Chapter 1122. The strongest (part 1)


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The sword sank heavily and a hundred-meter-long wave of fire rushed forward, interrupting the water flow in the middle of the arena.

Kingston hid on one side. His whole body was numb with fear. It’s so good that he managed to use magic shoes and hastily got out of the path of the sword! Otherwise, he would have immediately dropped out of the competition!

But his joy did not last long, he saw that the fire sword did not disappear at all, but still burned brightly in the hands of Mo Fan.

Almost crying, Kingston started to duck. He did not even think of trying to measure strength with this mutant Mo Fan!

Mo Fan stared in amazement at the fire sword, which had still not disappeared.

Apparently the blessing of Azalea not only increased its power by 50 percent, but also extended the time of existence.

A fire sword was formed from the elemental energy of fire. Mo Fan watched Kingston fly away, and slashed his sword in his direction.

A wave of fire spread with astonishing speed, of course Kingston could not escape from it. A wave of fire swallowed the magician.

– Instant move!

Azalea did not leave the enemy a single chance for maneuver. Her eyes lit up with a silver light and she immediately turned right in front of Kingston.

A wave of fire knocked Kingston to the ground and destroyed his chain mail. He was not seriously injured and was able to get to his feet. But only he gathered his thoughts, when he realized that he was standing right in front of Mo Fan!

Kingston’s whole body was still wrapped in a silver glow and he understood what had happened.

Mo Fan smiled devilishly. His left hand turned into a clawed paw. Electric discharges scattered between the claws, ready to break at any moment!

At first he was thrown back by a fiery wave, and then he was moved back, but they treated him like a punching bag! Although Kingston was in seventh place in the ranking, these two, Mo Fan and Azalea, drove him crazy!

– Ash Claw of Lightning!

– Blessing is gain!

The own power of the ashen claw of lightning was already quite high, but Azalea constantly strengthened all the destructive magic of Mo Fan. Although her blessing gave an increase of only 30 percent, in general, the tyrant’s thunderstorm became eight times stronger !!

Thunderclap shook the sky. Kingston sacrificed all the defensive things he had for his protection. But from the piercing lightning strikes, there was still no living space left on it.

– Jail, help me !!!

Kingston struggled to withstand lightning attacks, this guy was really strong! If in his place there was another, the so-called star participant, then he would not have lasted even a minute.

Kingston called for help, and only then Mo Fan and Azalea saw that Jale was already approaching them. He fluttered the white wings of the wind, but his speed was very slow, only when she almost crossed the entire arena did his speed begin to increase.

“I myself,” Azalea quickly soared into the air, her wings allowing her to mix easily and freely through the air.

Azalea and Jale met in the air. Out of the corner of his eye, glancing at his comrades, who were all in distress, Jale yelled angrily:

– Oh, you rubbish!

– Bye Bye! – the bracelet of Azalea again radiated a silver radiance, the silver threads of the constellation had already begun to form under the feet of the enemy. Jail did not dare to say anything, but scaredly set off.

But at this moment the constellation has already formed.

Jail’s reaction was so quick that just a little more, and he would have managed to escape the Azalea trap. But the spatial movement again took him to the edge of the arena, and the delay of time impeded his return!

“Jae … Jale …” Kingston’s hope turned into despair.

When Mo Fan began to approach him again, Kingston no longer had the strength or desire to resist. This time the collusion of the opponents was much more insidious than when they attacked the Chinese together !!

As a result, a water barrier appeared around Kingston, which surrounded it with a continuous protective wall. The magician no longer had any feelings and aspirations, even if assistant judges came for him, he would leave the arena with an indifferent look.

Being the seventh in the overall ranking of competitors, he always sought to prove his talent and high skills to the whole world, but this time he could only shift all responsibility to his teammates and hope that they can survive.

“We thought that we could get rid of everyone in one fell swoop, and as a result, we spent so much time on Kingston alone,” looking around Mo Fan noticed that Jale was already rushing towards them like a madman.

