Chapter 1148. The Milky Way Mountain Road


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“I thought over everything that you told me well, and already sent people to Japan in the town of Sisyun.” You should not worry about it in vain, he just was not lucky, even if you had time, it would not change anything. You need to prepare yourself well, because soon there will be a ceremony of Praising the Spiritual Seal, ”old Bao turned to Mo Fan.

“I feel that he is not dead,” Mo Fan said seriously.

– Most likely. As you said, if this sea monster wanted to kill, he would have done it in Japan, there is no need to drag himself so far, ”old Bao nodded.

“Old Bao, may I ask you a favor?”

“I kept in the shadows for so many years, in this matter I can certainly help you.” After all, you helped our country take first place, ”the old man answered.

Old Bao really did not leave these mountains. Whatever happened, he always remained in his place. Therefore, the upcoming exit really surprised Mo Fan.

After the words of old Bao, Mo Fan only had to stop worrying about this matter for a while.

This creature appeared so unexpectedly. When Mo Fan realized that Zhao Man Yan was missing, he did not even know where to start. Therefore, he decided to turn to old Bao so that he would consistently begin to disassemble this case, find out more about this creature, and where its lair is located.


The award for the first place was the famous ceremony of Praising the Spiritual Seal.

Mo Fan together with the rest of the team went to Greece. The initial plan was as follows: after the fairies were officially elected, on the same day they should receive a blessing from the new fairies on the sacred mountain, at the foot of which followers from all over the world gather. But since the fairy has not yet been chosen, and apparently it will take a very long time, the ceremony will be conducted by the mother from the Parthenon temple.

Mo Fan long missed Xin Xia. It’s good that he can finally go to the Parthenon and see how she is doing there.

Mo Fan, in an incomprehensible way, felt that something was disturbing the girl. But recently, all his thoughts have been focused on competitions, and shortly after that there was a misfortune with Zhao Man Yan. He didn’t even have time to chat with Xin Xia about her affairs and about the election of the fairies.

There were now three fairies candidates. Panisa enjoyed the greatest support, but Azalea had the most sincere and faithful supporters. They said about Xin Xia that she was nominated only for a change, or that she has powerful secret patrons.

Mo Fan has long been thinking about this situation. Obviously, someone helped Xin Xia to advance to such a position. On the surface, the answer was in the face of Mother Parthenon, but Mo Fan was sure that everything was not as simple as it seemed.

………… ..

Arriving in Pafenon, the members of the national team, following Fen Li and Pan Lai, went to the sacred temple, wading through the crowds of believers.

The stream of believers who came to the sacred temple for blessing never ran dry. For the sake of health and longevity, people did not spare any money. They sacrificed their property to receive at least a word of blessing from the fairies.

One blessing of a temple attendant allowed the child not to get sick for ten years and protected him from infections. But the temple staff could not give a blessing to everyone individually, so they chose among the most zealous devotees, or from those who would give the largest monetary donation.

For the sake of the blessing of health, the devotees were ready to spend years waiting for the rich, and the rich to spend all their wealth. The Spiritual Praise Ceremony was the highest level of blessing and could not be bought for any money.

“Why not wait for the fairy elections, and then hold the ceremony?” We are not in a hurry. Moreover, I heard that the blessing of the fairies has a stronger effect, – asked Jiang Shaoxu with incomprehension.

– It seems that they have problems with the elections of the fairies, which can not be solved in a short time. Mother’s blessing is wonderful too. In addition to the fairy herself, mother is the best in this world to possess blessing magic and will be able to increase your natural powers at least four times, and maybe even five, ”Pan Lai began to explain.

“This is the first time I am on a sacred mountain.” Indeed, any flights are prohibited in the Parthenon, and on foot we will go up for more than an hour, right? – asked Jiang Yu.

– Right. Although we are not adherents of their religion, but since we have been so honored, we must show respect and sincerity of our intentions with this little test. Take your time! After all, along the way, you can admire the beauties of the sacred mountain, ”said Pan Lai.

The sacred mountain looked great. All its slopes were dotted with beautiful flowers. Bright natural colors shimmered in the sun, and flower pollen soared in the air from every gust of wind. Intense floral aromas intoxicated. It really looked like a sacred place among the human world.

– What is it over there? So beautiful! – Jiang Shaoxu exclaimed involuntarily, seeing an unusual carved rock.

The rock seemed like a bridge connecting this mountain with the neighboring light blue mountain, and in the middle of the bridge over the cliff hung a swing, as if descended from the pages of children’s fairy tales. This picture looked very dangerous and alluring at the same time.

– On this rock are the chambers of the Holy Azalea. This is already considered the territory of the fairy palace. I think we should not go up there without demand, ”answered Pan Lai.

