Chapter 1146. The assassins.


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– Your brother? Why are you worried about him? Do you think it will be too hard? – asked Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan shook his head:

– Oh, okay. We won! I will not bother you with such sad things.

– In this life there is always something joyful, something sad, or even at the same time.

“I’m still taking a walk, I need to think.” Then we’ll talk to you again – it seems the guy didn’t say everything he wanted. But now he really didn’t know whether to mention this.

“Well, I’ll be in my room, or, as a last resort, in Mu Ning Xue’s room.” Follow me, ”Mo Fan said slowly, and reluctantly left his friend. Looking around, he saw Zhao Man Yan slowly weaving along the dam. Whatever the guy’s heart was, it delivered him mental anguish.

It’s good that they knew everything in advance.

When a loved one dies and you are ready for this in advance, this is fundamentally different from if he died unexpectedly. Relatives have time to accept and come to terms with the upcoming departure. And for a place of reluctance to leave, calm respect for the dying comes. Zhao Man Yan should not regret anything. He managed to do so much before the death of his father, who now can be proud of his son, and leave in peace.

This is much better than if the sad news fell like snow on his head. Mo Fan saw many such scenes and grief during the disaster in the city of Bo and the Xi’an disaster. Then it left a heavy residue in his soul. He decided to cultivate without sparing his strength in order to ensure his family a quiet life, and to exclude all the risks of such a sudden and brutal death at the hands of monsters.

But life is so short, often you have to go over your feelings and live on, because someday the day will come when they will say goodbye to you.

………… ..


Zhao Man Yan also wandered dejectedly along the coast. Night had already fallen on Venice, lanterns lit up on numerous islets, and some small islands remained plunged into darkness, as if they did not exist.

A couple of lovers passed by. The man was 35 years old, with a dull face and a scar on his forehead. He hugged his girlfriend so tightly and smiled broadly, apparently he was very happy and pleased with this relationship. They looked like a couple of teenagers in love.

A girl of about thirty had a completely ordinary appearance. Usually Zhao Man Yan does not even pay such attention. The girl smiled shyly, and, passing by, furtively glanced over Zhao Man Yan.

– Friend, take a picture of us? – the guy handed him a camera.

“Good,” in a normal situation, he would just pass by with an arrogant look. After all, he always boasts of his relationships to other people, and not vice versa. But today he felt an emotional decline, and only rejoiced that he could help someone.

He held out his hand to the camera, but at that moment the smile on the guy’s dark face changed.

Anger flashed in his eyes. A poisonous snake crawled out of the stranger’s sleeve. In an instant, the creature wrapped its arms around Zhao Man Yan and dug his teeth into his flesh!

Zhao Man Yan did not even feel the pain of a bite, but his blood immediately froze, and glaciation began to spread throughout his body!

– you !! – Zhao Man Yan, fearfully, began to use protective magic.

The holy shield began to form, but then the magician felt that his mind was cloudy, just like yesterday, when he got drunk on the insole.

The ties of the last constellation broke, and Zhao Man Yan did not have time to apply protective magic. The poison acted very quickly, not only paralyzing his body, but also disturbing his spiritual balance !!

– Who you are?? “Zhao Man Yan could still speak.”

“Why so many questions?” Isn’t it better to die in ignorance? ”The ordinary girl falsely smiled. She slowly pulled a sharp, poisonous sting from her sleeve.

The poisonous sting looked like a short sword, and clearly belonged to the kind of artifacts that are used for inconspicuous and quick killing. In the battle with monsters, it was useless, but in confrontation with the magician turned into a murder weapon!

“Did someone send you?” – Zhao Man Yan’s face distorted anger.

– May be. Now you will keep company with your dad! – the girl grinned coldly, taking aim with a poisonous sting right in the heart.

A poisonous sting easily pierced the guy’s skin and penetrated through the flesh to the heart, but at that moment a golden glow appeared around. An inconspicuous necklace on Zhao Man Yan’s neck came into action, and a powerful wave of golden glow threw two strangers away. The poison spike also ceased its movement.

– And really a rich son. This defense is even stronger than the Venetian ring, but it no longer makes sense! – the girl continued to smile, what happened couldn’t take her by surprise.

These two were very strong, because Zhao Man Yan did not even feel anything and did not suspect this man.

Zhao Man Yan spent his whole life as a playboy and a rake, and spent only the last two years in hard cultivation. Father always told him that you should not get involved and cross the road to influential people, and then you will never find yourself in such a situation …

The golden radiance saved his life, but it could not protect him forever, and in such a wilderness hardly anyone would come to the rescue.

Zhao Man Yan understood that his minutes were numbered, but he could not believe it, much less accept it!

– Zhao Youqian, have the courage to come to me! This is you! This is for sure you !! – Zhao Man Yan screamed loudly. Black veins began to appear on his face due to poisoning.

But no one answered his cry.

– Zhao Youqian! Kill me yourself, or are you too cowardly to see my death? – the guy continued to scream.

He felt like a brother was somewhere nearby!

As expected, a man came out from behind a nearby tree, shrouded from head to toe. Even his head was covered in cloth. Only his eyes were visible. The man looked around cautiously, fearing that someone would notice him.

The golden glow cannot be destroyed, but in this place Zhao Man Yan was all alone. Two professional killers tactfully fenced off all passers-by from this place. They were calm, in their eyes Zhao Man Yan was a small child, unable to retaliate.

“Then I’ll see you off,” the wrapped man said gloomily.

Seeing this man, Zhao Man Yan froze all over, as if a poisonous sting had pierced his heart several times.

