Chapter 1130. Thinking back!


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Mo Fan breathed deeply.

There were serious wounds on his body. It seemed to the magician that even a finger was difficult to move. But the demonic blood vessels became active again. Their circulation speed was much faster than usual. Heart beat faster than an ordinary person! It was as if it was about to explode. And the speed of restoration of the body, which was covered with deep wounds, was several times faster than what happens with the magician in his usual state.

The main reason Mo Fan was still holding on was the good regenerative ability of the blood vessels during demonization.

But if you think carefully, you can understand that the demon blood vessels of Mo Fan were not such because of the fact that he possessed several elements. Initially, demonization comes from a wolf – a demon; in such a wolf, the most powerful place is self-healing. Some demon wolves could heal wounds even in battle at tremendous speed!

After lying down a little in a calm state, the moral strength of Mo Fan gradually came to order, and his limbs did not hurt anymore!

The guy staggered to his feet.

“Although I did not want to take advantage of your predicament, I nevertheless came to get you out of here!” – a male voice came from somewhere on the side. This man was ugly, his eyes were too bulging.

“I don’t seem to know you, who are you, my friend?” – Mo Fan looked at the guy, surprised. How did this guy manage to hide in battle?

During the duel, Mo Fan and Jail, the Greeks and the British continued to eliminate each other. Even if someone remained on the site, these magicians were not very strong. Mo Fan did not understand why this guy ran out?

“I am a magician of the spirit element.” And you thought, who controlled your member with a replacement? – the guy with bulging eyes laughed, he looked like a Greek.

Hypocritical creature. Hid the whole battle.

“You don’t have that much magic to fully control my teammate.” What is your secret? – asked Mo Fan.

“The fairy blessing element in which she puts her whole soul increases the power of my spirit element,” the fisheye-eyed guy answered.

“Fairy … So that’s what they call whores,” Mo Fan laughed.

– Do not insult the fairy! – the guy’s face with fish eyes immediately became angry.

“What are you so excited for, are you a knight – protector from the Parthenon?” It’s really interesting there, ”answered Mo Fan.

“You people in whom there is no faith, how can you understand the Parthenon magicians?” And you don’t say such disgusting words anymore, otherwise after the competition I will hurt you! – very seriously answered the big-eyed guy.

“How hypocritical you are.” It’s clear that this girl stole your soul. Otherwise, why would you be so principled. If you love her, there is nothing shameful about it. If you do not strive for unrealizable, then you are not Greek! – Mo Fan touched the guy’s weak spot.

Guys … Ever dragging on for girls. Mo Fan was firmly convinced that this big-eyed, who had remained in the shadow throughout the battle, had small ambitions. But he didn’t call Azalea by name, he called her a fairy. This was enough to understand – Azalea was a fairy of his soul.

Hearing the words of Mo Fan, Mita coldly replied: “I admire her and respect her!”

– You, the Parthenon men, are the most holy in the world of physiognomy. So I don’t believe that when Azalea takes off her dress in front of you, you don’t want to tear it up in passion? And your face can still be filled with admiration and respect, ”said Mo Fan.

When the assistant judge heard these dirty words, her eyebrows crept up in surprise. The abilities of this guy were incomparable with other people, but how to open his mouth, as if not a magician, but a tramp from the market!

– I told you, just try to say something like that, I will ask you so that little will not seem! – Mita’s face darkened.

The fish eyes suddenly glowed like a sword. This light was aimed directly at the chest of Mo Fan. It was a spiritual sword that could pierce the spiritual world of a person, reaching the soul!

Mita was furious at the words of Mo Fan, he wanted to hurt him so that this spiritual wound would never heal.

The assistant judge doubted for a long time whether to stop him.

As for the rules, the assistant should not have interfered, but if you did not intervene, then the soul of Mo Fan will be seriously damaged.

Why does this idiot like to make others angry? Almost every Greek respected the Parthenon fairies more than himself.

– Angry, you made a mistake! Concentration!

Mo Fan touched the amulet of concentration on his neck. A blue light covered him, forming a defense for his soul, and blocking the path of the spiritual sword!

– Control!

The moment Mo Fan applied concentration, it not only stood guard over his soul, but his spiritual world intensified!

