Chapter 1136 — The Ghost — Priest


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– sprout!

Mu Nu Jiao rolled up her sleeves, countless green seeds flew towards Zhao Man Yan.

At that moment, monster trees began to sprout from the ground, with branches and leaves sharp as blades. It did not take a tree with wedge-shaped leaves for several seconds to grow to a height of 5-6 meters!

– Dance of the leaves!

Mu Nu Jiao controlled the arrangement of trees with wedge-shaped leaves. Those leaves that looked like sharp blades flew in the frantic dance in the direction of the wave.

The blades of these leaves were strange, they could easily tear apart the shrouds of mummies, as well as their iron muscles. All these dark red mummies were torn to pieces in no time …

Green wedge-shaped leaves were immediately painted in red. More than 20 dark red mummies were destroyed.

“I’ll squeeze them now, and you kill as much as you can!” Shouted Zhao Man Yan Mo Fanyu.

– Good!

Zhao Man Yan squinted and saw about 70-80 dark red mummies fluttering on a mountain barrier. At that moment he hit with both hands on the ground.

A strong shock wave swept through the ground and struck directly into the mountain barrier. Four mountain screens rose, sealing inside all these mummies, as if it were a mountain prison!

The mummies, releasing their claws, began to climb, but then a fiery, falling fist appeared and crushed them so that the pieces flew in different directions.

* Bam! Bam! Bam!

Even more fists of fire fell to the ground, forming a “bombing” with a complete defeat. The dark red mummies were pulverized by this force …

Wickedness with broken bodies could still move – heads, arms, legs, torsos were burned with furious fire. After the rain, not one mummy survived from fists flavored with fire!

– Wow! – a smile appeared on Mu Nu Jiao’s face.

The destructive magic of Mo Fan was oppressive. Elements of wind and plants destroyed only 10-20 mummies, but the fist of the heavenly flame could completely defeat the evil spirits!


After the smoke of battles cleared, calm was visible on the faces of the mages. They did not think that the dark red mummies would be so strong, they had to make a lot of efforts to deal with them!

But after the dust settled, eyes appeared, glowing with a green light, like stars. Mummies began to appear again, smiles from the faces of Chinese magicians immediately disappeared!

– your mother! Is it true? – Zhao Man Yan switched to mats.

As soon as they figured out the first batch of dark red mummies, as the Egyptian magicians called for a new wave of evil spirits. This time the number of dark red mummies was much larger, about 200.

But among these mummies there was one strong physique, which towered above the others, like a three-story house. The hands of this creature turned into two axes. He was truly fierce!

– This is a mummy – an ax, it will be difficult to deal with this guy! – said Mo Fan.

“You eliminate the babies, and I will take care of that big head!” – shouted Jiang Yu.


* AAAAaaaaaa !!!

About 200 dark red mummies flew in, they were brutally hungry. If the assistant judge does not arrive in time, then the competitors can be brutally torn by this evil spirits!

“Stone General, destroy them!” – called on Jiang Yu.

A stone general appeared, his feet treading heavily on the ground, simultaneously crushing crimson mummies, which he did not notice.

The speed of the mummies was pretty fast. Having discovered that an obstacle appeared in the form of a stone creature, the mummies turned into rabid dogs.

A dozen dark red mummies hung on the body of the stone general. The claws and teeth of these mummies were surprisingly sharp. They tore the general’s solid stone body.

– Stone spikes! – commanded Jiang Yu.

The stone general yelled, long sharp spikes appeared from his body, which immediately pierced the mummies hanging on them, blood flowed like a river.

These strung mummies were still alive. Not knowing what pain was, they continued to glare at the general. He discovered something was amiss, shook his whole body, and threw off all this impending evil spirits.

– Rather, use the spheres of ice and plants! – shouted Mo Fan Mu Nu Jiao.

– Okay!

Mu Nu Jiao knew that in this positional battle it was necessary to maintain a safe territory.

– Your mother, in these world competitions you do not fight, but defend! – cursed Zhao Man Yan.

The evil spirited without stopping. If their command line breaks up, there will no longer be the opportunity to build a defense. Yes, even if you continue to defend yourself, evil will still roll wave after wave. And sooner or later magicians will be defeated. It is impossible not to say that this tactic of the Egyptian team was dishonest, so the competition loses its real taste!

“I’ll figure out how to destroy them!” – said Mo Fan.

– Mo Fan, the fucking Egyptians will call them again … Fucking … Why is there so much evil on such a small piece of land ?! – swore Jiang Yu.