Mo Fan peered in that direction. On a rock among the shadows of the trees, a snow-white palace was truly visible, serene and immaculate.

Xin Xia told him that in the Parthenon, all who were superior to the abbess had their own chambers. The road through the snow-white Azalea Palace, located on a steep rock, led straight to the fairy palace. This place is considered extremely honorable, because from the windows of the palace it was possible

to see not only the entire sacred mountain, but also the distant beauties of the Acropolis of Athens!

………… ..

Crowds of people could only reach the castle of the knights. Further unauthorized entry is strictly prohibited. The ban magic in these places was very strong, everything that approached the border immediately turned to ashes! The only official way to the fairy temple lay through a mountain road called the Milky Way.

– If you come here on the night of September seventh, you can see that the road goes straight into the sky, and in the sky it continues the road from the stars. The two roads will connect together, and this is one of the most magnificent sights in this world. Unfortunately, not everyone can come here. ”Pan Lai sighed excitedly, looking at the straight as an arrow road to the sky.

“Old Pan, you don’t often come here.” How do you know this? – Feng Li turned around and asked smiling.

“Yes, I have not been here for a long time,” Pan Lai looked bitterly at the mountain road.

– There is no protection? – Mo Fan looked around.

Ban Lai nodded his head. Obviously, he was knowledgeable about the Parthenon.

– The Milky Way is the only road leading directly to the fairy temple. Elsewhere, a ban has been imposed. If an ordinary person approaches, then he will die immediately. And more powerful people just can not stand the ancient ban of the sacred mountain. Only this way remains.

Pan Lai looked at the Milky Way and pointed to the stone white gate. Then he pointed to another white gate at the very top and said:

– If someone invades here, the Milky Way will immediately close, and no one will be able to leave or enter. If an uninvited guest gets to the Milky Way, then this gate closes and a person falls into the trap … Do you see the engraving? Only four security stones with such an engraving. They can use chaos magic to suppress the forces of the intruder.

– Suppression? Can they crush any mage? – asked Mo Fan with curiosity.

“They can suppress all but spell magicians.” Moreover, the stronger the magic, the more powerful the suppression force, ”Pan Lai glanced at the four guard stones and continued,“ in the process of suppression, these stones can accumulate a force equal to the senior commander. Imagine a first-class top-level mage can be crushed to your level. And when all four stones act at once, they will easily curb anyone.

“Pan Lai, how do you know all this?” Was he really trying to break through? – asked Feng Li.

– Right. In that year, Yiddish noticed me, I already managed to break through. Then I was a top-level magician with four complete elements, but in the end the stones suppressed my abilities to a high level. I was seriously injured and was recovering for several months, and even the level

my cultivation has become lower, – Pan Lai, not at all embarrassed, said everything directly.

– Teacher, being a magician of the highest level and with excellent cultivation, you could not overcome the four statues?

– Yes, their suppression is too strong. Even more powerful magicians could hardly get to the top, ”answered Pan Lai.

“Then the Parthenon did very generously, allowing you to appear here,” Feng Li laughed.

“I quite legitimately tried to break through here.” There is an ancient rule in the Parthenon that few people know about. Once upon a time, one soldier realized that the Titan would want to settle accounts with the fairy and come here. The soldier wanted to warn her, but the castle of the knights did not allow him to see her. As a result, titanium really came and caused severe damage to the Parthenon. After that, one sage created the Milky Way, allowing the brave men to try to go through it. Those who were able to walk this path could see once with a fairy or any person living on a holy mountain. Wentai told me about this, ”explained Pan Lai.

“And did you really dare to do this?” Eh, in youth they are all so brave, ”Feng Li sighed.

– And if I already have a high level, will they still suppress? – Mo Fan continued to be curious.

“In that case, suppression will be minimal,” replied Ban Lai.

– That is, it will be much easier for us to break through? – laughed Jiang Yu.

Ban Lai stared at the student and answered displeasedly:

“What the hell are you going to break into?” The highest level, although suppressed, but you can still apply high-level magic. By that time, I had fully developed four elements, four elemental spheres, large spiritual boundaries and a complete set of magical artifacts. Yes, even if you put all your strength together, this will not be enough to crush me. I couldn’t even get to the last safety stone!

Everyone looked at Pan Lai in amazement.

Indeed, the power of Pan Lai was suppressed to a high level, and they are still very far from his then skills.

“Yes, you cannot even pass the first stone, but you are about to break through.” Do you know the consequences of an unsuccessful attempt? In the best case, regression will occur in your cultivation, and in the worst – the destruction of the constellations. And then absolutely all magic will leave you! – Pan Lai sharply became serious.

“Uh … yes, I just asked out of curiosity, hee hee hee!”

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