The magician’s look has changed. Now his eyes shone with a mystical and dangerous silver light. In the silver light was endless power. There was no hesitation in space, but as if a powerful wave had hit Meath.

Mita was stunned. He felt that the power of thought that was being formed by the adversary was eerily powerful. In the spirit world, this guy was even stronger than himself!


Mitu threw a powerful blow, and he did not have any fighting efficiency. Responding blow to blow, Mo Fan did not allow him to resist.

The big-eyed one flew away, crashed into a rock. Imprints of his body remained on the solid stone.

His chest flattened a little. The light of the Venetian ring guarded him, but it seemed to him that his insides had shifted slightly from this blow. The bulging eyes were about to fall out …

Seeing how a gust of wind could blow Mo Fan away, it was difficult for him to believe that in this situation he still had the strength to withstand …

But what was most difficult to believe in him was that the cultivation of this destroyer magician was at such a high level!

The assistant judge opened his mouth in surprise.

What is the main element this guy has? What such a magic of space can reach such a level!

“Ha ha, I’m afraid you didn’t interfere in vain.” Now you have to take that half-dead away, ”said Mo Fan to the girl, assistant judge, laughing.


The situation again took a different turn.

The Chinese presidents: Han Ji, Pan Lai, and Feng Li nearly cried with joy.

Watching Mo Fan fight like a roller coaster ride. In the previous second, the heart rises, and in the next it already falls into the abyss. You have not had time to get scared yet, but it again flies up, watching this magician.

“This … this guy is a son of a bitch!” – Shao Zheng slowly returned to his place. He was all in a cold sweat, but he felt joy in his soul!

With such a strong opponent as Jail, Mo Fan fought to the last end. But with a weak Mita, Mo Fan was very cold. With a return strike, one could see how beautiful his magic of the element of space is!

Han Ji exhaled.

He was surprised that the cultivation of Mo Fan in the element of space was at a sufficiently high level, why didn’t he show this before?

In fact, Mo Fan did the right thing to leave this trump card at the very last moment. If he had used the element of space before, this would not have led to any result. The situation was too chaotic. Whoever it was — Ai Jiang Tu or Azalea, their cultivation of the element of space was lower than that of Mo Fan.

Mo Fan specially preserved the element of space. And, after the defeat, he suddenly broke out again! This transformation of defeat into victory was truly beautiful!

– The spiritual world of Mo Fan is highly developed. But the cultivation of the element of space is not at such a high level. He cannot even use instant movement, so most people believe that his element of space is auxiliary. Therefore, the Greek magician of the element of spirit did not take into account the power of the magic of the element of the space of Mo Fan … ”Han Ji sighed.

Having done away with the Greek magician of the element of the spirit, hiding the whole battle, he left Azalea without support!


– moron!

Azalea was furious to such an extent that she almost spat on blood … She deliberately sent that guy, whose name she did not know, to deal with exhausted Mo Fan!

She did not care who was to win there – Mo Fan or Jale. This magician of the spirit element was supposed to destroy both!

Mo Fan was afraid of the magicians, just like Jale. Therefore, in any case, she had to win.

Who would know that that guy would be destroyed by the wounded Mo Fan. The mage of the spirit element was crushed by the mage of destruction! How was this idiot chosen to compete ?!

* A-oooo

The soaring white wolf was in the sphere of ice, in the claws of it was a dark knight of the sword-bearers, riding a horse. You could see how the dark horse turned to ash and disappeared into the air …

The strength of the dark knight of Azalea’s sword-bearers was powerful, it is only a pity that the knight has been on the battlefield for a very long time. The soaring white wolf was called up by Mo Fanem, and the dark knight of the sword-bearers could not repel the fierce blows of the wolf!

– The contract!

The dark knight of the Azalea swordsmen will soon be destroyed by the soaring white wolves, but she will be able to take away his dark energy.

Dark energy, like gas, came out of the armor of the dark knight of the swordsmen, his armor immediately disappeared and only the quilted jacket that was worn under the armor fell to the ground, gradually turning into a black liquid …

Powerful dark energy covered Azalea. To repulse the strong wind and cold, dark energy turned into a jacket that was worn on the body of Azalea.

Out of nowhere a very sharp sword appeared, which Azalea took in her right hand. A dark silver mask fell on Azalea’s face, covering her beautiful features, turning the girl into a cold-blooded killer!

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