Chapter 1138. Veteran of hostilities!


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We never believed in inexhaustible phenomena!

For example, the gates of chaos Jale. Did he not consider them invincible, but in the end they were destroyed by the ashen claw of lightning?

The Nazca monsters also seemed endless, but turned out to be just an illusion.

Also, the evil spirits of the Egyptians are not infinite at all. Just the British did not show sufficient willpower!

Even with the addition of Shizhuifu, Mo Fan still quickly killed the evil spirits. He had vast experience in this matter and had absolutely no fear of the dead. He knew very well how to deal with them, which magic would destroy them the fastest, and which magic would hold them back best.

Mo Fan confidently possessed basic magical skills. Entry-level magic appeared just by the wave of his hand. In the thick crowd of the dead, the effectiveness of magic was not at all dependent on its level. Because the magician surrounded on all sides had only a split second to defend and attack. If you do not have time to create a constellation, then you will only waste your time and energy.

Therefore, the magic of elementary and intermediate levels fit perfectly.

– Seal of Lightning!

An electric arc like a whip went through all the red mummies in the environment, paralyzing their bodies and obstructing any movement.

After he took possession of the Tirana thunderstorm, the power of the initial level of Mo Fan magic was equal in strength to that of the average level of ordinary magicians. He could at any moment apply the seal of lightning, while spending an insignificant amount of energy. This did not kill the mummies, but had a wonderful deterrent effect. In addition, if you apply several seals of lightning in a row, then scattering back and forth electric discharges caused great damage to all the mummies in the area!

– Burning fist!

Feeling that another crypt appeared in the soil, Mo Fan immediately destroyed it with the blow of a blazing fist!

If Mo Fan hesitated, then a few dozen red mummies would surely have appeared from the earth. And so he destroyed them all with one blow!

* eaaaaaaa! eeeaaaa !!

The mobility of the crimson mummies was astounding. Opponents called another crowd of mummies, some of which rushed furiously forward, some jumped high into the sky, and some burst underground. They used all means to get to Mo Fan!

– Control – retreat!

The body of Mo Fan was shrouded in silver glow, and a spatial wave sharply hit all the mummies around, dropping them in different directions. Falling to the ground, they crushed many of their associates!

“A burst of flame — a thousand feathers of fire!”

The fire turned into many separate fiery flashes that, like feathers, scattered in different directions, and when they collided with mummies, they immediately exploded!

Hundreds of explosions immediately began to sound around Mo Fan. It was like fireworks, only full of destructive breathing.

Recently, Mo Fan practiced entry-level fire magic and was able to combine the blast wave with the fiery feathers of a heterosexual. Now the power of the blast wave has doubled!

Initially, the blast wave of Mo Fan was at the fourth stage and already possessed a fairly powerful force. But connecting with the fiery feathers, this technique began to look as if a thousand magicians simultaneously released the magic of entry-level fire. In the battle against high-level magicians, this technique lacks strength and destructiveness. But in the fight against a large number of undead, it is incredibly effective!

The explosive power is enough to damage the body of the mummy, and with such frequent explosions, they are attacked many times and many of them die!


“This guy’s fighting ability is amazing!” He manages to kill all our evil! – Shizhuifu was dumbfounded in surprise, staring at Mo Fan.

For Miaosa, this was also a surprise. This guy is not a student, but just a killing machine! He was surrounded by so many dead men, and he destroyed them all!

“He uses only elementary and intermediate level magic, and is still full of energy.”

– We call for more! We must not let him get close! – It was a pity to look at Miaos.

“But … we already used too much from the source of the pharaoh.”

“We will no longer call on the undead, against this guy it is useless.” He clearly participated in the hostilities and understands that it is necessary to save energy. The British and Greeks did exactly the opposite. They used high-level magic in the hope of destroying everyone at once, ”said the Egyptian Nafil.

“Then we will call for a stronger undead.” Shizhuyfu, cover, – Miaosi nodded.

It took a longer time to summon strong undead, and Miaosi wanted the guy to detain Mo Fan.

– I AM? I can not. This guy mowed my undead like grass. As we managed to face such a strong opponent, defeating England and Greece was much easier …

“Who would have thought that he would give us so much trouble.”


