Chapter 1129. Defeat Jail!


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– Mo Fan …

– He lost his mind ???

Countless eyes watched as lightning strikes hit the magician’s half-naked body.

Such determination in the struggle was admirable. Everyone perfectly understood how terrible it felt to be struck by lightning, it seems that your body will be torn to shreds. Lightning struck again and again, it was like torture!

* zzzzzzzzz !!

Under the continuous blows of the ashen claw of lightning, Mo Fan concentrated a tremendous amount of lightning energy in his body. A thunderous halo has formed around Mo Fan’s body!

– I did not think that your body has such endurance. Nevertheless, I believe that our confrontation can be considered over. I so wanted to fight you, but your stupid behavior deeply disappointed me! – Jale stared at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was still on his feet, but what good was that. After so many lightning strikes, his whole body was so weak that he could not continue the fight …

Only a few people remained in the arena. He will eliminate Mo Fan, then he will follow Mu Ning Xue and Azalea, who have already become very weak. He will return the dignity of his country, England will be the first in these international competitions, and also receive the richest resources!

– You led your team to a decisive competition, this is an outstanding achievement! But you need to know the measure, ”Jail waved with both hands, forming a crushing hurricane.

He did not intend to continue these boring games. A single blow of wind magic will be enough for Mo Fan in this state.

– The fact that you brought me to such a state is also an outstanding achievement! – Mo Fan raised his head. He spoke these words, exhaling black smoke.

“But who do you think you are?” – Jale began to get angry, he did not meet anyone more impudent than this guy! Lost means lost. He could only admit defeat with dignity, until he managed to lose the remnants of respect in the eyes of Jale.

“I am the shadow that will forever remain in your heart!” – at this moment, Mo Fan’s eyes shone like never before!

There was a rumble of thunder in the sky. This time, Mo Fan did not apply the lightning claw magic, but released the lightning element directly from his body !!

The filaments of electric discharges filled the entire space around, creating a huge electric force field, which filled the entire lightning sphere of Mo Fan!

The sphere of Tirana was originally filled with electric threads, but this time there were ten times more! The concentration of lightning energy also exceeded the usual state ten times …

Jail wanted to use wind magic to finally deal with Mo Fan, but in the end he discovered that besides the elements of lightning, there was not a drop of breath of other elements around. His wind magic dissipated without having formed!

* zzzzzzzzz

Vibrations spread throughout the arena. Even the spectators in the stands felt the boiling elemental energy of lightning!

“Now let’s see if your chaos magic can handle this!”

– Giant Ashen Claw of Lightning !!

The concentration of power has reached its limit! Ash-black lightning dragons appeared in the sky. Their huge, long bodies with a bubbling bubble gathered right above Jale.

Jale raised his face to the sky. A terrifying picture reflected in his eyes. It is hard to imagine that all these forces were the work of Mo Fan !!

The majestic breath of lightning suppressed so much that Jail could not use any magic! This time, the ashen claw of lightning was many times stronger …

– Gate of chaos !!

At such a dangerous moment, Jale nevertheless applied chaos magic, because she defended himself.

In ordinary situations, Jail was completely self-confident, because at the beginning of the gate of chaos, he was completely safe and could attack opponents with their own magic. But this time, with crazy black dragons above his head, he did not feel safe!

* zzzzzzzzz

The giant ashen claw of lightning finally came down from heaven. A powerful stream of energy split into several beams, as if turning into a giant clawed claw of a beast. Such a force could embrace the entire arena and destroy it !!

The gate of chaos again began to absorb the claw of lightning. But those magicians who were well versed in the element of chaos understood that the gate was not at all a bottomless abyss. They had a certain limit. This limit is very difficult to achieve, the more it increased with the development of the abilities of the magician himself.

Jail’s cultivation was at an excellent level, therefore, even fighting with seven opponents, he could still repel their attacks …

But this time, Mo Fan’s ashen claw was not just strengthened. Its power exceeded the power of high level magic of the third stage and was close to the highest level !! This is many times superior to the ability of the gate of chaos Jale !!

