Chapter 1153. She herself does not know who she is


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Of course, Mo Fan remembered the bug of oblivion, because Zhang Xiao Hou was greatly affected by his actions at one time.

– The Black Church can control the bugs of oblivion at important adepts. That is why their representatives, who work in the magical court, do not even know that they are black churches, since all their memories related to the black church are controlled by the bugs of oblivion. At some point, these bugs make a sound from which the adherents immediately recall that they are followers of the black church, ”said Tan Zhong.

Mo Fan continued to listen carefully.

Tan Zhong, seeing that he was not saying anything, continued: “There is a bug of oblivion in the body of Xin Xia, so the Parthenon representatives concluded that she did not know that she was a clergy only until a certain point. When her memory of the black church is restored, her second soul is already awakening. However, at some point, the bug of oblivion again lulls all these memories, therefore, in appearance, Xin Xia also remains an ordinary girl. And only now we have come to the conclusion about why we still have not been able to calculate the upper class of the black church: all these dignitaries themselves do not even know who they are … ”

Salan is just a title.

Bloodstone is proof.

And the legs of Xin Xia all this time did not respond to treatment because of the hidden second essence …

The pure and good intentions of Xin Xia are not fake, since she herself is not aware of what Salan is, because of the bug of oblivion.

Tong Zhong, Leng Qing and Tang Yue did not want to believe all this at the very beginning either. Like Mo Fan, they at first attributed everything to fierce competition in the struggle for the place of the Parthenon fairy, but the further this business took a new turn, the clearer everything became ….

Kind and sincere Xin Xia is not to blame for anything, her memories are controlled by the bug of oblivion, which prompts her to do terrible things.

Having told Mo Fany about everything, all three understood that it was very difficult to believe in this truth.

Xin Xia is Salan, but at the same time it is not. Due to the fact that two personalities live in the body of one girl, Parthenon and the Holy Court can blame Xin Xia.

There was deathly silence in the room; one could hear Mo Fan’s heavy breathing. Now that all the cards and evidence were laid out in front of him, it was difficult for him to accept all this.

– What do you think to do? – asked Lin Lin.

This situation simply became an unprecedented blow to him.

Believe that the tragedy in the ancient capital was her handiwork? Even if they spent all this time together?

“I have to see her,” Mo Fan answered.

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to do this, she’s locked in the fairy temple.” As soon as the judiciary uses the sentencing stone and arranges all the evidence … if the black stone suddenly turns white, this will be an unambiguous admission that Xin Xia is Salan, ”said Tan Zhong.

“I do not want to believe in all kinds of evidence and pebbles there, I need to meet her,” Mo Fan was very determined.

“The Parthenon has virtually unlimited power and strength, one person just can’t stand against them,” exhaled Tan Zhong.

– When is the Holy Court there?

– Today or tomorrow, too many people are waiting for their sentence from this stone ….

Mo Fan, without saying anything else, turned and stomped away from Clear Sky.

After taking a few steps, Tang Yue went after him. She looked at Mo Fan, her heart was heavy. This was really derogatory news for him, anyway, he would have woken up one day and found out that he is a follower of the black church ….

“If you really were going to go there, then put this on,” Tang Yue handed Mo Fan a pearl.

Mo Fan looked at her, and his heart fluttered.

Taking the pearl, he said: “If it is impossible to correct this mistake, I will take all the responsibility.”

“If you are sure of this, then so will we,” answered Tang Yue.

Mo Fan nodded and said nothing more.

More than a thousand messages instantly appeared on Mo Fan’s phone.

He understood that all these people took care of him, only now he had to take care of the one and only.

Returning to Greece again, he went straight to the Parthenon.

Petals of flowers soared in the air around the mountain, flying around the city, flying into the temples and settling on the steps of high stairs.

Mo Fan raised his head and looked at the temple, which was at the very top of the mountain, where the most holy girl is … he clearly remembered how Xin Xia told him that he wanted to leave this place as soon as possible ….

– Mo Fan! Came a voice close by.

Mo Fan looked and saw Han Ji, Pan Lai and Zhu Meng – apparently the three of them were waiting for him here.

Zhu Meng, as usual, was with thick facial hair. His expression was very serious: “You surely thought it over well?”

“There is no need to think,” said Mo Fan.

“We cannot help you,” Han Ji said.

If Mo Fan really were in serious danger, they would certainly come to the rescue, even Tan Zhong would come here, and by joint efforts they would definitely be able to do something.

However, in this case, the situation was a little different: the Holy Court is too powerful, and opposition to it can turn into a big disaster for the imperial magic palace, the magic association of China.

“We can accompany you, but only in case you are in danger.” We can save you from the clutches of the Parthenon and the Holy Court, ”Zhu Meng whispered softly.

Obviously, Tan Zhong had already managed to inform them, or they themselves had time to guess what Mo Fan was going to do in the Parthenon.

They cannot help him confront the Parthenon and the Holy Court, but they can at least guarantee his safety.

– Did the stone change color to white? Asked Zhu Meng.

“It is still unknown,” Pan Lai answered with sadness in his voice.

“He didn’t understand the hint of the senior chairman at all?” – grinned Zhu Meng.

Mo Fan knew that they were specially waiting here, and all for his safety.

“Then I get up,” Mo Fan said gratefully in his voice.

“Wait a bit, wait for the news from the old court official,” said Ban Lai.

– Which official?

“An old man from your Clear Sky,” replied Pan Lai.

On the face of Mo Fan, surprise appeared.

So, old Bao was a judicial official at the Holy Court. A judicial officer is the highest level title in this organization, which controls 13 lawyers.

In the Holy Court, judges are responsible for sentencing a criminal, and the title of judicial officer even surpasses the status of chief judge! The official himself is responsible for the purity of the decision made by the judiciary.

The status of a judge of the Holy Court in itself is very significant in society, and the status of a judicial officer surpasses even him!

Parthenon Temple of Decisions

Around the round table were 13 chairs. Such a private meeting is far from being held for any reason.

13 judges from different countries sat in their places. There was serious business and evidence on the agenda.

Yesterday they were already at the crime scene in the fairy temple, also listened to testimony of E Xin Xia, but most of all they heard the angry comments from the senior abbess Mirola, she simply did not let Xin Xia say a couple of phrases, as if she saw with her own eyes how she killed Panisa , and how the bloody stone of the cardinal absorbed the blood of Xin Xia.

Now there was a closed meeting, and 13 judges should make a final decision on this case. Once the sentencing stone has been used, a conclusion can be drawn. If the white stone suddenly turns black, this will mean that these are all tricks of Salan, and you cannot completely blame Xin Xia for being Salan, and then Xin Xia will be transferred to the Chinese magical court.

However, if the stone changes color from black to white, this will mean that Xin Xia and Salan are the same person, and then the Holy Court will deal with it independently.

– It is very clear that the girl is innocent. How could Salan turn out to be a girl who, even 20 years old, didn’t really hit? According to all the data, she is an exemplary student cultivating magic, she is known only on the positive side. As for the bloody stone of the cardinal, I think that this world is very large, and it may happen that there will be another person’s blood in this stone, ”a man sounded from St. Paul’s Cathedral named Reina.

“Reina, I, of course, understand that you are more and more inclined toward female charity, but proof is proof.” This stone cannot be changed; the bloody stone is like a stone of judgment that cannot be deceived. Moreover, you can not impersonate another person – this girl is Salan! Age in this matter does not mean anything, but it is safe to say that the theft in the New York Temple was committed by the black church for the cardinal in red robes! – said a lawyer from the Parthenon named Durank.

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