Chapter 1139. A Gift of 800 Million!


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Very soon, a replacement took place on the Egyptian side. The replacement magician very quickly began to call on the bandaged undead, and he did it an order of magnitude faster than his teammates, which is why after a while the whole island was literally filled with his mummies.

Mo Fan, who got high from gathering spiritual beings and souls, literally flashed his eyes with joy when he saw how many dead the new one had called for.

Rumbles of thunder of the fifth stage !!!

The rest, seeing the carrion, tried to move away from them as far as possible, while Mo Fan rushed into battle in full steam, as if there was not a herd of rotten and withered corpses waiting for him, but a whole crowd of beauties!

“He doesn’t seem to notice me!” Miaosa’s face literally turned black with anger.

She spent so much effort to summon the carrion at the level of commander in chief, and Mo Fan did not even attach any importance to this and continued to kill the crowds of undead around!

The rest of the magicians of the Egyptian team from this eyes on his forehead climbed.

This Mo Fan, most likely, completely flew off the coils!

– Destroy it! – shouted Miaosi.

A magical creature emerged from the earth, surrounded by a pair of breaths of a curse that made lingering sounds!

The body of the bony scolopendra was very long, the tail was conical, and the head seemed to consist of two human skulls on which four eyes sparkled! What can I say … apparently, it really was a creature that rose from hell!

– This is a magical scolopendra-bodach!

“How dare they summon such a creature?” It’s very hard to control! One wrong move can cost students life!

“Undead are not so easy to control, and the call of such a creature can provoke trouble!”

“This is all our indiscretion,” breathed the chief governor of Venice.

Now the fight could not be stopped in any case – in this fight the main winner, Egypt or China, should be determined.

“However, if Egypt thus obtains victory for itself, then they themselves will dig a grave for themselves.” They will not receive recognition from people around the world, as rumors will creep up very quickly, and fans don’t like when forbidden magic is used. Only a real victory obtained by pure magic can remain in history, said one of the representatives of the Holy Court.

The Holy Court is the most authoritative judicial body in the division of the magical association of the five continents. These judges do not fight with those magicians who commit crimes, but with those who cultivate forbidden magic.

Throughout the history of mankind, many different types of magic were created, however, only four types were recognized as the main and most acceptable for cultivation by mankind (elemental, white magic, dark magic, magic of change).

Everything else that is not included in the list of this magic is considered prohibited.

This magic is called black magic, as it can adversely affect the human mind, soul and life!

One example of black magic is the technique of the black church to turn people into monsters of curse.

The Holy Court simply destroys the black churches, who turn ordinary people into black monsters or monsters of curse, however, unfortunately, the forces of the Holy Court alone are not enough to fight the black church. The governments of countries, large clans, magic associations and even the military are already connected to this confrontation.

The Egyptian team used the magic of the element of necromancy in these competitions, so the Holy Court had no reason to check, and the organizers did not have any reason not to allow them to compete.

Now, the behavior of the Egyptians literally led to a dead end, because such a technique of warfare had not yet been encountered before, therefore, there were no prohibition rules in this regard either.

The magical scolopendra-bodach was aiming right at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan involuntarily sighed when he saw this creature.

The creature looked very strong, but Mo Fan suspected that in reality it might not be so strong, because it’s hard to hit a magician who passed through all circles of the zombie abyss!

– Roll!

Mo Fan first jumped onto the shoulder of one of the mummies, and then onto this scolopendra!

He punched his left skull!

From such an unexpected blow, the skolopendra butach backed away, and a hole gaped in her skull!

Having retreated some distance, the scolopendra waited for the moment when her body became stable again, and then, sparkling with its four fierce eyes, let out a piercing scream!

She opened her mouth … What scared people the most was not the fact that she had a double skull, but what was between these two parts ….

Between the two turtles, something was in the open mouth!

– Do you want to snatch?

Mo Fan only grinned, the magic of the element of space already sparkled in his hands.

– Try the meat!

Mo Fan began to spread the control magic to mummies around.

The dark red mummies that were in the arena for the most part became like little chickens controlled by Mo Fanyu, after which a long train moved into the open mouth of a skolopendra-bodach!

Scolopendra opened its mouth in order to spread the breath of the curse around, but the mummies literally plugged this stream!

– Eat more! The scolopendra that I saw on Dongting Lake was much stronger than you, you are so weak! After all, people might think that you are not being fed at all in Egypt! – said Mo Fan, again and again sending mummies.

Mo Fan was angry in earnest, so now the throat of the creature was completely full of mummies.

Mummies have already penetrated into the stomach of scolopendra!

– The explosion!

Moving his hand, Mo Fan began to fry mummies in the creature’s throat, pushing them forward with fire. Puzo’s skolopendra swelled, and the body, which could not withstand such a load, literally burst into many pieces!

Rain fell from pieces of the scolopendra’s body over the arena, the upper part of the body of this creature rolled to the side, the tail part flew straight towards Miaosa, falling in front of it – Miaosa’s face became deathly pale!

– Well, how? – Mo Fan laughed.

– I can call such creatures as much as I want! – shouted Miaosi.

Nearby, Said softly said: “This Mo Fan, apparently, is a master at killing magic creatures. He has so many elements, and the methods of struggle are clearly different from the battle of magicians of other countries. We need to unite and call one big dead man, because if you do not destroy this Mo Fan, then our source of the pharaoh will soon run out! ”

“So we will use up the source of the pharaoh even faster.” Take your time, you still have to pray for him! – said Nafil.

Miaosi was raging, she understood that in the near future she would not succeed in summoning another scolopendra.

“Miaos, your skolopendra-bodach was destroyed.”

– This damn Mo Fan! He knows how to disable undead! Heck!

– Do not waste the pharaoh’s source anymore, just continue to call on the dark red mummies, sooner or later they will destroy it!

Miaosa could not say anything, there simply were no methods to destroy Mo Fan, even such a creature as a magical scolopendra-bodach turned out to be defeated by this Mo Fan!

Scolopendra was torn to pieces, but Mo Fan continued to search for her cadaveric crystal, because if you did not destroy it, then she would be able to resurrect again!

The creature really turned out to be much weaker than it looked.

– Still called the guys! Well done, great! – Mo Fan, who saw the crowds of the newly recruited, looked with pleasure and anticipation at this action.

Mo Fan, although he did not know why the Egyptians could continuously call upon such a huge amount of undead, managed to draw attention to the fact that the souls of these creatures were an order of magnitude better than the souls of the undead, whom he destroyed in Xi’an. He understood that they use some strange energy, but it is worth noting that it was the souls of the Egyptian undead who very quickly formed a spiritual essence.

One spiritual essence of the level of a servant costs about five million, the level of a leader of a pack – twenty million …. And most importantly, Mo Fan could get such resources, using only the magic of primary and secondary levels!

In order to prevent the Egyptians from sniffing out what he earned during the battle, Mo Fan occasionally gave slack, allowing misses, so that the rivals, thinking that now they can squeeze him, called even more mummies into the arena!

“Forty-nine spiritual beings of the pack leader level … haha, now the rumble of thunder of the fifth step is in my pocket!”

Mo Fan smiled with joy, because the Egyptians did not even imagine how they helped him by giving a gift of 800 million!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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