemy. The sound of the curse quickly penetrated Irene’s head, and her spiritual defense could not resist such interference. There was such a noise in her head that she couldn’t even use her magic artifact!

– Protect Irene! – understanding the situation, shouted Gibbert.

“We cannot do anything; we cannot defend ourselves from the magic of sound!” Shouted another magician.

– Damn it! They seem to know us like the back of their hand!

Seeing that Jail was sent to the other end of the arena, Irene felt even more distressed.

The conspiring Greeks and Chinese wanted not only to crush them within ten minutes, but to completely get rid of the British, even without giving them a chance to replace!

This attack was much more serious than when they united against the Chinese team.

“Mo Fan, we have to deal with Kingston!” – heard the voice of Azalea.

Around her graceful body appeared a multi-colored radiance. Following this, Mo Fan felt a magical glow descend from heaven and cover his body. His elemental magic power increased dramatically. He did not use the elemental sphere, but the result was just that!

– Thunder and lightning strike!

Mo Fan immediately applied high-level lightning magic. Two deadly rays hit the enemy, fierce lightning energy spread a hundred meters around!

Kingston also possessed destructive magic, but before such a lightning and fierce attack by Mo Fan, he could only take to flight.

– Not bad! Your blessing magic is much stronger than that of our team, ”Mo Fan said pleased when he saw the power of lightning.

– Your mage apparently skipped a lot. But I have a pure and true blessing. Use fire, I will increase your power by 50 percent, said Azalea.

– Good!

Mo Fan called on the incarnation of the fire hetero, controlling the fire threat in his hands. This time, Mo Fan used all his energy to summon a fire sword.

The blessing of Azalea descended on Mo Fan and the sword became about twenty meters in length! A fierce flame enveloping the sword, struck all the spectators!

Kingston’s arrogant mage of destructive magic was dumbfounded. And this person in the team ??? Where is it seen that the student goes to the enemy with a sword the size of a ten-story building ??

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