Chapter 1150. Praise to the Spiritual Seal


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Mother arrived only on the fourth day. Leaving Athens, she immediately went to the top of the mountain adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea to conduct a ritual of praising the spiritual seal.

At first, everyone thought that there would be a lot of spectators at this solemn event, but in the end, the magicians were taken to a place divorced from the world. And although this place on the top of the mountain was beautiful – from here you could see the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, for magicians who hoped to gain glory, these hopes fell.

After the ceremony, it was necessary to cultivate a whole month. At this time, magicians cannot use magic; it is best to devote themselves to cultivation in order to absorb the praise of the spiritual seal to the end.

Mother’s age could not be determined. Serious and kind, she was laconic. From the beginning to the end of the ceremony, Tisu spoke about everything – the enlightened Parthenon.

The praise of the spiritual press was carried out first on one, then on another student. The first was Mo Fan, in the end, he deserved it. It is said that the one who came first under praise was praised most in that.


At the top of the mountain, mother stood motionless under a tree of questioning to the sky. The robe, which became golden in the sun, fell from Mother’s body to the ground. Mumbled something, mother shone with a sacred light. It was as if an echo of the song chattered mother in the mountains.

Mother waved her hand in the direction of Mo Fan, which meant that it was his turn.

Mo Fan went to his mother. The enlightened one who stood nearby quietly signaled to the magician to kneel down.

Mo Fan raised his head to look at his mother, but she paid no attention to him, only giving Mo Fan a sign to lower her head.

Mother lightly touched Mo Fan’s forehead with her palm. Her muttering reached the most important moment, the speed of speech increased. Mo Fan, who was kneeling with his eyes closed, felt that the sacred musical instruments that were playing nearby, creating a divine atmosphere, drove any thoughts out of his head.

As if for the first time awakening his consciousness, Mo Fan felt a bright light flare up in his spiritual world. This light enveloped his stars, and they seemed to melt.

“Concentrate your spiritual forces and mentally direct them to that element that you want to bless,” the enlightened Tisu recalled nearby. This time the tone of her speech was not very friendly. As if she didn’t like the way Mo Fan knelt.

Praising the heavenly seal at a time can only strengthen one element. Mo Fan already thought well over which element he would like to strengthen – the element of lightning. By focusing all his spiritual powers on this element, he strengthened the power of the lightning element.

Soon, divine light illuminated the galaxy of the lightning element. The whole galaxy emitted mystical light, so the stars also shone.

At first, the stars became stronger, then weaker, at some point they were about to disappear. But gradually they became very strong.

Basically, the power of the magic of the blessing element, including magic items and tools, could only be strengthened temporarily. But the blessing of the spiritual seal stamped the magician’s star system, reinforcing the entire system. In the future, during the transition from the galaxy to the universe, the light of this seal also spread to each new star.

The ceremony process was very slow. After all, it was necessary to place a blessing seal in the spiritual world of the magician, it could not end in an instant …

Even when the ceremony of praising the spiritual seal was over, mother smiled slightly, but said nothing to Mo Fan.

“The seal is in your magic element.” Although mother helps you strengthen your strengths, you yourself must spend a month to strengthen them. The spiritual seal will soon leave – this is inevitable, because cultivation reduces the power of the seal. Therefore, all this month you need to close yourself from the outside world and cultivate, and I will be there and motivate you, ”the enlightened Tisu said.

Mo Fan only – only wanted to ask something, but felt that the spiritual seal was quickly leaving his star system of the lightning element.

Mo Fan did not dare to carry nonsense. He hastily retired and locked himself in his cultivation room, beginning to strengthen his sacred power.

Mother rested for a long time, only then she praised the heavenly seal on Mu Ning Xue …

The whole ceremony lasted two days. After the ceremony, mother greatly weakened. Only after she had rested one day at the top of the mountain of praise did mother return to the Parthenon.

Enlightened Tisu controlled everything. The knight of the golden sun, Hazil, was also here. Ban Lai left, but Feng Li stayed to watch as if nothing would happen among the students.