The gates of chaos were destroyed, and Jail’s magical armor called up in haste turned to ashes in an instant!

The wings of the wind burned like paper …

From defense, Jale had only a magic ring, the effect of which also did not last even a second!

Jale’s last hope was a Venetian water defense. He was still sure that he could only survive this moment and victory would be in his pocket …

But Jale’s last hope burned out in a second. Jale felt that passing through several layers of protection, the ashen claw of lightning did not become weaker at all. From the realization of her imminent death, Jail’s mind was devastated. She could not even think about what was his mistake!

* bam !!!

Jail fell from the sky, crashed into the arena at great speed. It seemed he did not pay attention to the pain, because his eyes were still focused on the ashen claw of lightning, which was about to take his life!

Having fallen to the ground, Jale realized the horror and the scale of the lightning elements. It seemed that the claw of lightning covered the whole sky! Jale could not believe that all this was created by just one person, and even a student of his age !!

Jale lay on the ground for a long time before recovering. He slowly got up …

Jale was surprised to realize that he had not received any serious injuries. It turns out that when the ashen claw of lightning destroyed the protection of the Venetian ring, the enemy stopped the attack.

Jale looked at the nearby wounded adversary, and then looked around at the whole and unharmed self in almost clean clothes. He could not express emotions in words.

He lose. Lost.

He fought with nine opponents and survived, but lost to one!

He lost not because of magical knowledge or skills, but because of fighting spirit …

“Wouldn’t you lose if I didn’t reflect the lightning into you?” – in the end, Jale threw only these words.

“There are so many assumptions …” Mo Fan did not look away and smiled.

Jale was dumbfounded, and while he was thinking what to say, the assistant judges appeared and took him out of the arena.

Indeed, there are so many “if”. If this were not a contest, and if the enemy had not made a concession, then not the assistant judges would have led him away from the arena, but the spirit of death!


The assistant judge took Jail out of the arena, but the second lingered near Mo Fan.

He understood that the powers of the magician were running out. Mo Fan won, but could he stand on his feet? Lightning struck him so many times!

“You are very brave,” said the assistant judge, unable to resist.

Mo Fan raised his head. At that moment he heard a flurry of sounds. Spectators of the whole arena applauded frantically and made enthusiastic exclamations. It was not difficult to guess that the ashen claw of Mo Fan’s lightning struck their imagination.

In truth, Mo Fan was shocked by himself. He used the scope of the tyrant’s thunderstorm, continuously attacked Jail, took upon himself all the retaliatory attacks, absorbed lightning energy, and finally destroyed the gates of chaos …

Oops! The further he goes, the more he respects himself!

* bam!

The next second, Mo Fan fell down. He lay on dusty ground and was breathing heavily. The assistant judge has already crouched next to him to pick him up from the arena.

– Hey, what the hell are you doing!

“You have agony,” said the assistant judge.

– What nonsense. I can still fight. Dont touch me! I’m alright! – Mo Fan began to scream, but the pain in his body distorted his face.

“Are you sure you can fight in that state?” – the girl asked the assistant judge. She was full of charm and with a caring smile looked at Mo Fan.

“Of course I can, you’re just not touching me.” The competition rules say if the magician has not lost consciousness, if he is not in mortal danger, and if the protective Venetian ring has not worked, then the player has not yet dropped out. But if you touch me, then I’ll leave! – answered Mo Fan.

“Well, if it’s so comfortable for you, then go further, but …” – the assistant judge could not do anything in this situation, but it was obvious to everyone that Mo Fan would not be able to lift a finger, “you already eliminated Jail, which means reached the pinnacle of success in these international competitions. You have so many injuries and open wounds, it can lead to infection that is difficult to heal.

– A person should always have something to strive for! – Mo Fan laid his blackened hands behind his head with effort.

– Do you want to be the first?

– Yes!

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