Chapter 1141. Get the Source of Pharaoh


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Souls of thousands of undead began to fly into the dark talisman of Mo Fan.

They flew like moths into the light, and this process was invisible to the ordinary human eye, but the magicians could just see it.

A member of the Egyptian team, who recently entered the arena as a substitute, saw a strange glow that concentrated around Mo Fan, and then told his teammates: “He collects the souls of all our dead!”

– Damn, there is also energy from the source of the pharaoh! Said cursed.

With every corpse that was resurrected by the source of the pharaoh, the source loses some of its energy. Mo Fan, having destroyed the undead and taking their souls, actually took this energy from the source of the pharaoh. This meant that the undead after their destruction did not return back to earth.

If the energy of the source did not return with the carrots back to the earth, then these carrots could not be called again! And besides, then the source of the pharaoh begins to deplete much faster!

Now that they had learned that Mo Fan had gathered the souls of all the undead destroyed, the Egyptians realized that they could no longer call on the already destroyed undead, and all that was left was to use those that were now on the surface!

Electric circuits continued to rage around Mo Fan, and the rest of the undead in the amount of 2-3 thousand undead continued to surround him.

Mo Fan, as usual, remained calm, but in his heart he was just insanely happy with what was happening.

After receiving so many souls, he will be able to advance his shadow spikes magic to the fifth step, which, together with the power of the night and the mantle of shadow, will become even more powerful!

– Kara Tirana!

The magician’s voice sank down, and lightning, following his order, began to more actively incinerate the mummies around, after which the souls of the undead seemed to automatically fly to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan has long sensed that the souls of these creatures are much more powerful than ordinary ones, as if some mysterious force lurks in this place.

– It’s strange … how do they go to the ground?

Another strange point that Mo Fan drew attention to was that his dark talisman did not accept and digest all the souls that flocked to him. The talisman refused to eat them, like a little child that does not digest the smell of fish.

These souls were either controlled by something, or poisoned, but the dark talisman did not react to them at all, as if they were not there. Only these souls then did not disperse in the air, as it should normally, but seemed to be absorbed into the earth.

According to the assumptions of Mo Fan, these souls were associated with droplets of blood of Egyptian magicians.

After some time, the crimson mummies reappeared from the ground and again ran to attack Mo Fan.

Mo Fan destroyed this batch of undead with lightning, but only after that all the same thing happened – the dark talisman refused to digest them ….

Now the magician was thinking. He called on the soaring white wolf and heterka to help him, and he himself began to carefully observe the undead.

“Souls go to the bloody land, and then rise again in the form of the undead ….” Does this mean that there is some kind of seal on these souls, which is the source of their inexhaustible strength ?! – Mo Fan made conclusions.

After following the opponents for a while, he was once again convinced that the souls displeasing to the talisman again and again returned to the ground, and then again resurrected in the form of a new stream of undead.

“As a result, it turns out that there is some strange power that allows the undead to die and rise uncountable times.” The talisman eats these souls refuses, but if you pull out this energy, then it is even cooler than spiritual beings! – Mo Fan thought to himself, not even suspecting that he had actually revealed the main secret of the success of the Egyptian national team.

The dark talisman is spiritually connected with its owner, and as soon as insight descended on the owner, the amulet also worked in this direction.


Soon the talisman vibrated, letting Mo Fan understand that he was also interested in this!

He began to emit a strange glow, indicating a purple light that leaves the undead after its destruction, and then returns to the earth!

This light was hardly perceptible against the background of flying souls, and if it were not for the reaction of the dark talisman, Mo Fan himself would certainly not have attached any significance to this.

Very interesting … the soul of the undead is almost half composed of this light ….

A spiritual essence is much more expensive than the ordinary soul of a being, and this purple glow just has the ability to turn souls into essences – on this basis, one can judge the very great significance of this purple light!

– Ha ha! I understood! – Mo Fan laughed.

The main secret of the Egyptians, he was able to reveal thanks to his amulet.

This purple glow is a kind of energy source, using which, the magicians of Egypt can resurrect the undead, and after destroying it, call it again!

So, these creatures are most likely much stronger than other mummies, and their souls are one level higher!

After the mascot of Mo Fanya ate and digested a huge number of mummy souls, it became clear that the Egyptians could no longer renew the ranks of their undead as quickly as they did before.

However, the talisman absorbed only a small part of this energy, so the flow of the carrion still resumed, although not so quickly.

– Mascot, look, can you digest it? It will be just a bomb booty! – Mo Fan said with interest.

The talisman was already tracking the place where the purple energy of the undead souls was accumulating, and tried to suck this energy.

At first it was hard for him to do this, because souls strove to go back to the earth, but after repeated attempts, he began to succeed!

– Bad business! This dude sucks our pharaoh source! Said shouted.

As soon as the Egyptian team sensed something was amiss, the expressions of their faces changed dramatically.

The source of the pharaoh is very valuable, because only thanks to him they were able to achieve current heights!

“How did he guess?” It’s impossible! Even mages of the highest level cannot smell it! – surprised Miaosi.

“Now stop our mummies, otherwise there will be nothing left of the source!” – ordered Nafil.

The Egyptians were confused, not even suspecting how powerful a magical instrument was hanging around Mo Fan.

The face of Mo Fan located in another part of the arena shone even brighter with a smug smile.

Although he did not know what it was so valuable, the reaction of the talisman made it clear – it was definitely something very expensive!

– Late!

Now Mo Fan did not save his strength. The released Tyrannian thunderstorm hung like a cap over the island, and there was also the destructive power of the ashen claw of lightning – the withered corpses simply fell apart!

– Little getty!

“Dzin, dzin,” the heterka knew what her daddy was doing, so she joyfully began to incinerate everything around her with her flame.

The fire of the getter, coupled with the tyrannical lightning, in their destructiveness simply reached the limit: everything around was covered in a fire carpet, while lightnings still continued to kill opponents, stacking their remains with piles!

– Mo Fan, what are you doing? So your strength will run out very quickly! You will destroy this undead, and the Egyptians will call for a new one! Shouted Jiang Yu and Zhao Man Yan, observing from the side.

“Why are you standing there?” Help me exterminate them, and do not save my strength – I guarantee you that they will no longer be able to call someone! – Mo Fan turned to four rested teammates.

– Are you sure about this? Asked Mu Nu Jiao.

– You do not believe me? – heard the voice of Mo Fan.

– Well, we will do as you say!

Mu Well, Jiao, Zhao Man Yan, Jiang Yu and Guan Yu began to help Mo Fany, reluctantly releasing high-level magic.

At some point, Zhao Man Yan released such powerful light magic that it struck in all directions at once!

– Faster! Faster!

“Idiot, that moron!” He doesn’t want to die, he also wanted to appropriate my source of the pharaoh! – almost crying, Said cursed.

The Egyptians could see how the purple energy of the source flies towards Mo Fan!

– We surrender, surrender! – at this moment Nafil decided to capitulate.

The source of the pharaoh is the highest crystal of Egypt. At a great price, the magicians were able to pull him out of the pyramid.

– Ha, late! Since you resort to such cheap methods, you should know about the consequences! – Mo Fan was not even going to retreat.

In this fight, the Egyptians were simply robbed.

The Egyptian team now realized that it was at an impasse.

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