Chapter 1144. First Place!


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The concentration necklace was just beginning to work at that moment. An aquamarine glow enveloped Mo Fan’s inner world, and soon a sensation of warmth spread over the magician’s body. Mo Fan’s blood vessels began to circulate anew, the muscles were no longer petrified.

– Director Xiao, this thing is a real treasure! – Mo Fan lowered his eyes to the necklace of concentration, in his soul thanks to Director Xiao.

For Mo Fan, this necklace appeared a long time ago, allowing him to reach a high level. The necklace still produced a striking effect, it helped Mo Fan avert the danger several times!

– Shadow – a puppet!

Seeing that the magic scolopendra opened its huge mouth, he immediately left his shadow – a double, and he, putting on the mantle of shadow, slipped imperceptibly.

The body of the magical scolopendra was huge, it obscured the shadow and Mo Fan managed to escape. It was a big risk, and Mo Fan’s heart was beating furiously.

Scolopendra opened her mouth, swallowing the shadow – the puppet left by Mo Phanem.

At that moment, the assistant judge could not sit still; if he did not intervene, Mo Fan would die. The magical scolopendra-bodach was a creature that was very difficult to handle, it would be difficult to make her spit out Mo Fan. Nobody knew that it was his shadow – a double, and not the magician himself!

“Hm, I told you that you yourself will find destruction.” There is nothing to be surprised! Nafil said coldly.

The magical scolopendra was very difficult to control. Mo Fan died, and Nafil did not feel remorse. This is a competition, even death happened here. In addition, he warned the Chinese team.

“I don’t think it’s so easy to kill him,” Miaosi said. She recognized Mo Fan well enough, she knew that he was cunning. Sometimes it seemed that he was dead, but in fact, this cunning was alive.

– Look up! – Said found something, pointing to the head of a scolopendra.

The magicians raised their heads and saw how the black mantle was easily thrown back and Mo Fan appeared freely between the two heads of a scolopendra.

– It is he? What then did the magical scolopendra eat? – surprised Nafil.

– It was a puppet! This guy’s shadow element is at a high level! – sharply realized Miaosi.

The magical scolopendra-bodach seemed to still feel the taste of the struggle of a small creature in her stomach, but in fact, it was empty there. She just swallowed the air. And indeed, if a scolopendra swallowed a magician, then she would have felt a struggle within herself, a magical attack, and there was peace and quiet!

* Shhh

Two fiery swords violently cut the air, at the same moment chopping two heads in half, the heads immediately burned to the ground.

* Aaaaaaaaaaaa!

When the heads were cut off, the magical scolopendra gave a heart-rending cry of pain.

In total, she had 8 goals, now there is only one left. If you destroy the last head, then the scolopendra will return to hell!

The magical scolopendra bodach was angry. Curling up in a ball, she tried to protect the last head.

Seeing that this creature became very attentive, Mo Fan involuntarily laughed.

A magical skolpendra – a bodybuilder was needed only for decoration, frightening weaker creatures with its giant body, and when she met someone who was stronger than her, she immediately hid as if she were a small worm. If we compare the scolopendra and the totem beast, it was heaven and earth!

– White soaring wolf, appear!

Mo Fan gave the order, the wolf was immediately there. His speed was like the speed of light. It appeared from a completely unexpected place – from the gap that formed when the scolopendra’s body was twisted!

* A-oooo

The white soaring wolf became more and more courageous. Faced with such a huge creature like a magical scolopendra, there was not a drop of fear in him.

The scolopendra’s body stirred, and the tiny white soaring wolf was no longer visible!

– The sword of the shadow!

Mo Fan could not be an outsider. The magical scolopendra could easily strangle the white soaring wolf. But under no circumstances could a scolopendra be allowed to destroy a wolf before he tore off her last head!

The power of the night soon ended. Under a dark dome, a black sword flew straight into a scolopendra.

It was not even necessary to aim, the shadow sword pierced the scolopendra several times, but he could not completely immobilize it.

– Gravity space!

Mo Fan controlled two kinds of magicians at the same time. The magic of the elements of shadow and space did not give the scolopendra a chance to twist.

– We’re connecting too! Said Mu Nu Jiao and Jiang Yu.

Mu Nu Jiao used a deep freeze – a sarcophagus. A huge icy sarcophagus descended, covering part of the body of the magical scolopendra.

