Chapter 1135. Crimson Mummies


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– In the temple of the knights there are a total of 365 knight-defenders who guard the trainees, servants, servants, abbesses, senior abbesses, accompanying them on the way. During such trips, the powers of the knights also improve, however, the number of such knights-defenders is maintained at 200, and all of them are selected magic talents. The Temple of the Knights reserves the right to select knights-defenders, however, the forces of each of the knights are not inferior to the magic of trained magicians from the eight strongest countries in the world, said Azalea.

“It seems that the number of your high-level magicians is slightly exaggerated …” exhaled Mo Fan.

In the country, a high-level mage already occupies a special place of honor in society, such as, for example, in the southern town of Bo. As for the Parthenon, in only one temple of decisions there are a thousand magicians, whose cultivation level is not lower than high, and as for the temple of the knights, their cultivation level is also high, but causing special admiration and reverence!

As a result, it turns out that the strength of one monastery, spread on one mountain, is in fact equal to the power of a small state.

“Training is training, but it turns out that in this society of powerful magicians a dime a dozen,” exhaled Mo Fan.

– Of course, if you compare you with the Parthenon, then you are simply insignificant. But you should know that now you are considered the strongest in these competitions, therefore there will be no person who dares to cause you problems, ”said Azalea.

Mo Fan negatively waved his head: how is it that no one wants to cause him problems? There are such people, and there are a lot of them. He has done so much trouble that now he needs support.

“When you fight with the Egyptians, be extremely careful, their magic of necromancy does not entirely belong to them,” Azalea changed the subject.

– What do you know? – Mo Fan frowned.

– I think that they received some ancient secret power in the pyramid, which is not prohibited.

– A force that does not belong to them completely …. Okay, I understand, I have to do my best.

A few days later, finally began the ceremony of the start of the last decisive match.

To give a special grandeur to this battle, the organizers decided to hold a duel on a small island that is surrounded on all sides by sea water. The site itself was surrounded by a holy wall as a defense.

The audience was located on four large vessels that were in different directions from the island, so that the audience could better see what is happening on the island.

Egyptian magicians stood on the podium in the middle of the island. They have already managed to become the most talked about team of the competition, which reached unimaginable heights thanks to its undead.

The element of necromancy is considered a rare form of magic. After his invention, a lot of controversy was waged over him, and for a very long period in history this element remained under the ban that the Holy Court imposed on him.

Now, this kind of magic just sparkles in the rays of glory.

– It turns out to be very interesting, because Egypt and China are the two largest countries in which the magic of necromancy is found most of all. Take, for example, the tragedy in the ancient capital of Xi’an, then the undead almost wiped one of the most beautiful cities from the face of the Earth, and the carrion from the pyramids are also not holy, from time to time they also create some kind of critical situation ….

“And you are rightly saying that Chinese Xi’an is a huge grave for many thousands of undead.” And although in China they practically do not teach the element of necromancy, Egypt, on the contrary, is trying to make its chip out of it!

Egypt and China are the two largest ghost countries in the world … who could have known that these two teams will meet in the decisive match of the world competitions.

“It is not clear how the Egyptians control their countless corpses?” – asked Jiang Yu.

– Yes, you have to fight them and that’s it, just a bunch of weed corpses! – Kuan Yu already showed every impatience before the battle with the Egyptians.

This time, it was decided to release Mo Fanya, Jiang Yuya, Mu Well Jiao, Guan Yuya and Zhao Man Yan to fight with Egypt.

After the battle of the three states, China’s forces noticeably weakened: Nan Jue, Ai Jiang Tu, Mu Ning Xue, Mu Tinyin have not yet fully recovered. Egypt did not observe such a situation, it seemed that they were in their best shape.

“Jiaojiao, is your third element ice?” – Mo Fan specifically asked.

“Yeah,” Mu Nu Jiao nodded her head.

