Chapter 1132. Dark magic against the elements of ice


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“Admit defeat, it is not difficult for me to restrain you,” Azalea carefully watched Mu Ning Xue. These words were also addressed to Mo Fan.

Although Mo Fan already managed to get sick of her, Azalea in no way wanted to injure him or Mu Ning Xue once again, because real dark magic is no joke!

Mo Fan finally appeared, carefully looking at the black aura around Azalea, and I must admit, inwardly he was quite scared.

As a result, it turned out that Azalea possessed this dark side of her personality, and her strength inspired fear. Dark powers feed the sorceress well, which makes her power equal to the power of a monster at the level of a commander! She could simply destroy them in a matter of moments!

“Xuexue, okay already …” Mo Fan looked at Mu Ning Xue, sighing heavily.

If one of the participants in the competition has such strength, then the hard struggle for victory loses all meaning.

Mo Fan was already extremely exhausted, because demonization cannot be used in competitions, it’s inappropriate time and place for this. He can use it only in the struggle against the black church, and he perfectly understood this.

With this situation, China can only hope for second or third place.

The heavy fog around Azalea was slightly weakened, she saw that Mo Fan was about to give up, so there was no point in putting pressure on them anymore.

She looked at Mu Ning Xue, who did not agree to such a sharp loss, as she was about to prove herself in all its glory.

“Mo Fan, you can leave the arena first,” said Mu Ning Xue confidently, who understood the mood of Mo Fan.

“You don’t have to fight, there’s no sense anymore,” Mo Fan persisted.

– But for me it has! For me it is very, very important! – Mu Ning Xue was not even going to give up.

If Azalea uses her forbidden chips, then she also has every right to issue her murderous ice bow, the use of which is prohibited by the rules of the competition!

There was not even the slightest hint of the element of ice in the air, since it was supplanted by an aura of dark magic. However, as soon as Mu Ning Xue simply raised his hand, calling for a killer icy bow, the next second the icy breath recovered around, again conquering the territory!

The ice sphere reappeared, and this time it was much more powerful than its previous manifestations. Crystals of ice began to accumulate at the hands of Mu Ning Xue, forming the silhouette of a bow, the sorceress herself was also set up extremely seriously, the wind instantly swept through the arena!

Spectators who were far from magical cultivation literally held their breath in fear!

The confrontation began between the snow-white wind of Mu Ning Xue and the dark aura of Azalea – not one of the magic wanted to retreat.

Azalea, being fueled by dark energy, activated chain mail, and in its former place appeared the breath of the black king of the swordsmen ….

With a flick of the wrist, dark breathing scattered around the district with a thousand black moths, creating a dangerous situation!

Mu Ning Xue, who was on the other side, also used the bow smoothly, and many ice fragments spun around her, forming a beautiful picture!

Seeing this, Mo Fan really wanted to stop everything ….

In the resource tour, Mu Ning Xue already used the magic of a deadly ice bow, and she, like no one else, understands well why she should release this magic. This not only adversely affects her physical condition, but can also cost her her life!

After such a short period of time, she again released her bow, and now it really threatens her life!

It just wasn’t worth doing ….

However, it was Mu Ning Xue’s personal choice, and Mo Fanu had no choice but to be near her in case she was completely weakened or seriously wounded.

At stake was the life of Mu Ning Xue ….

The confrontation of dark magic and the elements of ice continued, gaining even greater momentum.

Azalea, seeing this, was surprised and at the same time angry.

She put all her strength into the aura of the sword of darkness, which resisted the ice. Azalea carefully looked at Mu Ning Xue.

– The magic of darkness!

After these words, the dark fog began to rise with a new force from the earth, scattering the first dawn rays. Even the glow of ice, which reflected the glow well, illuminating the district, was now absorbed in dark energy!

The sword of darkness flew forward, and his flight path was not even visible, the situation was heating up ….

– Silent arrow!

Mu Ning Xue’s voice sounded rather arrogant, after which the whole space around began to shake literally!

An arrow swept in complete silence, which turned everything after itself into one continuous glacier, even the dark aura literally froze!

The arrow flew half the arena, the confrontation of magic continued, but now all this was happening in utter silence, as if all life around had instantly disappeared ….


At that moment when all the spectators managed to think that the two elements had already swallowed each other, a sharp sound was heard in the very center of the arena, accompanied by a white glow. The magic of the white element began to scatter in all directions!

It is not clear why, however, everything around us began to take a strange form. All the huge trees were razed to the ground, not a single pillar was visible! The river, which border the center of the site, now turned into a piece of black ice and looked more like a black stone … everything in the arena was destroyed, it was impossible to find a single surviving object …

The audience was perplexed … is this all – the result of the actions of two fragile-looking girls ?! It was just hard to believe!

Amid all this devastation, a feminine silhouette of Azalea was visible in his chain mail. Her eyes no longer sparkled so much, and on her face only a strict expression could be seen.

Mu Ning Xue looked at Azalea that she had not received any wounds at all.

The icy bow was still in the girl’s hands. To win, she needed to use it again, but she did not know if she could then leave the arena alive.

Parthenon’s pupil stood at a distance, as if not believing that in this world she was not the most special and outstanding.

– You win.

There was the voice of Azalea.

Mu Ning Xue was astonished, thinking whether she heard correctly.

Azalea was no longer repeated, she returned her sword of darkness, and stomped out.

She walked very slowly, at this time the chain mail on her body disappeared, turning simply into a dark haze, and her silver gun seemed to melt.

Having reached the border, the girl passed Mo Fanya, who did not understand anything, throwing her fleeting glance at him.

Mo Fan was perplexed. He roughly estimated the capabilities of both sorceresses, and if Azalea continued to fight, then she would definitely be able to snatch victory, only if the action of her magic is not limited in time.

In truth, it was also hard to believe that Mu Ning Xue had ventured to use her bow for the second time in a row!

“Consider it for your sake,” Azalea said suddenly, with a rabid smile on her face.

– In what sense? – asked Mo Fan.

“She was not going to lower her icy bow while my sword was in my hands.” If she continued to control the killer bow, it would cost her her life. She would never back down, and I had to do this for you, what is incomprehensible here? – Azalea’s eyes flashed slyly again.

“You’re apparently going crazy,” said Mo Fan.

“Then I will return to the arena and continue to fight, and you just watch this …” Azalea turned around, as if to make it clear that she wanted to return.

“You won, consider it my duty to you,” said Mo Fan.

“Do you care so much about her?” Azalea asked arrogantly.

“She is my little wife.”

– …

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