Chapter 1142. The Great Scolopendra Bodach


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How could Mo Fan now be afraid of them when he knew their secret?

The whole team, joining forces, was able to destroy only 2/3 of all undead.

The dark talisman also gleamed joyfully: still, even Mo Fan had not seen him so trembling for a long time! Mo Fan himself was thinking about how now his cultivation will quickly go up.

After a breakthrough to a high level, the speed of cultivation fell sharply, to all else, all six elements of the magician required attention, strength and resources.

If the dark talisman itself moves forward in its development, then Mo Fan will be able to develop faster!

Six elements … if you develop them all to the level of the main elements ….

“We cannot let him disappear, the remaining energy of the source of the pharaoh must be spent on summoning a scolopendra-bodach!” Said Miaosi.

“But if they destroy her, then the whole source will dry up,” said Said.

“He already took more than half of all the energy – anyway, he took it completely!” – Nafil now agreed with the opinion of Miaosa.

Only by giving up the last forces, can we hope for the return of the source. The most important thing now is to pick up the source of the pharaoh, even if you have to lose the battle because of this.

“Okay, then we’ll cast the spell together!”

The Egyptian team was determined to take away the source from Mo Fan.

In the case of England and Greece, the Egyptians were virtually guaranteed success, and now some Mo Fan confused them all the cards and even managed to pick up their source of strength!

Five magicians simultaneously cast a spell, and starry clouds of gray surrounded them.

The star cloud of the element of necromancy does not have a pronounced glow as in the magic of other elements, it looks more like a silhouette of a sculpture covered with various curses.

Five star clouds merged into a huge galaxy!

The black gates of the earth opened before them, literally opening the doors to the netherworld.

* Roar

A roar was heard from the ground, and everything began to shake.

The spectators sitting in the boats were in awe, not understanding what kind of monster they would expect to appear.

– A huge magic scolopendra-bodach! For the sake of the source of the pharaoh, destroy this rat!

The Egyptians cried out loudly, urging the animal to come to their aid.

* Roar *

The roar rang out again, violent vibrations swept through the island, and a black creature appeared from the earth.

His head looked like a huge forked coconut, his body was immeasurably long – and this only seemed to be the upper part of his body, while the lower was still underground!

– Fuck! How many meters is it in? Cried Zhao Man Yan.

After some time, the whole body of the monster appeared on the surface of the island, it seemed that with his head he was supporting the heavens!

“This creature is much stronger than the last time.” But I don’t know if it can be shut up as well as that one … – said Mo Fan.

The monster really really scared the audience: the island is so small, such a beast could not fit in its land!

Of course, he could not compare with the dimensions of the totem snake, but this monster was definitely one of the strongest representatives at the level of commander in chief!

The Egyptians really flew off the coils, since they decided to spend the last remnants of energy from the source of the pharaoh to summon this creature.

“You better get the hell out of here, because even we can’t control this monster!” Better not risk your life for the sake of competition! – said Nafil with a cold smile.

“Yes, by the way, give us back the source of the pharaoh, an unscrupulous man!” – Nafil turned to Mo Fan.

“Ah, so this thing is called the source of the pharaoh … that’s what it is … .. So you still dare to call me unscrupulous?” It is better to see the source of the pharaoh to the organizers of the competition, so that they decide whether its use contradicts the rules of the competition. Don’t even hope that I will give up, this scolopendra is almost the same as last time! – swore back Mo Fan.

“You seek death yourself!” Then do not say that we did not warn you! – said Nafil.

– I took your source of the pharaoh almost completely, I think that some part of the source is also present in this monster! – laughed Mo Fan.

– Die! – Nafil raged.

Most of the source of the pharaoh really was already from Mo Fan, and if they do not return this part, then the Egyptians will begin serious problems.

Mo Fan, however, knew that what was already inside the dark talisman was not so easy to pull back!

Mo Fan and the rest of the guys began to scatter in different directions when they saw that a deep crack had passed around the island, and it almost split into two!

– A soaring white wolf!

* Auuuuuuu *

It was as if a wolf took off on a scolopendra’s body, aiming at the head!

However, the wolf could not release its full strength.

Mo Fan, looking at this situation, only said: “Without aunt Mu Ning Xue, there is no use to you at all!”

This was already clear, because the huge scolopendra was several times superior to the strength of a white wolf!

“I will help,” said Mu Nu Jiao.

She knew that Mo Fanu and his wolf needed cold. And although her frost could not be compared with the ice sphere of Mu Ning Xue, she could still help the soaring white wolf.

– Aha! – Mo Fan nodded his head.

* Awww!

Mo Fan knew that even in the conditions of ice cold, his wolf couldn’t overcome this scolopendra alone, so he turned to Jiang Yu: “Jiang Yu, can your night rakshas find this creature’s weak spot? She is too huge to try to beat her like that, we need her cadaveric crystal – without it, it makes no sense to try to kill this scolopendra. ”

“Okay, I’ll call Rakshasa …” Jiang Yu nodded his head.

“Old Man Zhao, he is strong, we need protection,” said Mo Fan Zhao Man Yan.

– No questions! Will be done!

Zhao Man Yan released defense magic, so no matter how much she tried to attack the scolopendra, it looked like she was beating her head on a stone.

Seeing that there was no sense in her attacks, the huge scolopendra began to release some kind of poisonous vapor to protect Zhao Man Yan. Droplets of poison began to corrode a stone, and soon the defense began to fall apart!

“This monster still has poison!” – said Zhao Man Yan.

“We are not blind!”

– Fuck! Hiding faster!

Now that there was no sense in protecting the shell armor, Zhao had to run!

Mo Fan raised his head and saw that the monster’s body was about to collapse on them, so he grabbed Mu Nu Jiao by her thin waist and hid with the magic of shadow.

The worst thing is that the sea water non-stop was from a huge crack, and now almost the entire island was flooded!

A huge skolopendra-bodach opened its mouth, and from there came a black glow.

This glow was intended to expose Mo Fan ….

“The monster is chasing you.” Let me go, I myself can hide, ”said Mu Well Jiao.

– I’m just trying to foresee all the options, it’s not so easy to fight this scolopendra! – answered Mo Fan.

Mu Nu Jiao released wind magic and swept into the distance at a speed not inferior to the speed of Mo Fan.

– Little getty!

– Fiery wings – falling fist!

Fire wings began to form, and Mo Fan rushed forward with a shell.

– Fiery Phoenix!

Thousands of fiery feathers literally created a fiery rain, and Mo Fan himself turned into a fiery bird.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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