Chapter 1133. Victory!


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– China won!

The head judge’s voice spread over the arena, which is why all the Chinese in the stands began to hug each other in a joyful hysteria.

In the entire history of the competition, the Chinese magical community for the first time rose so high in the overall standings, but the most important thing is that now they have every right to receive the most valuable resources, it remains only to defeat Egypt, and then the team will be able to justify all the aspirations of their country !

With this victory in a duel in which Mu Ning Xue defeated Azalea, the attitude towards the ice sorceress changed dramatically. She became not only the most popular person in the competition, but now she was no longer subjected to harsh criticism and persecution from her clan.

The black church really seriously damaged her reputation, and no one thought that she could clear her name, but as soon as she showed her true abilities, everyone in the world recognized her!

“Mu Gong, I remember how your family made a statement that this girl has absolutely nothing to do with you … now I wonder if you and they have changed their minds?” – Chief Chairman Shao Zheng asked with interest.

It was hard to look at Mu Gong’s face, with great difficulty he forced a smile.

Upon returning home, it will be necessary to deal with this family, which kicked out Mu Ning Xue, because now she became a person that brought China such an important victory, and this victory was only HER! She had nothing to do with the Mu clan!

Everyone at the world competitions gives his best not only for the good of the country and his own glory, but also for the resources and fame that you can bring to your clan or family!

And most importantly, now China has achieved a victory that has never been in its history, and the team can definitely claim to first or second place, and if Mu Ning Xue remains in the list of members of the Mu family, Mu Gong can achieve a lot and make Mu the greatest dynasty in the country, which occupies the highest position!

“In truth, Mu Tinyin also showed herself well, though she turned out to be silly …” “Mu Gong did not know what to say.

Mu Gong still could not smile, but his insidious plan had long since matured in his soul.

It was not he who chased away Mu Ning Xue, but he, Mu Gong, after all, was the head of the family, and many issues were not resolved by him, including the decision to involve Mu Ning Xue in the experiment. But all this must be taken care of along the way ….

Mo Fan climbed into the arena to take Mu Ning Xue out of there.

Mu Ning Xue was deathly pale, but even so she smiled! Exactly, that was a smile!

Seeing her pale face and expression, which seemed to indicate that a huge mountain had fallen from the girl’s shoulders, Mo Fan did not even know how to react to him.

She gave everything in full, lost almost all of her strength, not for the sake of this victory, but in order to be able to shine like that ….

Mo Fan did not stop Mu Ning Xue from a dangerous confrontation with Azalea, since he knew how his little wife was feeling. And now even her smile after a difficult battle was given a huge pain in the soul.

“It’s over, don’t use the bow anymore, sooner or later it will ruin you,” said Mo Fan.

This was the only time that Mu Ning Xue did not push Mo Fang, who was so close … on the one hand, she had absolutely no strength to do this, and on the other, she realized that he was actually the only person who framed her strong shoulder and did not leave her. This feeling of complete confidence responded to her heart with calmness, now she can think about everything, take her time, rest, rest … her eyes closed.

– How is she? – Zhao Man Yan, Nan Jue, Jiang Shaosuy, Mu Well Jiao and the rest surrounded them.

“I myself don’t really know,” Mo Fan, being not a magician of the healing element, also didn’t understand anything.

But, according to Azalea, it was clear that Mu Ning Xue, using a deadly ice bow, almost committed suicide.

“As for this … I’m afraid that even here we are powerless, we are talking about a mental wound that affects the source of life.” Magical objects are extremely rare in this world, which can contribute to the restoration of mental strength, which is on the verge of exhaustion, ”Han Ji said heavily, carefully examining the girl.

Neither Ban Lai nor Feng Li could help in any way ….

Mo Fan brought Mu Ning Xue so she could rest. Since the magic of healing is powerless here, let it at least not disturb her.

There were chants outside the window, and Mu Ning Xue dimly began to recover.

She opened her eyes and found herself lying on a familiar bed, and a familiar smell spreading around.

Outside the window, people’s voices were also heard that they were discussing her, they were excited by her determination, constantly pronouncing her name, admiring her magic.

Mu Ning Xue knew that she had not been unconscious for long, as salutes in honor of the victory of China were still being delivered.

– Woke up? – Mo Fan was sitting nearby, holding a pancake with filling in his hands. His mouth was glossy with oil.

– You are not celebrating? – Mu Ning Xue looked at him in surprise. This happens once in a lifetime, not more often.

– Yes, an ordinary ceremony, what difference does it make to go or not. And this certainly does not compare with eating Italian tortillas, which you eat and relax at the same time … ”Mo Fan leaned back in his chair.

“How can you eat this every day?” – Mu Ning Xue flashed her eyes.

– Tasty, do you want a piece? I can share, ”said Mo Fan.

– Your wounds are not serious? – Mu Ning Xue looked around the guy. She was really curious about where he got such good health. He was wounded, but this did not stop him from eating huge amounts of pizza and other dishes, while any other magician in his place would be in the infirmary under the supervision of several healing magicians.

“I am recovering very quickly, and Han Ji has treated me a little, and I feel much better.” You know me, I can neither sit nor lie in one place for a long time, well, only if you are not nearby. Here, eat a piece, believe me, it is really very tasty, ”said Mo Fan.

“You don’t use gloves when eating?”

“What is it, we’re husband and wife … okay, okay, I’ll give you another piece.”

Mu Ning Xue was very hungry, therefore she ate without even feeling any taste, she did this to fill her stomach.

“In the decisive battle, I definitely won’t be able to enter the arena,” said Mu Ning Xue.

This duel with Azalea deprived her of all strength, and now she was not even able to use ordinary bow of ice, even ordinary magic. Her head was still popping.

– Leave it to me. I’ll deal with these pathologists! – answered Mo Fan.

“You are also injured, can you recover until that moment?”

In a duel between the three countries, Mo Fan fought with Jail and also almost lost his life.

“I will rest for several days, and everything will be fine with me.” After all, I only have physical wounds, while you got a mental trauma, this may affect the level of your cultivation later, ”said Mo Fan.

– I do not want to lose.

– Good good. Leave it to me, I’ll figure it out myself, now I’ll be embarrassed myself if we don’t get first place, ”Mo Fan interrupted.

– Yeah! – Mu Ning Xue thought about how much the first and second places are different. She believed that if they succeeded in becoming champions, then her family would no longer be exposed to mention of Mu He’s actions, and her father, Mu Jo-yun, who literally erases a miserable existence lately, could live in peace.

– What are your plans then? – asked Mo Fan.

– Then? – stunned Mu Ning Xue.

But the truth is, the competition will end sooner or later, and she did not even decide what she would do next.

“I … I’m going to become completely independent of my clan,” said Mu Ning Xue, hesitating.

This thought continually popped into her head, she thought that it would be simply unrealistic to leave the Mu clan, that she would not be allowed to do so.

“A good idea, I can support you in this,” said Mo Fan.

Mo Fang likes unencumbered, free people, but Mu Ning Xue is still the offspring of a noble family, and now he believed that she really could go her own way. Well, the truth is, not all her life she endures the nit-picking of small people like Mu Tinyin or Nan Rongni.

Mo Fan’s scores with the Lu family have not yet been settled, he does not like all these clan and family squabbles, therefore, helping Mu Ning Xue to get rid of these shackles, he seemed to help himself.

“Upon returning to Shanghai, I will introduce you to my servant.” She holds in her hands large businessmen who may be useful to you, ”said Mo Fan.

– A servant ?! – Mu Ning Xue looked at Mo Fan.

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