Chapter 1127. The Fatal Trap


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Continuing the fight, Mo Fan thought that Azalea would give them a cruel revenge, but she calmed down and switched to the England team.

In this erratic battle, the easiest way was to remove people from the battlefield. For some time, the number of players in each team has become unequal. One erroneous action could lead to an attack by two other teams.

The number of people who left the battle increased. Nan Jue was removed from the Chinese team, and soon Ai Jiang Tu was eliminated by the union of Garmeno and Jail.

The arrogant Garmeno also did not hold out for a long time, he was soon beaten by Jale, and decided to return to his teammates for healing.

As a result, heading to his team, Garmeno bumped into Mu Tignin, who finished off the weakened magician. And he, with hatred in his soul, left the battlefield.

Mu Tinyin went to battle, introducing the Mu clan. Her strength was not outstanding, but thanks to the ties of her family, she got an ice suit.

Magic shoes, magic armor, an attacking magic item, a protective magic item, magic wings – all of this was poured out of ice. All of these magical items made from ice formed ice spikes. It could be said that Mu Tinyin became the queen of ice spikes, possessing such a terrible decisive weapon!

Mu Tignin pretty well maintained its fighting ability. Only now has she used her “heavy artillery”. She wanted to be seen in this competition. In reprisal with an important player of the Greek team, ice spikes were very useful!

The Chinese team had only one replacement mage. Now only Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue and Mu Tinyin are left on the battlefield.

Only three remained in the Greek team. They no longer had a chance to replace, and Garmeno’s departure greatly influenced the strength of the team.

As for the English team, their situation was also not rosy. The power of Jail eliminated Ai Jiang Tu and Garmeno, but there were no magicians with good fighting ability left in the team. And when there is no healing magician in the team, then it will be difficult to win.

Azalea was brutal in battle. Jail destroyed Garmeno, and she repeatedly dealt with the members of the English team, so only Jale remained on the battlefield, who had no equal.


– The time has come for a replacement, it will be Nan Rongni, we can restore our strength. – said Mo Fan Mu Ning Xue.

Feng Li made Nan Rongni the last on the list so that the players had another chance to battle.

“Yeah,” Mu Ning Xue nodded, saying nothing more. She no longer had feelings for this man.

“If we do not let Nan Rongni be eliminated, then we will win,” Mu Tinyin said excitedly.

The battle became messier and messier. Unexpectedly for themselves, the magicians of the Chinese team realized that the English and Greek teams suffered heavy losses. Now the Chinese needed to wait for the exit of Nan Rongni – the healing magician. And then they will finally clean up the teams of England and Greece!

Three magicians from the Chinese team did not get along, but they had to unite for the sake of competition.

The time has come, and Nan Rongni was sent to the competition site.

The self-preservation power of Nan Rongni was very weak. Its main element was the healing element, the secondary element was the plant element, and the auxiliary element was the blessing. If Greece and England attack her at the same time, then she will not last a minute.

The first thing the magicians of the Chinese team went in search of Nan Rongni. On the scales of the English and Greek teams, China was more important, so they quit fighting with each other and went in search of a new player for the Chinese team.

There was no substitute in these two teams. And the fact that the Chinese team still had a chance to replace did not play into their hands!

“If Nan Jue were here, it would be nice.” She would immediately understand where Nan Rongni is, ”said Mo Fan.

The hearing of the mage of the sound element was sharpened and always accurate. If there were Nan Jue, then she would provide a meeting with a newcomer player. And the battlefield was large enough, and to find a person whose smell was erased was not easy.

It was a necessity to remove the smell of a new player. Three teams participate in this battle, when a person from the substitution enters the battle, he may be closer to the enemy team. Therefore, his smell was hidden, so that this person was more difficult to find. He himself could gradually find his team, which was the surest method.

………………………………………………………………………………… ..

From the first time, it was difficult for the magicians to find a girl, but when he came to the forest, Mo Fan immediately noticed the traces from the nodes of the vines.

“Does she have an element of a plant?” – asked Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue nodded.

“It’s definitely her!” I’ll go take a look. If she heals our wounds, then we will win! Said Mu Tinyin.

Following these nodes of the vines, the three magicians went to the mouth of the river, where they discovered Nan Rongni.

Mu Tinyin’s heart felt joyful; rather, she ran towards Nan Rongni.

– Wait! – Mu Ning Xue called out to Mu Tinyin and the girl stopped.

– What? There are four of us now! – answered Mu Tinyin.

