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Chu Xingyun took a deep breath, the whole body up and down, full of power, the palm of the hand, the Martial Spirit sword, even lingering with a touch of purple flame, violent.

“What is this means, can you change the temperament of a person?” There are some powerhouse experts in the stands. At the moment, they see the changes in Chu Xingyun, all of which are clicking one’s tongue in wonder. means.

“This battle, every time you make a move, you say a mad statement, or insult me stupid, or declare my death, I really have a hard time understanding, what is your qualification in the end to say these words “”

Chu Xingyun looked at Li Yi, and the voice was calm as Gujing said: “could it be that you didn’t think about it, when I beat you with the Spirit Gathering Third Level’s cultivation base, it would look like what you just said, how Is it ridiculous?”

When the voice fell, Chu Xingyun’s body moved, and the footsteps stepped out. A gust of wind blew the entire space, leaving countless eyes on Chu Xingyun.

When he stabbed a sword, the spirit of the sea boiled up. The power of the 10 Six Roads small beast fires along the meridians, madly gathered toward the arm and turned into a heavy burning sword light.

Chu Xingyun’s momentum is still climbing in madness, getting hotter and more violent, just like there is no end.

“This kind of such insignificant ability, I want to scare me!” Li Yiqiang took a breath, the body is also moving, although he said so, but his deep in one’s heart, already buried a fear of the Seed.

Chu Xingyun’s breath became stronger and stronger, and the fearful Seed was beginning to sprout, leaving Li Yi’s momentum beginning and failing. He clenched the palm of the cold scale sword and shivered slightly.

“Hey!” Chu Xingyun provoked his wrist, and the spirit sword sword body was instantly shrouded in flames.

Among the Wind and Thunder sword light, there is a hint of heat, a thunder, a wind, a fire, the perfect combination of the three forces, so that the word momentum terrifying to the extreme, as if to destroy everything.

“cold light!” Li Yi also screamed again and again, heavy cold light condensed into a sword, collided with the spirit sword, a terrifying anti-shock force broke out, shattered his body, a drop of fresh blood, slipped from the corner of his mouth, Drop on the ground.

“I was actually… injured?” Li Yi looked at the red blood on the ground, and the facial features on his face became extremely distorted. Although it was only a minor injury, it was a shameful disgrace to Li Yi!

He, Li Family’s Heaven’s Proud Child, innate talent cultivation base, is the core disciple of Ling Xiaowu, facing the waste like Chu Xingyun, actually injured!

“I want you to die without a burial site!” Li Yi is in a rage, the sword scale momentum, and the killing has increased several times in an instant. A path of cold light sword shadow is suspended in his body. Around, every way, has the breath of the cold scale sword.

“Martial Spirit innate talent, the sword is gone!”

Li Yi violently spit out a fresh blood, the moment of the palm of his hand, a path of cold light sword shadow killing, move towards Chu Xingyun crazy to kill, cold qi Sheng, people feel like being in the twelfth lunar winter.

“Chu Junior Brother, retreat!” Ye Huan was anxious and shouted immediately.

But Chu Xingyun turned a deaf ear, and the spirit sword in his hand waved again. This time, the spirit sword was shattered and turned into a heavy sword light.

At this time, the crowd widened their eyes and saw the tens of thousands of heavy swords gathered together. Focusing on Chu Xingyun, they condensed into a round of storms. There was a word cry between the storms, there was a voice of Wind and Thunder, but more, but It is the violent beast.

The roar of hōng lóng lóng came, the sword qi storm swept the Martial Dao arena, the cold cold light sword shadow had no effect at the moment of contact, it was instantly broken, then burned into a mist, dissipating without a shadow No trace.

Li Yi saw this scene and was shocked with his eyes protruding. The next moment, he felt that there was a terrifying force coming in. The body had not yet had any movements, and he was shocked by the fresh blood and slammed into the arena.

The whole space is silent.

Many people have rubbed their eyes and looked at it again. After confirming that this is not a dream, they issued a path of snoring and finally accepted the result.

“Is this Chu Xingyun really a human being, how can there be such a terrifying strength?” The crowd was shocked and too irritated. Spirit Xatheryun of Spirit Gathering Third Level Day, jumped five levels and defeated Li Yi in one fell swoop. He had to vomit blood three liters.

More importantly, Chu Xingyun’s Martial Spirit is far less than Li Yi. His battle, simply can be said to subvert everyone’s common sense, and slap their slap on the face.

“Li Yi, what do you think now?” Chu Xingyun’s breath is still violent, but his tone has become very calm, the calm and composed eyes, like an invisible sword, deeply penetrated Li Yi heart.

Li Yi clenched his teeth and just opened his mouth. In his mind, he recalled the arrogant words he had just said. Every sentence was so clear, and it was still in the ear, which made him feel deeply shame and unbearable.

“He has become stronger again, and he is still strong enough.” Shui Qianyue stared at Chu Xingyun’s unrecognizable figure, and deepest inside, there was a strong sense of powerlessness.

Gu Qingsong and Xiao Yu were also in a sluggish state. If they looked at Chu Xingyun with disappointment, they were unbelievable until now. Chu Xingyun actually defeated Li Yi and was still a big winner.

Although the snow dance is very confident to Chu Xingyun, but seeing the scene in front, it is also holding breath cold air, she came back and saw Chu Xingyun step by step move towards Li Yi, hands, still clinging dyed with Blood spirit sword.

“Chu Xingyun, what are you this!” Xiao Yu also noticed this scene. He made a speech and let everyone squat. Li Yi has completely lost and lost his fighting ability. What does Chu Xingyun still have to do?

“My battle with Li Yi is a battle between life and death. What do you think I have to do?” Chu Xingyun raise one’s head Looking at Xiao Yu, the smile on the corner of his mouth, Wen Run as a teenager, but I don’t know why, in Xiao In the heart of my heart, this smirk is the cold wind of the ages, which makes him shudder all over the body.

I saw that Chu Xingyun lifted the spirit sword slowly. The endless sword light was mapped on Li Yi’s face. There was regret and panic, as if facing the death of Death God, full of helplessness.

“Bee, let me stop!” Xiao Yu was furious and violent, figure flashed, flying on the arena, want to stop Chu Xingyun.

But his speed is fast, and he can get through the sword of Chu Xingyun.

A fierce sword light descended, passing through Li Yi’s pair of frightened eyes.

The next moment, a sulking sound rang.

Li Yi’s head flew directly out and rolled down to Xiao Yu’s face. At the time of his death, his eyes were not closed, so he was so big that he was full of regrets about what he did before his death.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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