The elements cultivated by Mu Nu Jiao have something in common with the magic of Mu Ning Xue. The main element of Mu Nu Jiao is plants, the secondary element is wind, and the auxiliary element is ice. Logically, Mu Nu Jiao cannot be far behind Zu Jimin in his power, but the undoubted advantage is that each of its elements is very effective in the fight against the undead.

– If there was Mu Ning Xue, then it would be generally super. Undead is most afraid of ice, ”Jiang Yu said.

“And it is true that if she released her icy sphere, all of these ghouls would freeze at once.”

Everyone participated in the mission to destroy the mirage, and then Mu Ning Xue literally froze a whole army of undead with her ice sphere.

“Although my ice magic cannot compare with the ice magic of Mu Ning Xue, it’s not difficult to freeze some small undead, and, together with my plant magic, the effect can be even more pronounced,” said Mu Nu Jiao.

– Yes, we hope for you! – said Mo Fan.

Most of all the undead are afraid of ice, therefore Mu Nu Jiao with his elements of plants, wind and ice was the main support of the team in this battle.

The Mu family (according to the hieroglyphics of Mu from Mu Nu Jiao, in the names of Mu Ning Xue and Mu Nu Jiao, the first hieroglyphs are different, which indicates that the girls belong to different clans) is one of the four most influential families in Shanghai. Having learned that Mu Nu Jiao will participate in the decisive battle with the Egyptians, now all members of her family prayed that she could glorify their family in this arena!

Mu Nu Jiao reacted with all responsibility and dignity to this battle.

“When attacking the undead, the most important thing is to destroy the corpse crystal of the undead.” In different carrots, cadaveric crystals are located in different parts of the body, ”Mo Fan warned the team members.

Mo Fan was very experienced in opposing the undead, and he firmly believed that England and Greece could not overcome Egypt only because of their inexperience in opposing their dead creatures.

Everyone nodded their agreement, agreeing with what Mo Fan said.

– Participants get ready! – the voice of the chief judge was heard.

Excitement was read on the faces of the participants entering the arena.

– Get started!

After the voice of the chief judge sounded, the Egyptians, cooperating, immediately began to pronounce their curses.

Gray constellations surrounded the magicians, virtually instantly folding into systems, and then into star clouds. Everything spoke of the danger posed by this magic!

– Wake up, warriors!

Miaosi bit her hand’s finger and dripped the blood that appeared on the black ground.

Blood drop by drop irrigated the earth, staining it red ….

All the vegetation on the surface of the earth began to fall down.

The earth stirred and went in waves!

* Scream

* Scream

Heart-rending screams began to come from the earth, and the undead in red and black bandages began to appear in the arena one after another. The dead were surrounded by a bloody aura, their eyes burned with a green glow, and with their poisonous gaze they looked at living opponents!

Each of the five magicians of the Egyptian team called about 20-30 corpses, which is why, as if by magic, there were immediately about a hundred mummies, their dead breath literally flooded the entire territory of the island.

“These are crimson mummies,” Mo Fan said softly.

That night, Azalea, having forgotten about the previous troubles, told Mo Fan about what kind of carrion could Egyptian magicians call.

The dark red mummy is exactly the kind of undead that the Egyptians can call in the greatest quantity, one drop of blood is enough to call 20-30 of such creatures.

– The cadaveric crystal of the crimson mummy is located on the back of the head, so Guan Yu, you can aim there without any problems! – said Mo Fan.

– I’ll try.

Guan Yu literally in an instant was behind one of the mummies, and while she managed to turn around, the magician pierced her head with his chain claws!

There was no blood or brain fluid – the mummy simply fell, her body decomposed, and nothing remained of it.

“So the truth is on the back of my head, about ten centimeters.” Their skull is solid enough, and if it weren’t for my claws, I wouldn’t have done it, ”said Guan Yu, quickly returning to the team.

– They are attacking! Cried Mu Nu Jiao.

“You must not let them divide us!”

– First, I will arrange them a barrier! – Zhao Man Yan waved his hands, and folds began to arise from the earth that formed the ridge.

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