Chapter 1140. One against the undead island


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The five spiritual entities of the servant level form one spiritual entity of the pack leader level.

And although the dark red mummies gave Mo Fan only the souls and spiritual essences of the servant level, he was incredibly happy!

Forty-nine stars of the lightning element were already amplified, and the reinforcement of each new star only excited Mo Fang’s thrill.

Compiling one star system did not require much magical expenditure on the part of Mo Fan, but releasing high-level magic cost a lot of energy, which was restored extremely slowly. Of course, it would be much better if Mo Fan had a magical tool that helps to replenish energy reserves.

During the compilation of the stellar system, energy is spent only on ordering the stars, therefore, no matter what kind of middle-level magic is released.

Can mid-level magic be as terrifying as high-level magic?

“You will rest a bit, and I will go and deal with that undead,” Mo Fan, without retreating, told his team.

Mu Well, Jiao, Jiang Yu, Zhao Man Yan, and Guan Yu did not expect that Mo Fang’s magic of primary and secondary levels could be so powerful. From the very beginning, they themselves used only high-level magic, in the hope of destroying as many undead as possible, as a result, now they are already exhausted, their magical energy is on the verge of exhaustion, and most importantly – subsequent issues of magic take more and more time, an error occurs for a mistake ….

After all, they already knew that the teams of Greece and England had flown out because they also adhered to similar tactics of fighting the Egyptians!

– Yes, it makes sense to fight here? It is necessary to deal with the organizers of the competition! – flushed Guan Yu.

– If these Egyptians would fight using ordinary magic, I would finish them on the fifth number! – Zhao Man Yan was indignant.

“That makes no sense.” There are many more ghosts in the land of undead, ”said Mo Fan.

– Yes, it’s not fair! Why are we five compelled to fight with an entire army of their undead ?! This is pi * dec! – swore Jiang Yu.

“That’s why I say that you should rest and recover while I can fight,” added Mo Fan.

– You?! – Kuan Yu looked incredulously at Mo Fan, – Mo Fan, of course, we all know that you are cool and not afraid of a circular attack, but who do you think you are, if you say that you can fight the undead called by the five Egyptian magicians alone? ! Are you the highest level mage your mother?

“Mo Fan, don’t show off your magic.” Although your magical energy is not yet exhausted, we no longer have any hope of victory in this battle, ”said Jiang Yu.

Mu Well, Jiao and Zhao Man Yan nodded their heads. Of course, killing the undead did not present any problem for Mo Fan, but as soon as the amount of undead increases, even he will not be able to resist! Then he will definitely have to use high-level magic, his strength will run out, and Egypt will triumph!

“Relax, I’m not going to release high-level magic.” Zhao Man Yan, let go of the defense, for which you can rest, and I went to fight! – said Mo Fan.

Everyone just looked at Mo Fan, saying nothing more.

Soon, Zhao Man Yan released a stone rock that the undead could not destroy. There really magicians felt more or less safe.

They all climbed higher so that it was possible to observe the actions of Mo Fan.

– Now! “Mu Nu Jiao had a strange foreboding, so she wanted to release plant magic to help Mo Fang.”

– Fuck! This time they cooperated to summon more undead … Mo Fan, can you stand it? –

“Only mummy axes are about 8-9 … my goodness, even a company of military men cannot cope with this crowd!”

The undead literally flooded the whole island so that even the apple had nowhere to fall, the dark red mummies moved simply in a single stream.

The spectators, who were on four sides of the island, simply took a breath!

The island literally turned into the island of the undead! How could Egyptian magicians summon SUCH amount of undead ?!

“The Chinese were completely crazy, how could they send one Mo Fan to the battle, and they themselves went to rest?”

– It would be better to capitulate, nothing good will come out of this fight!

The Egyptians, when they saw the lonely Mo Fan, burst out laughing.

Is he alone going to fight the dead that were called up by five magicians at once?

Really wants to prove that he is the strongest magician of the competition?

Nafil was on the carrion that was at the head of the undead army. The aura of the commander blew from him.

– Destroy it! – Nafil showed a hand, ordering the crowd of undead to attack.

Mo Fan raised his head, looking around the entire battalion of the undead that rushed in his direction. The number of carrots reached several thousand, and their stinking breath of death spread even beyond the island!

Observing everything from the rise of Mu Nu Jiao, Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Yu were simply shaking with fear.

However, by the appearance of Mo Fan, only military excitement was visible and not a bit of doubt!

– Yes, this battle is becoming more exciting! – said Zhao Man Yan.

During the disaster in the ancient capital, the city of Xi’an was surrounded by undead, whose numbers exceeded the millionth mark, then even the horizon was not visible.

Why should Mo Fany be afraid of only a few thousand undead after this?

– Come on, come on! Daddy hasn’t killed for a long time with such pleasure! – Mo Fan smiled.

Lightning danced right around him, rushing straight into the undead!

The rumble of thunder of the fourth stage caused genuine interest among the audience, as they literally pierced the undead through and through. As a result of this magic, all the undead within a radius of 20-30 meters just scattered in different directions!

And this is the result of compiling just one star system!

After the internal spiritual boundaries of Mo Fan markedly advanced, the time to compose a star system of thunder rumbles began to take him less than a second!

– Thunderstorm Tyrant – Thunderclap – Electrical circuit! (* electric circuit – magic of peals of thunder of the fifth stage, a new feature of Mo Fan)

The undead still could not get closer to Mo Fan, because at the approach to him she received a powerful blow of magic, which either destroyed her or cast her back many meters!

– Go ahead, go ahead! Shouted Nathil vehemently, directing the undead to surround Mo Fan.

However, around Mo Fan there was actually an impenetrable network of electric discharges, which firmly covered him, protecting him from an enemy attack!

At the speed with which Mo Fan released electrical circuits, the undead (no matter how paradoxical this may sound) literally left no living space.

– Ha ha, you still can’t surround yourself? Do not overestimate your own strength! – grinned Nafil.

The speed of lightning became even faster, but it still did not exceed the speed with which the new undead continued to approach the magician. The dead actually created a wall!

Mo Fan became more and more cramped in space, moreover, on the one hand, an ax mummy was heading towards him, but even in this situation he was not going to release high-level magic ….

– Kara … Tirana!

The territory was immediately covered by a tyrannical sphere, and blinding lightning bolted down with a roar.

Even the weakest, weakest lightning, touching the body of a mummy, left an imprint of Tyrann’s thunderstorm on her body. One powerful lightning pierced several dozens of dead at once – no matter how fast these lightnings sprang up around, the scale of their action was so impressive that almost all undead were now marked by a Tyrannical thunderstorm!

As soon as the dead approached Mo Fan, how did Kara Tirana begin to act!

From what they saw in the audience, their eyes jumped out of their sockets.

– Destroyed everyone!

At the moment, Mo Fan turned into the lord of lightning, which continued to surprise the crowd of thousands around.

The dark red mummies were unable to bear the blow of Kara Tirana, so they were simply blown to pieces!

About a thousand mummies were destroyed as if falling into an electric meat grinder ….

Now, the audience was able to see all the wonderful power of the Mo Fan Fanning Lightning.

– It’s just amazing!

Mo Fan only grinned.

Strengthened to the fifth step, the thunderclap, coupled with the punishment of Tirana, could destroy an entire island of the undead!

It was such a combination of chips Mo Fan showed to all present the true power of the magician!

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