– Evil does not live in the earth, they only obey the magic of summoning and appear here upon summoning from their habitats.

The Egyptians used magic after magic. And countless evil spirits crawled out of the earth. The numbers really impressed them. The magicians had not yet had time to deal with the previous batch, when they again saw that a huge pile of dark red mummies stirred. From this sight became bad!

“Jiang Yu, call on your savvy beasts, you need to quickly get rid of that batch of mummies,” said Mo Fan.

– Okay!

Jiang Yu began to create a starry cloud of summoning magic, a door appeared from which a herd of animals with horseshoes ran out. These animals were much stronger than mummies. Having flown, they began stomping mummies, turning them into pieces of meat!

It is a pity that the magic of summoning has a limited time. Having trodden the mummies, the savvy animals soon disappeared. And to call them again, it was necessary to create a star cloud again.

But the magical energy of Jiang Yu was not unlimited. On the contrary, the evil of Egypt was inexhaustible. One party of mummies recently died here, another immediately flew in, which was accompanied by two mummies – an ax!

– Your mother! Again about 200 pieces! – Jiang Yu could not restrain himself and began to curse. It was not easy for him to deal with the big-headed, as a result, another 200 mummies appeared on the battlefield.

– Cover me, and I’ll see if it is possible to somehow take the Egyptians by surprise! – whispered Mo Fan.

“First I will blind the mummies!” – said Zhao Man Yan.

Having said these words, Zhao Man Yan looks at him as a mentally retarded. At first the guy could not understand what stupidity he froze, but when he understood it, he felt embarrassed: “Haha, I forgot that you are a shadow element mage. I will immediately betray you with my light! Go! ”

Mo Fan threw on his body a mantle of shadow, and disappeared into the air. If you only concentrate well, you could see that, as if the shadow of a swallow swept through space – completely silent.

A new batch of mummies was advancing again, stone general Jiang Yu was no longer a serious obstacle. They, like waves, surged on both sides of the general. Mu Nu Jiao, unable to stand it, used the plant element trap, locking these dark red mummies in dense thickets.

Mo Fan crossed this stretch of land where a chaotic battle took place, getting closer to the magicians of the Egyptian team, who gathered in one place.

If they did not take any precautions, then Mo Fan would send an ashen claw of lightning to them, but he did not believe that they had no protection.

Approaching the Egyptian team, Mo Fan did not dare to come close. He closely watched their magic and found that they were masters of invoking evil spirits, but at the same time did not violate the rules of the competition and did not use forbidden magic. Only they constantly performed a strange ritual – they irrigated the earth with blood.

“Why is their summoning magic endless?” – Mo Fan was surprised to himself.

If they continue to use their inexhaustible magic of summoning, then they will not be equal in this skill. As soon as blood dripped, a whole crowd of evil spirits appeared. Very comfortably. In addition, doctors say that bloodletting is good for your health!

“What kind of spell is this?” – Mo Fan took a closer look and saw that as soon as the blood reached the ground, the words of some spell began to soar in the air, and then disappeared.

If you understand this spell, then you can stop at the root of their endless invocation magic!

Mo Fan zealously sought a clue, but soon felt a chill behind him. The claws of a white ghost ran down his neck with great force!

Mo Fan was scared, trying to escape from there.

Turning around, he saw that some devil was rushing not far from the place where he was. This ghost had no legs, but there were long, dry claws half a meter long. The sight was terrible!

“Mo Fan, I knew you were coming!” Therefore, she specially prepared for you a ghost – a priest, so that you have fun. After all, your destruction magic is strong enough, let’s see if you can deal with my ghost or not? – Miaosa’s voice was heard in the air, a mockery was heard in her voice.

– A ghost? – Mo Fan had a fairly powerful mental strength, but he did not even feel that this ghost was behind him. This creature had no body, only long white clothes to the floor, it really was a ghost!

Uncleanliness is divided into several types, the most frequently encountered are corpses, then there are skeletons, then demons and only then ghosts.

Demons are somewhere between the corpses and the ghosts. They have bodies, but they can leave them.

The ghosts had no body at all. It was the most intractable creature in the whole world. Since they had immunity to any magic except magic of light!

There is no body, the magic of destruction will not affect them. It feels like Miaosi called a ghost – a priest especially for Mo Fan!

“And you, I see, your head broke over how to defeat me,” Mo Fan was in no hurry, laughing casually.

– Your destruction magic is very powerful, if you do not deal with it, then how to win the competition? – answered Miaosi.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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