And the students were already in solitary cultivation rooms. Even those students who liked to have fun understood well that this praise of the spiritual press was a very important event in their life. All month they must by all means survive. And after this month, the power of their magic will make a huge breakthrough!


Closing himself in the room, Mo Fan began to cultivate, for a long time he did not do this properly.

The element of appeal and space were at a high level. But Mo Fan, a complex, high-level star cloud, did not yet know how to properly create. It is good that there is time for cultivation, so Mo Fan will be able to bring these two elements to the appropriate level.

“Praising the heavenly seal can increase your strength by five times, but you decide how much strength you need, according to your skills,” Mo Tanya’s words still sounded in his head.

At the very beginning, praise can increase the magician’s core strength by 2–3 times, but this is not forever. Then it will gradually decrease in accordance with the abilities of the magician. But having reached the limit, the increase in strength becomes permanent.

At first, Mo Fan got five times the gain, but they say that if you can save only half of this increase in strength within a month, it will be good.

Therefore, an eternal increase in strength could occur both in two and seven times. If the fairy, and not mother, held this ceremony, then the increase in strength would be even higher than this amount.

As for many, the one who was able to increase strength by five times – were extraordinary magicians.

Mo Fan felt that the spiritual seal was quickly disappearing, and he only cultivated for five days. During this time, he has not yet managed to really increase his strength. If in 5 days the print disappears so quickly, then what will remain of it in a month?

It is good that the farther the spiritual seal dissolved more slowly. Seeing that his strength had doubled, Mo Fan was excited.

No, it is impossible for a force to double only. This, after all, was not enough for the furious power of Mo Fan! The effect will only be if the force is increased five times.

* Zhzhzh *

Mo Fan was very worried about the energy of the press, which very quickly disappeared. The dark talisman suddenly lit up. With the help of the recently acquired power of the source of the pharaoh, he enveloped the galaxy of the lightning element.

Mo Fan wondered what happened to the dark talisman?

Soon, Mo Fan realized the intentions of the talisman: he firmly fixed the energy of the spiritual seal, preventing it from leaking from the galaxy an element of lightning!

Usually a dark talisman very rarely did this. Seeing the source of the pharaoh, the talisman was very happy, he immediately volunteered to help Mo Fan in the difficult task of cultivation. And Mo Fan was also very pleased with the initiative of the mascot that he nearly lost his mind!

The halo of the dark talisman enveloped the energy of the spiritual seal. And over the next 10 days, the print energy did not go away.

His strength has doubled, but it has already strengthened!

2 times!

Mo Fan thought it would be nice to maintain a five-fold increase in strength, but in the end he stopped at around 2.

– Talisman, hold on. Allow this twofold increase in strength to gain a foothold. And then, daddy will give you any treasure you wish! – Mo Fan was thrilled, trying to hastily calm the talisman.

To close from the outside world for a whole month and cultivate for Mo Fan was a very exciting event, time passed quickly.

The stellar clouds of Mo Fan very quickly controlled. The dark talisman and spiritual seal, uniting, allowed Mo Fan to complete the construction of a star cloud of elements of appeal and space.

Now it was impossible to apply magic, but as soon as the cultivation is over, Mo Fan will show everyone his true strength!

In one of the last days of cultivation, Mo Fan felt how the energy of the spiritual seal became entrenched and became part of his spiritual world.

For security reasons, in the past five days, Mo Fan did not fly too, he continued cultivation. The magician was very afraid that the energy of the spiritual seal would disappear, and this was tantamount to death.

The protective covering with which the dark talisman enveloped the energy of the spiritual seal has already disappeared. Mo Fan rejoiced in his soul and repeated that he owed this breakthrough to the Egyptians, otherwise the dark talisman, which had been silent for a long time, would not have come to Mo Fan’s aid during cultivation!

On the very last day, Mo Fan was in fear and joy.

Although he had not yet completed the cultivation, the energy of the spiritual press was already strengthened. What a pity that now it was impossible to run out onto the street, into the mountains, and scream with all my might into the open Mediterranean Sea: twice!

And the truth is double!

Its power of the lightning element has doubled!

This meant that his skills in the lightning element reached the highest destruction power!

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