Chapter 1151. Another soul (another side of the soul)


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Mo Fan could already go outside the room, but his elements of appeal and space required strengthening. He was already able to expand the boundaries of fire and lightning, but one month of persistent cultivation was not enough.

Although he had already managed to achieve a twofold increase in the lightning element, Mo Fan was in no hurry to leave Mount Praise and even intended to cultivate another month here to consolidate his progress.

Mount Praise is completely isolated from the outside world, and only the country that has won first place in the competition has the right to cultivate here.

The path of progress is very difficult and saturated, and for a long time Mo Fan did not have the opportunity to go into complete silence and tranquility in order to continue active cultivation.

And now he can take up his magical genius in such a blessed place – such an approach will certainly bear fruit!

The Flying Petals Festival is an official festival on Mount Parthenon, and since time immemorial it has been one of the main celebrations in Greece.

When this holiday arrives, the petals of the most beautiful flowers growing on the Parthenon mountain, as well as their leaves fly off the mountain in a wave of fragrant wind, slowly descending the slope. In their most gentle flight, the petals penetrate the halls of the temple, the houses of residents, fly around the streets of the acropolis, making city views even more beautiful!

On this holiday, many believers from all over the world rush to the Parthenon, which is why the vicinity of the monastery becomes very crowded. People come here hoping to be the first to go to the temple and hear prayers, as well as offer their aspirations ….

“It seems we should still push forward.” I thought that there would be about a thousand people, but at least ten thousand people on the roads, crowding on the steps … – shouted one man whose age apparently exceeded the 50-year mark.

– There will always be people who believe stronger than us. What’s up ahead? Something seems to have happened, ”said the old woman, looking forward.

A huge crowd was crowding ahead, but there was a whole sea of people behind. Some bad news and shouting began to spread through the crowd.

– Turn around, leave! Today, access to Mount Praise is closed!

– Closed ?! What kind of jokes? We all arrived from far away and have been waiting here since night, ”someone shouted from the crowd.

– The decree has already been issued. If something does not suit you, you can ask the magicians from the temple of faith.

– Can not be! Why is it denied access?

– Who knows … maybe something really serious happened … We can only return here in two days.

– Come on, come on. Wow! Why are so many people behind? How to go now?

A huge crowd of people moved very hard. After it became known that access to the mountain was closed, everyone began to unfold, which made the movement of people more complicated.

The crowd began to disperse gradually.

However, most people were dissatisfied with the lack of official explanations why this mountain of Praise was closed on such an important day for everyone.

A strange pain rang out in Xin Xia’s head, which had been going on for quite some time. She herself did not know what kind of weakness was in her body, because she was a sorceress, so this feeling was even more strange. From this dull pain she fell asleep.

Opening her eyes, the girl found that she was not in her bed, but in a wheelchair. Only now, Xin Xia remembered that she read the book until late yesterday, so she dozed off in her stroller.

She woke up from the fact that some pungent smell hit her nose. Opening her eyes, she saw that she was surrounded by a crowd of people who looked at her in bewilderment, as if they had seen a monster.

– From those words spoken by you, my heart really trembled, – sighed mother.

“It’s very cruel, does life really mean nothing to you?” Have you resorted to such methods to get to the throne of the temple fairies? – An elder superior named Cynthia was looking at her angrily.

– As a result, it turned out that devilish blood flows in your veins!

Xin Xia looked around the space and found that the entire top of the Parthenon had gathered here.

Her gaze was cold and calm, she herself did not understand how in such a situation she manages to remain calm – as if that terrible dream allows her to be indifferent to this.

She lowered her head to look at the source of the smell.

It turned out to be the smell of blood.

She saw her hands, sleeves, the hem of her skirt — all of which were covered in fresh blood. A familiar person was lying near her stroller with wide eyes and looked with such a look, as if he could not believe his own eyes. It was a woman. Already dead.

“I … did I kill her?” – Xin Xia did not believe her own ears.

Not knowing why, it seemed to her that she had done it. Xin Xia herself did not understand why she did this, and only with a stupefied look looked at her bloody hands.

“How could you forget what you yourself did?” Hailong asked angrily.

– Panis? – Xin Xia looked at the face of the murdered woman. It was definitely Panisa … the kindest and most affectionate ….