This is really him.

This is really him !!!

Zhao Man Yan did not want to believe that it was him. It would be better if he angered some influential people …

That was his brother. Deep in his soul, Zhao Man Yan was aware that this could happen. It was about this that he recently wanted to talk with Mo Fan. He knew very well that Zhao Yuqian would take any measures for the sake of his goals. But still the idea that they are siblings prevailed. Zhao Man Yan dismissed bad thoughts and did not talk about his suspicions to Mo Fanyu …

Still, deep in his soul, he remained fraternal feelings, otherwise he would have told everything to Mo Fan. A friend would obviously not leave him alone, and protect him from all threats, and he would not be in such a terrible situation!

Zhao Man Yan recalled how Mo Fan, not sparing himself, always came to his aid and pulled him out of dangerous situations. And now he could not believe that he saw the eyes of his brother in front of him.

“Is there even a drop of humanity in you?” Asked Zhao Man Yan.

“You’re too young to teach me!” This father forced me to do it! I, Zhao Yuqian, have been under his control since I was ten years old. It was he who made me study foreign languages, made me study finance, learn how to negotiate with businessmen, and communicate with these greedy people. I spent so much effort for the sake of my family, and I earned so much money for them … And you weren’t connected since birth. This old man couldn’t even tell you a rude word! He constantly poked you heaps of money, and did not force you to do anything. Whatever you want, he paved the way for you. At first I thought that he was just pampering you, because you are the second son, and your successes are not important for the clan. I thought that he considered me to be his successor in managing and caring for our family, and therefore he was so strict and constantly dissatisfied with me, so he burdened me with an exorbitant amount of work so that in the future I could do even better than she did …

– And what is the result?

– What is the result ??? – Zhao Yuqian suddenly yelled like crazy.

After this scream, Zhao Youqian became even more gloomy, and anger and resentment were felt in his voice.

– As a result, because of these international games or whatever they are, even before you took first place, the old man made a will that you will be his successor and head of the clan, and I must completely help you … Haha ha ha !!! What is daddy !! He wanted this from the start! From the very beginning, you were his beloved son, and I was just an errand boy. He commanded me all his life, and now wants you to continue this! – Zhao Youqian almost started screaming.

He was unhappy, very unhappy. How did Zhao Man Yan manage to take first place in these competitions? Yes, even even the top ten places will not cover all that Zhao Youqian did for the Zhao clan! Why on earth because of such a trifle, my father decided that Zhao Man Yan is the hope of the Zhao clan, and he should spin behind his brother’s back, like his dog …

– This is the father’s decision. Do you think after his death I would fight with you for power? I develop my magic, and you manage the affairs of the family. Why did you need to bring everything to such a situation? Father is still alive, but you can’t wait to eliminate me! – Zhao Man Yan looked at his brother and took a deep breath.

“Precisely because he is still alive.” In his last minutes, I will tell him that I slaughtered his beloved son. It will be my revenge for treating me like a dog for many years! – Zhao Youqiang did not give a damn.

“If so, how did you manage to send the killers right after your father got worse?” You found them in advance, and you were waiting for the right moment, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“You guessed right.” How can I not have a plan with such a father? But you do not be offended by me, now you understand who acted inhumanly.

“I can forgive you, after all, you are my brother!”

“I did not want to do this.”

“Take care of your mother,” Zhao Man Yan said quietly. He did not see a drop of doubt in his brother’s eyes and realized that it was useless to resist.

Zhao Yuqian really changed. He has changed so much that he himself did not understand what he had become.

– Sure. She does not doubt me. She believes me. ”Zhao Youqian signaled to two hired killers.

The protective radiance dissipated, as did the spiritual strength of Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan calmly stood in his place. He felt regret that he would no longer be able, like Mo Fan, to travel the world following a magical call.

And he won’t see the girl that he liked so much …

Zhao Man Yan himself did not expect that before his death, such frivolous and funny thoughts would appear in his head. Perhaps he spent too much time with this guy and was already used to meeting any difficulties with a smile and firmness.

– Come on!

The cultivation of the two killers was amazing, it is possible that they were top-level magicians! They were so strong that even without the action of poison, the enemy did not have a chance of defense.

Zhao Man Yan closed his eyes. In anticipation of an imminent death, the guy did not even notice that a vessel of wooden fish began to radiate a radiance. He woke up after such a long time !!

* oooooh !!

* oooooh !!

Suddenly, between pier and the maritime territory of Venice, two piercing sounds shook the sky. A terrible roar shook the whole city, in pitch darkness from such a heart left in the heels !!

Among the shimmering in the light of the sea, a dark island began to rise above sea level. Giant waves, like a tsunami, rushed in all directions !!

– Oh Gods!! What is it??

– This is an island … this is an island …

Hundreds of thousands of people in Venice watched as a huge tsunami covered the sky. Many wizards soared into the sky, and then the sounds of a siren rang out over the city and purple radiance spilled everywhere !!

Giant shadows fell on the city, as if from a chain of mountains, obscuring the light of the moon and stars. The small town of Venice seemed like a small toy compared to an unexpectedly rising island. He could crush this city in an instant …

In Venice itself, Mo Fan stood with his face turned towards the sea, and in horror looked at the gigantic silhouette emerging from the sea waters. He was shocked even more than when he first saw the totem snake.

– This is it … this is it … all this time it has haunted us !! – Mo Fan screamed in fright.


The fake island …

This is the same mysterious huge monster that appeared near Japan!

It reached the Mediterranean Sea and stopped near Venice !!

It really haunted them !!

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