Chapter 1124. Ai Jiang Tu VS Jail


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A bell rang in the distance, Jale smiled.

The England team lost 3 players, but Jail did not seem to worry about this. Apart from him and Irene, there was no one to hope for; the other three players had weak magic.

“What a pity that you spent so much effort, but you weren’t able to destroy me,” Jale said.

A black devil bug was crawling on the ground, attacking every mage.

Despite the fact that this was the devilish bug or Jale’s hurricane, it wasn’t so difficult to resist the magicians, you just had to brainwash a little. But when these two misfortunes combined, the situation became more complicated.

Fighting bugs, magicians used their magic right and left. But when the terrible hurricane Jail rose, attacking the magicians, and the bugs began to attack at the same time, the protection of the magicians fell to pieces.

“This Jail has a different understanding of magic.” “I think we need to send one person to kill him,” said Nan Jue.

Nan Jue seemed to have found the decisive link in this battle.

A group of people cannot repel Jail, as he cultivates precisely in order to attack several people. Despite the fact that the element of chaos is its auxiliary element, the strength of the magic of this element exceeds the strength of the main elements of the other magicians. Even Mo Fan, with his powerful destructive magic, was a loser.

“I will go,” Ai Jiang Tu answered, “I will measure my strength with him, and it will not be easy for him to overcome me.”

To break Jail does not need a lot of people, the more people, the harder. It is better that one outstanding magician went to battle with him. In addition, this magician must have good self-defense abilities.

– Old man, no need to give all your best. We can at any time abandon the alliance with Greece. This candidate knows the British like the back of her hand. “I think she also taught us well, she needs to beware,” Ai Jiang Tu Nan Jue warned.

“I know,” Ai Jiang Tu nodded his head.

According to Ai Jiang Tu, the best way to defeat Jail was through the magic of an element of space. Taking advantage of the fact that Jail was distracted by his diabolical bugs, Ai Jiang Tu used instant movement and was immediately behind the guy.

Jail’s cultivation was at a high level, he was very sensitive and immediately determined the direction of Ai Jiang Tu. A small whirlwind of chaos appeared behind him, it was only necessary for Ai Jiang Tu to use any attacking magic, thereby he would open the gates of chaos, and his magic would return to him.

Jail wanted everything to be as he intended, but Ai Jiang Tu was not going to attack. Even the destructive magic of Mo Fan would not be useful here. Why should he strain?

A silvery star cloud began to form near Ai Jiang Tu, the space shook lightly. As the creation of the beautiful stellar cloud was completed, a deep silver spatial hole appeared.

Jail went nuts at what he saw, an expression of anger appeared on his face.

– Again this trick! – Jale was annoyed.

Twice Azalea had already sent her off, which nearly killed the whole team.

* Dzzzz

The space shook again. And, Jail, not having time to leave this place, Ai Jiang Tu was dragged into the spatial stream.

– Instant movement!

Ai Jiang Tu made an instant move with Jail. Not sparing his magical energy, he brought Jail to a fairly long distance.

In no time, both men disappeared from the battlefield and it is not known in which direction.

It is a pity that three new magicians from the replacement in the team of England were already on the site, had already survived a serious battle. Now it was very difficult to destroy the four powerful magicians.


– Why did you do that? Sacrificed himself, thereby giving time to the rest? – seeing that he was making an instant movement, Jale’s face became cruel.

“Sacrificed himself?” You think too much about yourself. ”Ai Jiang Tu’s tone was cold.

– Well then, you mistakenly think that you are my worthy rival. In fact, if I want to defeat you, I won’t need 10 rounds, ”Jail answered arrogantly.

* Dzzzzzz

The space was shaking unceasingly. Ai Jiang Tu was silent. He mentally began to create a spatial battlefield. One could see how the silver rays of light stretched horizontally across the earth, and then settled perpendicular to the surface of the earth.

A cube formed from silver lines, while Ai Jiang Tu and Jail were inside it.

Jale was angry.

These magicians went over all available means to prevent him. If it were not for their endlessly emerging new tricks and tricks, then he would have become the master of this battle!

– First, I will deal with you! – Jail yelled in rage, hanging a cone of a white hurricane in the air, he directed it at Ai Jiang Tu.

– We fight to the end! – Ai Jiang Tu was in his field, he was completely calm.

Jail had a sphere of overwhelming wind, and the magic power of Ai Jiang Tu would be much more powerful outside the silver cube.

Four hurricanes appeared on four sides. The huge white cones of the hurricane spun with terrible force, they could destroy the defensive ability of any magician.

Ai Jiang Tu, with the help of instant movement, immediately found himself in one of the corners of silver space, trying to dodge the attack of hurricanes. But Jail, whose cultivation was at a high level, could determine in advance where Ai Jiang Tu would be. He went on the offensive. Waving with two hands, he created two scars of chaos, the space as if cut through by a huge black ax. There was not a single sound, only the cut space immediately disappeared!

– Retreat!

Ai Jiang Tu was angry, he all shone with a silver light.

Jale immediately met a powerful striking force that stopped his attack.

The black ax of chaos swept past Ai Jiang Tu. He knew that such a force is very difficult to block with thought. But if you use magic shoes, then its speed will be faster than the speed of the chaos ax!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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