On the other side, Mu Nu Jiao, Zhao Man Yan, Jiang Yu and Guan Yu continued to stubbornly defend their positions. With great difficulty, they made a breach in the crowd of undead, wanting to check whether the Egyptians continue the call.

But instead, they saw a mountain of undead remains.

– Mo Fan! – exclaimed stunned Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan is amazing as always. He alone killed more undead than the four! Moreover, he was in such a dangerous environment without any protection.

– How does he like to show off !! – Guan Yu stood with a displeased look. Since when do the forces of Mo Fan have no end and edge?

“That’s exactly what I think we feel better here.” Still, he was able to break through in the ancient capital!

– Right! I forgot. He went through a catastrophe in Xi’an, and this was the most merciless war with the undead. No wonder he’s cracking down on her so fast!

In a team with Mo Fan, the four of them were much easier and calmer! The teams of England and Greece ran out very quickly, in the end they were so exhausted that they could not even apply entry-level magic. But Mo Fan warned them in advance that only magic of the initial and intermediate levels should be used, so their energy losses were very insignificant!


Most students did not have real experience in participating in hostilities. Even the battles during international internships were not so dangerous.

But Mo Fan several times fell into places of disaster, and was many times surrounded by various monsters. Even former military Ai Jiang Tu did not have such a wealth of experience. A desperate desire to survive appears only in critically difficult situations, when you find yourself in the middle of a sea of monsters without any hope. This is not to experience in competitions and internships!

The call tactics of the Egyptian team have been tested many times in the case, but failed in the battle with Mo Fan!


“Still want to call?” – Mo Fan smiled dangerously, not taking his eyes off Shizhuyfu.

Shizhuyfu was beside himself with fear. He really was afraid that the distraught Mo Fan, dealing with the crowds of the undead, would kill them at the same time. When it came to the massacres, Mo Fan seemed to be transformed, and became like a demon!

“I … I will leave myself,” mumbled the guy with a sour expression on his face. He could not have thought that he would be the first to leave the competition.

– I will accompany you!

Mo Fan blocked the opponent with spiked shadows. Now Shizhuifu could neither move nor summon the undead.

Then Mo Fan unceremoniously threw the undersized Shizhuifu outside the arena. The magic barrier did not prevent people, so the magician fell right into the sea!

Soon, the assistant judge pulled him out of the water. Shizhuyfu did not receive any injuries, but from this denouement he was burned with shame.

– Your mother, Miaos! It was you who made me! Where could I confront this guy!

Shizhuyfu was angry with himself for listening to Miaosa. What difference does it make to him that another player will leave for his place in the arena? He himself now cannot participate !!

………… ..

“Mo Fan, don’t be so smug!” – Miaos was seething with anger.

Shizhuifu could not restrain him and dropped out of the competition. Now their team has one less mage.

“You’re next,” Mo Fan said calmly.

Honestly, Mo Fan has not experienced such pleasure from killing for a long time. This sensation pierced him through …

He really is a terrible person, how can you enjoy it ??

Surely this is the influence of the amulet.

He killed so many undead. Their souls, like gold coins, settled one by one in his wallet. Surely this is the reason! His amulet absorbed souls one after another. You need to kill more, and maybe then he will finally advance the thunder and lightning strike to the fifth step !!

For destructive magic, the level is of great importance, the higher it is, the better. That is why many magicians did not want to spend money on strengthening the magic of elementary and intermediate levels.

But Mo Fan knew from his own experience that enhancing elementary and intermediate level magic is of great value. There are a lot of advantages: the speed of magic formation is instant, pauses are very short, and energy costs are minimal, isn’t it perfect?

The reception of a burning fist in itself is quite powerful, but it reveals its true power only in combination with the fiery rose of a heterosexual, and the forces of his little assistant are also not unlimited.

And his lightning magic is amplified six times in the sphere of the storm of Tirana.

If he raises the element of mid-level lightning to the fifth step, then when combined with the tyrant’s punishment, this blow will be more powerful than the magic of high-level lightning! Formation speed will be fast, and energy expenditure is minimal – it will be an ideal tool for killing undead!

Therefore, now Mo Fan hoped that Miaosa would continue to call on the red mummies, and the thunder and lightning strike of the fifth step would be in his hands!

As expected, Miaosi continued to summon the undead, but this time it was not a servant or pack leader, but a commander in chief !!

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