Chapter 1149. Secret meeting


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Soon they reached the top of the sacred mountain, but the knights did not allow them to approach the fairy temple. Only knights and temple employees could enter there, for the rest it was forbidden. This news really disappointed the guys on the team. They so wanted to see with their own eyes the beauty of the temple and the charm of long skirts.

“His Excellency Hailong,” said Feng Li.

Hailong was dressed in gold clothes and a helmet in the Greek style. His warlike figure rose to the highest step in front of the temple.

In the square of the temple of the Knights, all employees, except those who were now on duty, were lined up in the form of a pyramid, in accordance with a strict official system.

The main knight Hailong at that time delivered a speech to his subordinates and did not pay any attention to the arrived national team of China.

All the knights were divided into several ranks: the knight of the blue star, the knight of the silver month, the knight of the golden sun and the knight of the purple soul.

The title of knight of the purple soul belonged to the main knight of the Parthenon, who also had three deputies. All other knights were divided according to the remaining three ranks.

Hailong spoke Greek, so the team could only stand aside and wait. They did not understand a word, but the head of the temple of the knights radiated powerful energy. With an extremely serious look, he gave instructions to the knights. No one dared to utter a sound.

“This Hailong, is he probably the strongest in the whole Parthenon?” Whispered Mo Fan.

– Something like that. The previous head of the temple of the knights was a magician of spells, Hailong is his successor, and probably also embarked on this magical path, ”answered Pan Lai.

“Teacher, if you fight Hailong, who will win?” – could not resist Jiang Yu.

Like Hailong, Ban Lai represented the class of the strongest magicians of his country. Mo Fan also wondered who was stronger?

– If you do not take into account the power of the blessing of the temple of the knights, then I think the chances of victory are four to six. I have four, he has six. But taking into account the blessing, then my chances do not reach one tenth, ”Pan Lai frankly admitted.

– … He is so strong !! – Jiang Yu was amazed.

In the eyes of Jiang Yu, his mentor was the most powerful magician, and his peers could be counted on the fingers. And this full-bodied square-faced Hailong is even stronger!

Finally, the head of the knights finished his speech and glanced sideways at the Chinese who were marking their way around.

“Your Excellency Hailong, we are the Chinese team, and have arrived here at the Blessing of the Spiritual Seal ceremony,” Feng Li said a little ahead.

The knight did not even pay attention to the magician, and staring at Pan Lai with a contemptuous smile said:

“Did you have the audacity to come here?”

“Why can’t I come?” I am the chairman and coach of the Chinese team. My students beat your team, isn’t that a great excuse? – Pan Lai also unceremoniously retorted.

Hailong grunted with displeasure, threw back the floor of the golden cloak, turned around and went inside the temple.

– Hailong, we arrived at the ceremony. You kept us here for so long, and now you just leave? – Pan Lai said slowly.

“Should the chief knight deal with such trifles?” – threw Hailong and continued to leave.

At this time, the knight of the golden sun ran up the steps and introduced himself with a stone face:

– My name is Hazil. Follow me.

Ban Lai was chairman of the Imperial Palace of China and was equal in status to Mother Parthenon. Even Hailong was lower than him, but apparently completely did not take Ban Lai into account. Not only did he not want to accept them, he did not even send his deputy, but instead sent a knight of the golden sun.

Despite the fact that the knight of the golden sun was a magician of the highest level, in rank he was much lower than Pan Lai and was many times inferior to him in power. Pan Lai was a top-level mage with four fully developed elements, while this knight had a maximum of two top-level elements …

“Well, that’s too much,” Feng Li frowned. He was clearly dissatisfied with such an arrogant Parthenon appeal.

Although the Parthenon has a huge influence on the magical associations of all five continents, it is still a separate independent organization, and such arrogance can cause discontent among people.

“They are always like that.” When people came from the Freedom Temple and from St. Paul’s Cathedral, they also behaved very arrogantly and did not honor them. Once upon a time, in the youth of Hailong, I defeated him. It is natural that he does not like me, ”Pan Lai said sincerely and smiled softly.

“Your Excellency, with such speeches you insult the main knight of the Parthenon, henceforth it is worth being careful,” the voice of the knight of the golden sun Hazil was heard.

The magician was still young, if he reached the highest level before the age of forty, then a sea of prospects awaited him.

There were many such gifts in the Parthenon.

– Offend? Ha ha ha Young man, you yourself can ask your main knight Hailong if I defeated him. Or you can search the records of the competitions in the archives of the magic association and see for yourself if my words are true! – Pan Lai laughed good-naturedly.

“I dare to ask, and you will …” the knight of the golden sun began uncertainly.

– Magician of the Imperial Palace of China, Ban Lai.

