Chapter 1145. Anxiety Zhao Man Yan.


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In the next few days, they were all completely free. The city on the water was full of charm, and after the end of international competitions, they finally could afford to take a rest for several days.

After strenuous trials, students gave themselves the full freedom of action.

Mo Fan always went drunk in the insole. What a pity that alcohol did not act on Mu Ning Xue, otherwise he would not have missed such an opportunity and would have definitely taken it!

The guy did not change his feelings for her, he was always sincere with her and did not show weakness. But it is not known how long this can continue before it leads to at least some results.

“Your mother, I’m going to die.” What poison did Jiang Yu bring us poison? It tastes like cow shit and wears a roof in such a way that I almost took up that forty-year-old dancer! These memories will haunt me all my life! – Zhao Man Yan finally woke up and started cursing.

Mo Fan is located on the veranda next door. Seeing the staggering Zhao Man Yan, he laughed. The man who brought him home yesterday was indeed forty years old, but it was not a woman at all …

Today they woke up only in the evening. The rays of the setting sun illuminated the beautiful city of Venice. Colorful houses and windows, sunlight reflected in the water channels, and of course beautiful girls – you cannot take your eyes off such magnificence!

Of course, if it were not for the sweet feeling of victory, they would not have seemed so beautiful. Mo Fan recalled and scrolled through the memory of various moments from the competition, even more admiring himself.

How wisely his father acted, having sold all his possessions and sent him to a secondary magic school. He turned out to be a gifted magician!

– Let’s go! Let’s get airy and sober at the same time, – Zhao Man Yan shouted Mo Fan.

– Okay! Let’s go to the sea, ”answered Mo Fan.

They did not know where everyone else had gone. Surely somewhere around the city. The first place team could not stay in one place for more than a minute. The people around them immediately recognized them and did not give them access.

But Zhao Man Yan and Mo Fan believed that they did not need to hide. After all, they are not some famous singers or movie stars. Many viewers saw them only from afar and did not even recognize them on the street. They only need to change clothes, and they are ordinary passers-by, only taller and more beautiful …

Venice is located on the shore of the bay, and the coastline has the shape of a crescent. The most interesting thing is that not far from it is a thin and straight strip of land, similar to a stretched bowstring.

The two magicians had absolutely nothing to do, and they went for a walk along that long coastline. This was not at all the boundary of the city of Venice, but they were completely not interested in the details, the main thing was that it was a beautiful and beautiful place.

Here, too, there were a lot of people walking carelessly along the shore, as well as many luxury hotels sparkling in the setting sun.

– How strange! Since when did another artificial island appear there?

– Nothing strange. This is the island that was made specifically for the competition. We just have not been here for a long time.

– And that is true! I’ve never walked here just like that. Oh, how limited, I don’t even know about the new island in Venice!

Two guys strolled along the coast, from time to time fixing their eyes on Venice. The city was separated from here by a wide bay, and a small island was built in this place.

“You took me so far, obviously not enjoying the views?” – Mo Fan felt that Zhao Man Yan wanted to talk and decided to start first.

– And you could understand it in my mind?

– Speak up! – Mo Fan rushed impatiently.

Zhao Man Yan was still hesitating, not knowing whether Mo Fang should be told about this.

– This is about my father. He had earned a bunch of illnesses in his youth, and now he’s completely gone down. I fought with all my might not to fall in his eyes, but he didn’t even see … – Zhao Man Yan sighed heavily.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Won’t you go to him? – answered Mo Fan.

All sons dream of fathers being proud of them. As adults, they do their utmost to prove that even without parental help they have support under their feet and can achieve great success.

Mo Fan perfectly understood the feelings of Zhao Man Yan.

“I’m scared,” Zhao Man Yan finally said.

– Scary?

– His illness is very serious. Our old healer has long warned that if he falls off again, he will most likely leave us. Of course, we were ready for this for a long time, but how would you think that he had only a few days left … this is unbearable, – Zhao Man Yan spoke very evenly, it was so unlike him.

– Is everything so bad? – Mo Fan froze.

He did not even think that Zhao Man Yan’s father lay on his deathbed. He never talked about it.

“That’s why I tried to surpass myself.” I wanted him to leave calmly. But now I’m scared to go to him. I’m afraid that if I tell him everything, he will decide that it is time to leave. ”Zhao Man Yan finally expressed what was in his soul.

“Certainly there is no chance of healing and the continuation of his days?” – asked Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan shook his head. His father has been sick for over ten years. The fact that he was able to live for so long was already a miracle.

“Only resurrection will help here.” He’s just like in the last stage of cancer, ”Zhao Man Yan replied.

Watching Zhao Man Yan’s emotional rush, Mo Fan resolutely stood up:

“I think you should go and see him.” You have always been a rich son, and you could not even think that you would be able to join the state security service, ignore the girls, cultivate diligently and achieve such successes. You must tell him everything, he must know about the success of his son. Let him go without worries, and say goodbye to him.

– Yes you are right. But I’m worried about my brother … – answered Zhao Man Yan.

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