Chapter 1143. The head is a weak spot


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The huge scolopendra in size was much more powerful than the previous one, so when Mo Fan sent the magic of the fiery phoenix to her mouth, it seemed to her that he would have at least henna.

The fire could not burn through the walls of the stomach of this creature, so it remained only to wait for the night rakshas to find its cadaveric crystal.

The dark talisman really liked to absorb the energy of the source of the pharaoh, so Mo Fan also could not miss such a great opportunity.

Scolopendra turned to Mo Fan, uttering a kind of muddy glow that was directed at a soaring white wolf.

While in the air, Mo Fan did not have the opportunity to dodge, so he created a mental shield in front of him.

The shield cast with a silver glow and was able to repel the turbid scolopendra breathing, not allowing it to approach Mo Fang.

The huge scolopendra, realizing that this magician could not be penetrated by such a technique, decided to use her overall carcass – in confronting a burning moth-man hanging in the air, there was no better weapon!

Mo Fan saw a huge creature approaching him, its ax-sharp legs dancing as if dancing, reflecting the light!

The magician did not have time to dodge, his body was nailed by this carcass, and he fell heavily to the surface of the arena.

The arena was already half covered with water, but now the water arrived with greater force!

It’s good that Mo Fan managed to activate snake chain mail, only for this reason the blow of a scolopendra did not smear it on the paste, but now the guy was actually in the water, which always arrived.

Mo Fan was in a crack, and Scolopendra knew that he was still not dead, so she waved her carcass again, dropping it sharply down.

– Wanna play with me? – Mo Fan was already seriously angry, he released the magic of shadow, and his silhouette was divided into four parts, scattered in different directions.

In the next second, the island shook violently, causing ring-shaped waves of water to float from it in different directions. These waves were so strong that they even rocked huge boats with spectators!

After such an uncontrollable magical creature appeared in the arena, the organizers of the competition had to noticeably worry about the safety of students in the arena.

– Mo Fan, found it! On the head !!! This head must be completely gouged! Came the voice of Jiang Yuya.

Mo Fan raised his head to look at the huge carcass of a scolopendra hanging over him. A small black silhouette crept to her head and with sharp claws literally pierced the skull!

The huge scolopendra, sensing a blow, simply became furious. Gazing at the little night Rakshasa that was on her head, she began to emit poisonous fumes from her body, which made Rakshasa literally fly out of her head.

The night rakshasa landed on the ground, its black wool, under the influence of the poison, took on some kind of dirty green-red hue, and its sharp claws simply cracked apart.

Jiang Yu, seeing the torment of his pet, immediately hastened to return him to the contract space.

Managing to inflict such enormous damage on the scolopendra rakshas has already done a lot.

“Mo Fan, we just couldn’t get this cadaveric crystal,” said Jiang Yu.

“Got it, leave it to me!” – Mo Fan nodded his head.

– Ha, you’re no good from yourself; you don’t need to bring down the rest! I will get this crystal! – Guan Yu said, deciding to show that he is no worse than the rest of the team.

Having said that, Kuan Yu literally vanished into thin air. The next second, he was already running along the body of a monster.

Scolopendra immediately sensed his presence, one of her legs separated from her body, turning into a spiky insect that was now aiming at Guan Yuya!

Realizing that he can’t do it, the guy hung in the air.

– The wings of the wind!

The wind flows around the magician turned into wings, and now Guan Yu was able to reach the head of the monster.

Guan Yu activated his chain claws, which sparkled with a brown glow in the light, and pierced through them the head of a scolopendra, from which the brain fluid poured.

The magician wanted to pierce the skull again, the insect aiming at him threw him off, literally printing it to the ground.

Even more insects fell on him, wanting to finish off the guy, and now Jiang Yu has rushed to help him.

“Six more left,” said Mo Fan.

One leg fell on the night rakshasa, another one – on Kuan Yuya, Mo Fany had to deal with the rest.

A white wolf appeared, sparkling with its snow-white coat.

– Old man, come here, take me upstairs! – said Mo Fan to his pet.

A soaring white wolf rushed forward to help the owner. He himself understood that in a single battle, he was definitely not an opponent of this huge scolopendra.

Mo Fan abruptly jumped on the back of the wolf. The white wolf let out a roar and literally soared high, resting on the ice bridge that formed under its paws.

The wolf ran, accelerating all the way and sparing no strength.

– Caution!

Mo Fan saw that the scolopendra was unfolding its overall tail, and therefore hastened to warn the white soaring wolf.

The wolf made a growl, breaking even harder forward, but the ice bridge collapsed from the tail of the monster, scattering into pieces.

– I will help you with the bridge! – said Mo Fan.

At this moment, Mo Fan’s eyes flashed a silvery light, and with the power of control, he was able to pick up the crumbling pieces, as well as stones, and began to lift them back into the air!

Now in the airspace hung a large number of stones and ice fragments ….

The white wolf, having seen this support, was delighted and rushed forward again!

– Again! Watch out! – Mo Fan again warned.

The wolf was able to react with lightning speed: at first he jumped sharply, avoiding a blow, and then he also quickly proceeded again!

– Well!

– Fire sword!

As soon as the wolf approached the head of the monster, Mo Fan immediately prepared a weapon!

Leaning on the back of his pet, Mo Fan raised his arms.

The body of Mo Fan took off, and he attacked the scolopendra. While Mo Fan attacked the monster on the right side, the white wolf dodged and turned to the left with great speed!

Mo Fan destroyed the right head with a sword, and the fire from the sword eventually spread to the left side!

– Fist of a dragon!

Mo Fan was also determined. After his fiery sword disappeared, he began to attack the monster with flaming fists, which literally incinerated the second skull to the end.

Mo Fan called a soaring white wolf.

If the stomach of a scolopendra even withstood fiery magic, then the wolf certainly has no chance to climb the body of this creature.

Sitting on a wolf, Mo Fanu will be uncomfortable fighting with a monster, and the magic of shadow does not allow him to soar in the air for no reason.

Scolopendra, too, turned out to be rather cunning, knowing that Mo Fan in the air posed no particular threat to her, and decided to grab hold of the white wolf. Her body in the area of the “chest” opened wide, and from there red eyes appeared!

Mo Fan froze … that means where the real eyes of this creature were! From this look he seemed to feel the blood stop in his veins!

“Mo Fan, try the taste of the eyes of the curse, believe me, this is tantamount to being in the underworld!” – came the voice of Nafil.

And only now Mo Fan realized what it was – the eyes of a curse …. His blood circulation stopped, his skin became hard as a stone …

A hundred sinister eyes shone with a gleam of curse, as if piercing the soul of a magician, and even Mo Fan, with its average spiritual boundaries, was unable to resist.

Scolopendra immediately appeared at Mo Fan, opening her mouth.

There was no tongue in the mouth of this creature, everything was completely dotted with teeth that were created in order to chew large prey, so there would be nothing left of Mo Fan there for a few moments!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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