– BUT! You are Pan Lai! – the knight remembered that he had heard the story of Hailun’s loss. Well, now it’s clear why he was so unhappy.

But it was so long ago, you never know what happens in his youth. This is from the category of situations when high school students bully the younger ones who are not able to repulse them. The knight respected and protected the greatness of the chief knight Hailong, so he added:

“But now you clearly don’t dare to fight him, do you?”

“If we fight now, your year will have to sacrifice a huge area,” Pan Lai answered lightly.

“Our Acropolis of Athens has an excellent distribution system.” If the battle begins with the highest level of magic, then all the local residents will be taken to safe areas or underground shelters as soon as possible, so that none of the civilians will suffer, ”answered the knight of the golden sun.

– Ha ha ha! Oh well! You can help me challenge your chief knight. Let’s see if he dares to accept it, ”Pan Lai answered cheerfully, and the knight immediately shut up.

In magical associations, there is a strict rule forbidding magicians of the highest level to arrange personal fights, so if someone wanted to measure strength, this was possible only at lower levels.

But before he reached the highest level, Hailong was not a worthy opponent of Ban Lai. This meant that he would never have a chance of revenge.

In addition, the Knights of the Parthenon were forbidden to accept any challenges if they did not concern the safety of the members of the fairy temple or their reputation.

………… ..

The knight of the golden sun settled them in the temple of the knights, but did not allow walking everywhere at his own discretion.

– When will the ceremony take place? – asked Feng Li.

– Mother is very busy, you need to wait. “I cannot say something more specific,” the knight replied.

Knight Hazil did not leave them, but stood at the entrance to their chambers, controlling their movements.

At first, everyone was calmly relaxing, enjoying the unusual atmosphere, but soon they were tired of it.

They could not wander to admire the surroundings, they could not move freely, they could not! This situation was no different from arrest. They thought that they would be able to admire the beauties of the sacred mountain, look at the beauties from the temple of the fairies, and in the end turned out to be locked as if in prison.

……… ..

Two days have passed. So without waiting for any news from mother, Pan Lai began to get angry.

He, too, is not a slacker to bring a team here and just sit there waiting.

Only when Ban Lai showed character did the deputy chief knight by the name of Kass finally appear and report that he would personally report to his mother about their arrival.


At dusk, Mo Fan made his way outside through the back yard, on the side of which there was a forest park zone.

Wandering in the park, the guy could get close to the mountain stream, and then to the neighboring peak, all dotted with flowers.

Soon, Mo Fan saw a thin silhouette. From his seat, Mo Fan clearly saw the girl gently pushing a wheelchair.

The mountain, covered with forest, on which the team’s quarters were located, was very close to the flower mountain where Xin Xia lived. But Mo Fan felt the presence of a forbidden barrier between the territories of the temple of the knights and the temple of the fairies, and could not cross this border.

– Really! I can only see her furtively and hiding, as if I live in an ancient imperial palace. There are too many restrictions! Muttered Mo Fan discontentedly.

Nevertheless, Mo Fan was very happy when he saw Xin Xia. But he was alarmed that the girl looked emaciated, and a healthy glow disappeared from her rosy cheeks.

– Brother, the election is a state of emergency. Wait until they run out and I’ll leave here.

– Are you leaving? – Mo Fan was amazed.

Previously, Xin Xia wanted to stay in the fairy temple to perfect her healing skills and blessing magic. Her pure, immaculate soul longed to help those in need. Mo Fan was sure that she would stay here for a longer time.

– Yes, I think it will be better. I will return to the country, and I will be more useful there, ”said Xin Xia.

– Sure! One way or another, you’ve already learned a lot. There are so many limitations. And having returned, we will be able to do what only the soul desires, ”Mo Fan supported.

– I have to go. Otherwise, the guard knight will find me. I told him that I want to ventilate and will not go outside the territory of the fairy temple. During the election, we are forbidden to see strangers, ”said Xin Xia quietly.

– Eh, okay, okay. When all this is over we will return to Shanghai together, ”Mo Fan answered.

He also made his choice.

They needed to disperse faster, because the silver month knight was already running in their direction with anger. Noticing the Xin Xia wheelchair, he immediately realized that it was the holiest.

– I beg you, you should not go anywhere! Otherwise, we will be forced to take appropriate measures. And in no case should you offend the holiest.

Looking at the young knight of the silver month, Mo Fan did not even know what to answer.

For some reason, all the people of the Parthenon seemed near to him.

“I just decided to take a walk after a hearty dinner.” Any problems? I did not violate any boundaries, – Mo Fan reluctantly began to explain the obvious things.

These knights strictly adhered to the ancient class system, in our time there are few such places, but this is their personal affair.

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