Chapter 1137. Killing faster than drafting


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Mo Fan was in no hurry to attack the Egyptians with the ghost of a priest behind him. As soon as he begins to use the magic of destruction, how the hell in the blink of an eye will be with his claws near the neck of Mo Fan.

He again heard Miaosa’s stinging voice:

– The true meaning of magic is in its harmony, in the combination and opposition of its elements. Your skills are high, but they also have a right!

Her words clearly felt contempt for the destructive magic of Mo Fan.

“Do you seriously think that anybody can just scatter back and forth in front of me?” This ghost is like a little child to me, ”Mo Fan grinned.

– Well then, do not run away, – Miaosi perfectly understood all the stress of Mo Fan.

The nature of ghosts is such that, in addition to the magic of light, the rest of the elements are absolutely ineffective against it. They prepared this present especially for Mo Fan!

Mo Fan decided to retreat and went into the forest. Thickets were so tall and dense that upon entering there, a person seemed to dissolve. When Mo Fan retreated, his eyes shone and dozens of spikes of shadow rushed to the ghost!

Spikes of shadow blocked the ghost and the ghost could no longer move. But Miaosa did not even pay attention to it. What is the use of this? The magic of Mo Fan is still unable to harm this creature.

– The control!

The glow from the eyes of Mo Fan became silver. The power of thought formed a powerful stream of spatial energy that hit a ghost!

The ghost did not have a physical body. But his essence immediately dissipated in a collision with spatial force.

The mental strengths of Mo Fan have already reached medium boundaries, so the waves formed by the power of thought were equal in strength to high-level magic. The ghost of the priest could not stand such an attack and immediately disappeared!

Seeing that Mo Fan so easily coped with her ghost, Miaosi turned pale as a canvas.

“Miaos, was this your way of resisting Mo Fan?” – Said did not miss to insert his word.

– Shut your mouth!

– His space magic is also very strong! We have to be careful.

Miaosi was not about to give up and again called on several ghosts of the priests.

“Miaos, don’t do that.” You only waste the source of the pharaoh for nothing. For the place of one ghost of a priest, you can call two hundred red mummies!

– Leave me alone. I have to sew this moron! – from the mere thought of Mo Fan, Miaosa began to gnash her teeth. She remembered how he mocked her on the tour resource and left her with his pants down! She must take revenge.

Three ghosts of a priest appeared immediately before Miaos.

Feeling the breath of the underworld, Mo Fan again retreated into the forest, slowly undoing the ghosts.

“How many of these creatures will you call, so much will I destroy!” – Mo Fan specifically provoked Miaosa, trying to make her even more angry.

The ghost rushed forward to Mo Fan and, on the move, was thrown down by an order of peace!

The mental order of rest can be carried out only after reaching the middle borders. Ai Jiang Tu could apply this against a huge number of rivals. Now Mo Fan learned this. Despite the fact that the ghost was approaching at a tremendous speed, as soon as Mo Fan waved his hand and sent a rest order, the creature could no longer move!

* tsssssss

The ghost let out a snake hiss, trying to break free from the shackles of Mo Fan. The magician’s gaze became focused and sharp, the power of thought formed a sword, piercing a ghost.

“Don’t think my shadow magic is useless.” Swords of Shadow!

Mo Fan applied the power of night, thereby strengthening the swords of the shadow. Black shadow swords appeared in front of two other ghosts and pierced their bodies. Abundant dark energy penetrated their essence, corroding and destroying their souls!

Just like that, waving his arms, Mo Fan cracked down on the ghosts of the priests, continuing to smile at Miaosa.

– Soon you will not be smiling! – the girl said coldly.

“I told you, not many can fight me,” Mo Fan answered.

– Sword mummy! – at these words, a few drops of Miaos’s blood fell to the ground and spell words began to appear under her feet. Then, as if the gates of demons appeared!

Three sword-shaped mummies slowly appeared at the gate. They were so huge that it seemed a small arena could not stand their heavy steps. The black swords in their hands were even more terrifying; there was nothing that they could not destroy!

Sword-like mummies moved rather slowly, but their swords had tremendous crushing power. By order of Miaosa, all three mummies swung their giant swords at Mo Fan. The dark breath of the swords was so strong that the shock wave could easily destroy an entire street of houses!

– Oh, what a trash!

Mo Fan was still calm, and his eyes were full of determination.