Magical scolopendra – the bodybuilder twisted with all his might, trying to keep his last head. She still had a chance for regeneration!

* A-oooo !!!!

Somewhere between the layers of the scolopendra’s body, a white soaring wolf issued a warlike howl.

The body of the magical scolopendra suddenly began to tremble violently, after which a white soaring wolf flew out, and in his teeth was the last head of a monster!

The head left the body of the scolopendra. Her skeleton, like an unsupported multi-storey building, heavily fell to the ground, turning into dust!

– She is dead? – Mu Well Jiao looked at how this colossus collapsed. The girl exhaled freely.

The end. This fight was considered over!

We won? – Jiang Yu could not believe what was happening.

This world did not want to preserve the giant body of the magical scolopendra, so it immediately disappeared.

Mo Fan immediately took her soul to give her to the dark talisman. The souls of creatures at the level of the commander in chief concentrated, turning into part of the energy of the stars of Mo Fan. But the source of the pharaoh Mo Fan could not just miss!

The dark talisman quickly pulled in a soul, leaving nothing to Egypt. The source of the pharaoh was filled with a talisman, which once shone with a magnificent light!

Possessing two elements by nature, the costs of cultivation were huge. If there weren’t a dark talisman, then Mo Fan would have wandered somewhere at the middle level. But thanks to the talisman, Mo Fan is rapidly on the rise!

– How so … how so … – Nafil stood there, there was not a single evil spirits around him. Confused, he sat down on the ground, the magician did not even think that Scolopendra would not be able to defeat Mo Fan.

– Our strong place – the skill of summoning evil spirits has dried up because of them! Said Miaosi.

The magicians of Greece and England can also defeat the magical scolopendra – bodacha, but with Egypt’s main tactics – necromancy, they just can not cope.

Mo Fan was already in first place in strength. But the fact that he was able to destroy the magical scolopendra was out of the ordinary. After the Egyptians realized that Mo Fan recognized their source of the pharaoh, they were ready for defeat. But still they fought to the last, not wanting to put up with circumstances.

The magician took the source of Pharaoh from Egypt. Of course, they could use the magic of other elements, but the Egyptians no longer had the desire to fight.

If not for their abilities in necromancy, how would they be able to reach the final battle? And now Mo Fan took the last from these magicians and there was no point in continuing the battle!

– We lost.

– I think we can be among the first.

– Third place is also not bad. Now, if we had the source of the pharaoh …

Those who won the final competition were in first place, and the losers in third. Second place was chosen from the three teams that participated in the internecine battle.

They lost in third place.

The reward for third place was also good. But the fact that the source of the pharaoh was taken from the Egyptians was a killer blow for them!


– China won!

– The Chinese team comes first!

After that, the chief judge announced the result, in Venice they already launched a salute. Multi-colored lights shone on the faces of the Chinese team.

– Hurrah! We won! We won!

– Mo Fan, Mo Fan! You really are extraordinary, your mother!

Jiang Yu and Zhao Man Yan jumped for joy. They picked up and carried Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was not on the alert. He thought that these two crazy people would throw him into a crowd of girls, and they threw him into the water.

– Ha ha ha !!!!

And two guys continued to jump, even icy sea water could not lower the temperature of their heated bodies.

These two moron and the rest of the team began to jump into the water to Mo Fan, splashing like small children from a joy that was hard to put into words!

– Hey you! Where are your manners ?! – Feng Li and Song Hye stood on the shore. Looking at the excited look of the guys, they also involuntarily recalled their youth. It was hard to earn such fame in the years of their youth. But this victory was very exciting for Feng Li and Song Hye, making their heart beat a little faster.

“What other manners?” Come to us! – Mo Fan, without respect for the elders, applied control, seizing Feng Li and Song He, he also lowered them into the sea.

Two of these respectable men did not even resist.

I don’t give a damn about age! The heart cannot be old – because it was hoping for an unforeseen victory and now beat much faster than before!

Everyone who was in the water celebrated such a difficult victory for magicians.

– Mu Ning Xue did not appear?

“Why do you need this?” Listen here, don’t dare to flirt with her, I won’t let you loose my dirty hands! – Mo Fan said angrily.

“I think if she had appeared, everyone would have gone nuts.”

– She knows that we won. She must be very happy. By the way, I have not seen her smile. She is already very beautiful, and when she smiles she is much more beautiful!

– Right! If not for her, we would not have won today’s victory!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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