Chapter 1134. The Power of the Parthenon


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“… she belongs to the bloodsuckers.” The bloodsuckers in Shanghai have a hidden influence. Those people with whom it is connected, you can rely on them. True, I do not quite understand how everything works in your layer of society, however, Liu Zhu told me many times that these people can help, but I am too lazy to communicate with them, ”said Mo Fan.

Liu Zhu now belongs to seniority among the bloodsuckers, and sometimes there are events in which magic court and other “groups of persons” are involved. The magical court really hoped that old Bao would get down to business, having sorted out the “gray cardinals” of the city, who were muddling their policies.

Old Man Bao approached the matter very simply: he nurtured and supported Liu Zhu in everything, helped her achieve strength and power that she could use at any opportunity, while being a defense for themselves.

The most important thing is to maintain a balance of “light and gray” forces in the city. The magical court and the government on which side do not look at these bloodsuckers, can not identify them neither to the human species, nor to the animal. The Holy Court also refused to deal with this, and in cases where it is necessary to establish control over sinister criminals, it turns out that there are really a lot of assistants like Liu Zhu!

Now Liu Zhu is the one who has become the link between the people and the gray forces of the city. Mo Fan did not remember her for a long time, but when it came to Mu Ning Xue, for some reason he thought that it was a vampire who could help.

Mu Ning Xue fell asleep, and Mo Fan, as before, remained in her room.

As he pondered the future with Mu Ning Xue, Mo Fan was constantly thinking about how to get in closer contact with her when it was already possible to dissolve his hands? Mo Fan, of course, will not miss this opportunity!

Now, while in Venice, he tirelessly thought about the upcoming fight with Egypt.

The Egyptians were able to defeat countries such as Greece and England, not only due to the surging luck, but also with the help of their undead, which are really very powerful and are not limited quantitatively.

Mo Fan was also very surprised at the sudden transformation of Egypt into a powerful magical empire, because the element of necromancy was always their main element, but for some reason right now they began to gain the upper hand in the international arena.

– Mo Fan.

In his thoughts, he suddenly heard someone from the back street pronouncing his name. Mo Fan turned around and saw a girl standing there with a black veil on her face. Against the background of a dilapidated street and local walls, her sophisticated look stood out even more, once again saying that she was clearly not from these places.

Mo Fan, looking at her, said with a grin: “And how much does one night cost?”

“How much do you agree to pay?” – answered the question Azalea.

– You’re so beautiful! Ready to give everything I have! – said Mo Fan.

– Scoundrel! – Azalea looked at him with angry eyes.

“Why were you looking for me?” Why does it always seem to me that you purposely hang around me? Of course, I understand that it’s very charismatic, and my charm is like a desired poison for many girls, which can drive me crazy, but I’m also sure that your self-control noticeably exceeds the level of self-control of ordinary girls, ”said Mo Fan.

“Tomorrow early in the morning I fly back to Greece, and then I suddenly remembered about one person, so I came to ask you about what connects you with her,” Azalea pointed to one of the bars, which still had a light on, inviting Mo Fan continue the conversation there.

“You are leaving tomorrow morning … that means we must take good advantage of the remaining time in order to be in time well …”

– What are you talking about!

– To have a good talk.

Azaleas was too lazy to arrange a showdown with Mo Fan, so she silently entered the institution.

She navigated quite well here, ordering fruit wine with one nod of her head, while Mo Fan asked for a sprite. His face expressed bewilderment: “Do you want to ask about Mu Ning Xue? To find out about her murderous bow, what made you lose? ”

– What makes you think that I lost? Azalea asked with a grin.

“You yourself admitted defeat, isn’t that considered a loss?” – said Mo Fan.

“The outcome of the battle was difficult to determine, but from the very beginning I realized that such powerful magic had no place in the arena, so at the very last moment I decided to give up. Yes, still, where did you get that I wanted to ask specifically about Mu Ning Xue? – said Azalea.

– Am I really wrong? – asked Mo Fan.

Looking at the expression on Azalea’s face, Mo Fan said with a grin: “Then who did you want to ask?”

– About a girl who, like me, claims to be the Parthenon fairy. You yourself said that she is your youngest wife? Said Azalea.

“Ah, so you’re talking about Xin Xia.” I already forgot that you are colleagues in the shop, ”said Mo Fan.

– Colleagues?! Is it really impossible to choose a more harmonious word? – Azalea, as usual, sparkled with her own eyes.

“Why are you interested in her?” – could not resist Mo Fan.