Xin Xia took a deep breath, she needed to deal with everything that had happened.

– Panis at the cost of her own life showed who you really are, and helped the Parthenon to avoid disaster!

“These fairy choices turned out to be extremely eventful for bad events.”

Azalea was also among those present, she was guarded by several knights in golden armor.

Azalea took a few steps forward, looking carefully at Xin Xia.

Xin Xia also stared at her: “Is this your work? Thank you so much for making me your rival! ”

Azalea nodded negatively: “Are you E Xin Xia?”

Xin Xia did not understand why she was asking such a question.

Azalea continued to say: “You really don’t know that you still have a different personality?”

Xin Xia just looked at her the same way, not understanding what she was carrying.

“Apparently, you really don’t know.” Your soul is truly innocent, but its other part is not! – Azalea said coldly.

After two months of cultivation, Mo Fan decided to return to the country.

He knew that the election had not yet ended, so he decided to extend active cultivation in the three-stage tower – so he might be able to make a breakthrough to the second stage of high-level magic of the elements of lightning and fire.

The time spent in the tower is also limited, and if he manages to advance the magic of high-level fire to the second step, he will be able to release the Burial with the heavenly flame – the Hell Cannon!

Upon his return, he went to Clear Sky to visit Lin Lin and find out how she was doing.

Little Lin Lin was already gradually becoming a girl: she had grown up noticeably and was already Mo Fan on the shoulder, and her body was becoming more and more feminine.

– Lin Lin, I need to find a job, otherwise I want to buy a good shield, since mine is completely good for nothing.

Lin Lin lay on the bar, slowly raising her eyes.

Her look was somehow strange, and Mo Fan could not understand why, only it was immediately clear that something serious had happened.

– What happened? – asked Mo Fan.

– I can’t say, wait until my sister arrives. She’d better tell you everything, ”Lin Lin said.

– What can you not say? Did the first menstruation begin ?! Ha ha ha Well, now you have become a girl, our little Lin Lin … – Mo Fan laughed.

Ling Ling wasn’t looking at him like that because of this.

Seeing this reaction of Lin Lin, Mo Fan abruptly stopped smiling, realizing that something really serious had happened.

“You have to be prepared internally for this,” Lin Lin said.

– I AM? – Ofigel Mo Fan.

At this moment, Ling Qing just entered.

Tang Yue and Tang Zhong from the magical court also came with her, all three of them looked at Mo Fan, and their views were very strange.

– Something happened? – asked Mo Fan.

Tang Yue nodded her head and went to him.

Ling Qing did not say anything.

The atmosphere was really kind of weird, since everyone kept deathly silence.

“Are you going to just sit there?” – could not resist Mo Fan.

“Mo Fan, we don’t even know how to tell you what happened.” At the very beginning, it was also hard for us to believe in this, since we thought it was unlikely. However, after some evidence was revealed, we, too, could no longer deny this, said Tang Zhong.

– Speak directly. What else could there be in this world that I should be afraid of? – said Mo Fan.

“Salan is detained,” said Ling Qing.

Mo Fan was stupefied.

His first thought was that this was impossible.

It’s not clear why, but he knew that Salan wasn’t so stupid as to be caught so simply!

– Where? – asked Mo Fan.

“In the Parthenon,” replied Lan Qing.

Mo Fan could not help laughing – Salan was hiding in the Parthenon ?!

And the truth is said that the most dangerous place can be the safest.

“Don’t you want to know who she turned out to be?” Tang Zhong asked quietly.

“Who else could she be?” Salan is Salan. It’s good that she was caught. Only it seems to me that in the Parthenon they could have been discovered much earlier …. Although, again, this is Salan, and no one really ever saw her face. “I heard her voice, but there are many ways to change it,” said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was not dumbfounded by this news, since it was still necessary to figure out whether it was Salan.

– There is irrefutable evidence that it is she.

– What kind of evidence? First tell me who she is, ”said Mo Fan.

Three people immediately fell silent, exchanging glances among themselves.

“This is … Xin Xia,” Tang Zhong finally said.

The smile on Mo Fan’s face immediately disappeared!

All three could see how the blood pulsed intensely through the veins of Mo Fan, through the skin …

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