It was felt that powerful magic waves emanated from Mo Fan. It is not clear why, but the three sword-bearers could not lower their swords!

– Destroy it !! – Miaos yelled angrily.

Mummies did their best. They brought swords again, but the result was the same. At the very last moment, when they were ready to tear down Mo Fan’s head, the black swords suddenly stopped, and the black aura dissipated!

– Sword mummies … ah, I remembered! This is just a bunch of meat!

It was as if Mo Fan did not form the constellations at all, but the future flame was already burning in his hand.

Mo Fan hit the ground with a fire fist, and a fiery dragon appeared in the lava flows from under the ground! Faced with a clumsy mummy, he threw it high into the sky!

* bam !!!

A bolt of lightning tore the mummy apart in the air, from which bloody rain fell on the ground!

Mo Fan already fought with the mummies and this did not cause him much difficulty. Since then, his skills have become even better, and he has dealt with them in two counts!

The three sword-bearing mummies did not even have a chance to attack. One mummy was torn by a lightning strike, the second turned into a cutlet from spatial squeezing, and the third was destroyed on the spot by a thunder and lightning strike!

– That’s not all! Miaos again called on the undead.

Mo Fan was not going to be a fool just to stand and look at it.

Applying the absorption of the shadow, Mo Fan prevented the enemy from invoking the undead. Spikes of shadow firmly blocked the enemy, while suppressing his mental strength.

But catching Miaos was not so simple. Dodging the attack, she quickly disappeared behind a crowd of bright mummies and gave them orders to attack Mo Fan.

Spikes of shadow did not reach Miaosa, but fortunately fumbled in red mummies, turning them into a group of exhibits. They stood in one place without the ability to move.

– Die!

Mo Fan again applied spatial compression. A diamond-shaped silver glow fell on the mummies. The surface of the earth immediately became lower, and the bloody remains of mummies were literally mixed with soil!

– Again!

Miaosi did not feel a single drop of pity for the mummies. She again called on a group of mummies, but this time their number was close to a hundred.

– The sea of fire!

Burial with a heavenly flame descended from heaven to earth, turning this section of the arena into a continuous sea of fire. Brainless mummies did not even pay attention to this, and still rushed forward straight into the thick. Mummies turned to ashes, not having time to get to Mo Fan.

– Yet! Yet!!

Miaosi nonstop invoked the undead. This time, among the hundreds of red mummies, one ax mummy appeared. She was physically one-on-one like a sword-like mummy, but she was not so slow and much stronger!

– Let’s! They will die anyway! – from one blow of destructive magic Mo Fan immediately disappeared about a hundred creatures.

This time, Mo Fan applied the ashen claw of lightning. Two hundred red mummies and even that ax mummy died at once from such an attack!

Soon all the land in front of Mo Fan was littered with corpses. For viewers not practicing magic, it was too sickening sight! It is good that such people mostly sat in the farthest places, and from there these remains looked like just a colorful spot.

– Miaos, take a break for now. I will deal with it, we will come closer to Shizhuyf.

– Let `s together! – answered the girl.

Miaosa’s summoning speed was up to par. In a short moment, about five hundred mummies appeared before Mo Fan! But all of them were just as quickly destroyed by Mo Fan, not having had time to take one breath. Miaosi quickly called upon the undead, but Mo Fan killed more quickly.

If Miaosi does not stop Mo Fan, then the five of them will suffer greatly. He entered their camp and made a fuss, this could significantly affect their strategy of wave attacks!

– Good. He’s definitely not so fast, waves of mummies will sooner or later swallow him, – Shizhuifu agreed to attack Mo Fan together with Miaosa.

Three more remained at the front, and this is enough for the attacks of the Chinese team. Now the most important thing is to deal with Mo Fan!


Mo Fan slowly moved forward. The waves of the undead came one after another, but Mo Fan killed them faster, so he could get closer to Miaos.

He just needs to approach a certain distance, and then he will immediately eliminate it.

– Really endless.

After taking a few steps forward, Mo Fan felt that the ground under his feet was bubbling. Red mummies began to climb out of the ground like worms in search of food. The undead climbed out in different places around Mo Fan and took him in an environment.

Mages are most afraid of the environment and such a dangerous proximity to their bodies. Mo Fan was sure that the Greeks did just that with the British.

But Mo Fan himself at one time cut a bloody road from the land of ghosts in the ancient capital. He had great experience in this matter, so he did not even pay attention to the environment!

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