The effect of the second spatial displacement is not as good as that of the first. Jale was rapidly approaching. Mo Fan and Azalea together were able to eliminate one Kingston, but the others also did not lose time in vain.

Ai Jiang Tu and Carlos together eliminated Gibbert.

Mu Ning Xue and Nan Jue suppressed Irene step by step and were already close to their goal.

Mu Tignin and the two Greeks immediately managed to eliminate one Englishman.

Despite the limited time, the magicians from China and Greece did everything in their power to not give the British a single chance.

The special blessing magic of the Greeks has a tremendous effect in team competitions. If they had given all their strength from the very beginning to eliminate the Chinese team, then most likely they would also have been unable to do anything.

It’s so good that then the British did not give all in. They wanted to take advantage of the situation by pitting two weaker opponents, but in the end it turned out to be a big failure for them!

“It seems we won’t have time …” Nan Jue respectfully looked at the Duchess Irene, who still did not want to give up and stayed in the arena with all her strength.

“Jale is close …”

“There are only two left.” Before replacing another two minutes, we must get rid of them! Said Mu Tinyin excitedly.

Already three Englishmen left the competition. Eliminate the Duchess of Irene, whose strength is running out, and Jail, considered the most powerful opponent, for nine people should not be a difficult task!

The rest were completely in solidarity with Mu Tinyin. They quickly surrounded Irene.

“Jail, don’t come.” Use your wind magic and take time to wait for a replacement, ”said the Duchess helplessly, looking at Jail soaring in the air.

After seeing nine opponents, Jail did not run away, but instead landed right in front of Irene.

There is no trace of Jale’s past distraction. With an icy gaze, he looked at his opponents. Gusts of wind around him obviously created his sphere.

– Iran, protect me from spiritual attacks, the rest I take on! – behind the outward calm of Jail, a tremendous force was hiding, ready to break out!

“Jail, your arrogance already looks silly!” – said a Greek named Garmeno.

Garmeno was originally the captain of the Greek national team. This guy did not stand out from the crowd, and did not possess particularly outstanding strength, but each time, when he encountered Jail, he expressed personal dislike for him.

Obviously, Garmeno and Jale were longtime enemies!

– Without many words. We’ll deal with them faster! “Azalea did not forget to remind Nan Jue, – remember, do not let her use a magical artifact!”

Nan Jue did not forget her task and immediately concentrated all her thoughts on the duchess.

To use a powerful artifact, you need some time to prepare. Therefore, if Irene does not receive protection from her teammates, under the sound attacks of Nan Jue, she will definitely not be able to summon the spirit of a sea serpent.


Therefore, Jale posed a great threat to them.

Mu Tignin and Carlos were the most impatient and the first to attack.

The two magicians had just begun to act, as two draft monsters appeared between the trees. The first was Jail’s elemental draft animal, the kite. Flying off the crown of a tall tree, he broke through the magical constellation, appearing directly in front of Mu Tinyin.

She did not have time to apply at least some protection, and the kite grabbed her like a little chick!

Mu Tinyin used ice magic for her own defense, but nevertheless the kite carried it higher and higher into the sky, and they began a fierce battle right in the air!

The second creature was an earthen devil bug. It became apparent that Jale had tucked the devil bug in this place beforehand. As soon as Carlos began to use magic, the earth collapsed under her feet and the devilish bug began to drag her underground !!

Both the kite and the devil bug belonged to Jail. In past competitions, he crushed opponents, exclusively with the help of these two creatures. The power of the kite was almost not inferior to the power of the fire hetero, and the devilish beetle reached the average level of the commander in chief!

– Carlos! – Garmeno was seriously scared when he saw his comrade being dragged underground.

– Leave her, she can handle it. Let’s figure out Jale first! Shouted Azalea.

They have so much time left! If Jale still holds them back, then the time will come for a replacement, and other players from England will enter the arena.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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