– Yes, nothing special, I just wanted to find a topic to chat with you. She is very interesting to me, just as you are interesting, I couldn’t even think that you would turn out to be a brother and sister from the same family, ”Azalea dodged.

– This is called the “bride who has been brought up since childhood in the house of the future husband,” – Mo Fan further fueled the curiosity of the girl.

– Well. Tell me then what you had before, I am very interested. When I was little, the adoptive father often told me stories about childish immediacy, ”said Azalea.

It was unclear to Mo Fan why she asked him about this when, with her sly nature, she could conduct an entire investigation on this subject. Nevertheless, he began his story with a tragedy in the city of Bo.

He told, she listened, and did this with exceptional sincerity and interest on her face.

After some time, she asked: “So you did not live together?”

– We did not live together for long, my father and I were uncomfortable taking care of her together. When she was in high school, she lived with our aunt nearby, at the senior level of high school I already lived in a hostel and began to practice magic, so we saw her only once a week, still called up on the phone ….

“I would never have thought that you yourself became such an excellent magician who could still make such a huge journey from a small town to Venice.” Perhaps, in your case, the taste of success is felt even more vividly? – admired Azalea.

– Since when did you shut up the reporter? “Mo Fan felt that there was something wrong anyway – I already told you a lot of things, now it’s your turn to tell me about the situation, aspirations and hopes of the candidate for the role of the main Parthenon fairy!”

Hearing these words of Mo Fan, Azalea, not embarrassed at all, said: “I do not think that there is anything special in me. I am just an orphan who was raised by an extraordinary person who gave me everything – name, position in society. Even after he died, I still remained the daughter of a great man. ”

– Who are you speaking about? – asked Mo Fan.

– Wentai. Probably the most outstanding Parthenon sage in the last hundred years, ”said Azalea.

“Ah, so it is he,” Mo Fanya seemed to dawn.

Mo Fan heard about this man whose personality was rather controversial. Everything that he did, went down in history, received universal recognition and veneration. However, Mo Fan found that a lot of information related to Wentai was not disclosed, even the cause of his death was not really known, as if a ban had been imposed on this data.

“He must have been a very sensitive person,” concluded Mo Fan.

“Yes, his name is widely known outside the country, he made an invaluable contribution to the development of the Parthenon, but could not eventually overcome envy,” Azalea said, taking a heavy sip.

“Is the cause of his death a fraud?” – surprised Mo Fan.

Azalea nodded negatively.

“If not because of betrayal, then why is it that you have such a sad look?” He was already a man of advanced age, and going to the grave in his situation was natural, as I understand it, ”said Mo Fan.

“He made a noble sacrifice,” Azalea answered with some severity in her voice.

Mo Fan pursed his lips, for a while he did not even know what to say.

“Why, what I was saying sounded so easy and relaxed, while your story is kind of gloomy and sad.” These are all things of the past days, besides, I also have something I want to ask you about. ”Mo Fan abruptly began to change the subject of the conversation.

“What do you want to ask?”

“Parthenon … what kind of power does he ultimately possess?” – asked Mo Fan.

Azalea was numb, she could not imagine that he would ask such a question.

– Why are you asking?

“I’m very curious to know how strong an organization must be to have such an impact around the world,” said Mo Fan.

– The Parthenon monastery is located on a mountain and consists of four temples: the temple of the fairies, the temple of the knights, the temple of faith and the temple of decisions. Of all four temples, the most important is the fairy temple, the temple of the knights serves to protect and protect the fairy and her chambers, the temple of faith is called to serve the faithful, and the temple of decisions sets the rules and imposes sentences.

– The most important is the fairy temple, then the temple of the knights follows the hierarchy, the temple of decisions is located lower on the mountainside, and at the very foot of the mountain is the temple of faith. Having served in the temple, magicians of faith, having reached an average level, become able to change the number of parishioners. The scope of their capabilities is really impressive: their strength is not inferior to the ten thousandth army of mid-level magicians.

At that moment, Azalea smiled slightly: “And if you and I both find ourselves in the temple of faith, I just have to scream about the harassment on your part, as you will be instantly destroyed by the power equal to the strength of a ten-thousand-strong army of middle-level magicians. They’ll just tear you to pieces, and since these people are driven by faith, not military salaries, they are superior to the military in their mood. ”

Mo Fang’s jaw dropped: “But what about the temple of decisions?”

“The magicians of solutions work there, about a thousand magicians in total, and their cultivation level is higher than high.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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