“Perhaps this is a trap,” said Mu Ning Xue.

-Trap? Are you laughing? Do you think she can set us up? Mu Ning Xue, you only respect yourself. Nan Rongni definitely does not consider conflict with you more important than competitions! – Mu Tinyin laughed.

“It just seems to me that something is wrong here,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“You worry that after my strength is restored, I will take your fame from this competition,” said Mu Tignin.

In this tripartite battle, her merit was the highest. Her 50 meter ice spikes were very powerful. They not only eliminated Garmeno, but also removed one member of the English team from the battlefield.

But from the point of view of Mo Fan, Mu Tinyin was just lucky – she eliminated two or three weak magicians and now considers herself the queen.

– If there is any enmity between us, we will solve this problem after the competition. Mu Tinyin, listen to what Mu Ning Xue says. This is definitely a trap that other teams have set up … Your mother! Is your head completely out of order? Where did you rush? – First, Mo Fan wanted to calmly persuade Mu Tinyin, but when he saw that the girl was not listening to their words and was leaving, he immediately switched to swearing.

– Maybe I’m wrong. Will we follow her too? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

Mo Fan shook his head in denial. If there is no trap, then Mu Tinyin will simply call Nan Rongni and take her with him.

Two magicians were waiting among the trees. Mu Tinyin acted recklessly – not taking precautions, she went to Nan Rongni.

Soon she came from the forest along with Nan Rongni, a grin on her face.

– Look, everything is in order, and you said – a trap, a trap! – replied Mu Tinyin, then immediately said Nan Rongni: “Rather, heal us, the English and Greek teams have no way to recover – strong members of their teams have dropped out.”

Nan Rongni nodded, her eyes were dark. She began to create a star system, then a star cloud …

– Not that element! You need an element of healing, not a plant! Cried Mu Tinyin.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue looked at each other, suddenly realizing what was happening.

-Let’s go, this is a trap! Cried Mo Fan.

Mo Fan, grabbing Mu Ning Xue, applied the shadow mantle. They immediately found themselves in the shade of trees, hastily moving away from Nan Rongni. 。

Nan Rongni’s gaze was lifeless. But her plant element magic has already played its part in this forest. Creepers sprouted from the ground, endlessly interwoven. In this section of the forest, they formed a huge trap, inside of which were Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue and Mu Tinyin.

When plant element magic is applied, it can usually spread even to the ground. If there are magic seeds in the soil, then at that moment when you need to attack, the magician can make plants break out of the earth, and the power from such magic can exceed the strength of other magic elements!

Nan Rongni has set up her evil networks for a long time. Even if they had not brought her to the place where they were, they would still be trapped.

The reaction of Mo Fan was quite quick, he, capturing Mu Ning Xue, fled.

Absorption by shadow and mantle of shadow could take under their protection only one extra person. Despite the fact that Mu Tinyin was close enough to Mo Fan, he no longer had time to take this fool with him …

Devil’s creepers madly rushed from side to side. They were much larger than the ancient trees of this forest, turning the forest into magical thickets.

Mu Tinyin stood in the depths of these thickets, it was difficult for her to believe what was happening. She could not raise her hand to Nan Rongni! These were international competitions, personal hostility should remain on the sidelines. But in doing so, Nan Rongni begs for trouble!

Devil’s creepers blocked the light above his head. Mu Tinyin realized that she had nowhere to run, she could only watch Nan Rongni, who was in front …

At that moment, when she discovered that the eyes of Nan Rongni became very strange, Mu Tinyin became covered with a layer of some gray matter and became lifeless …

Only now, Mu Tinyin realized that the actions of Nan Rongni were controlled by other people!

Obviously, the other two teams found her faster, but did not remove the girl from the battlefield, but simply took control of her thoughts and actions. They created a trap, waiting for the members of the Chinese team to fall into it themselves!

Seeing that she was surrounded by devilish vines, a fire of irreconcilable anger began to flare up in Mu Tinyin’s soul.


– Hey you! They ran away too fast, did not even believe their teammate! – a flattering mocking voice came from the crown of trees.

It was not difficult for Mo Fan to guess that these were tricks of Azalea.

Mo Mo Fan alone could not understand how she took control of Nan Rongni? He thought that Azalea was not a magician of the spirit element. Or are there other outstanding spirit magicians on their Greek team?

“We are leaving here, we don’t know what else she has prepared here for us,” Mo Fan continued to run away with Mu Ning Xue.

As one would expect, in the soil of this forest was hidden some thing that needed human souls …

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