Chapter 1154. Invasion of the Galactic Mountain Path


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There were exclamations behind the closed doors of the hall. Most judges considered the Cardinal’s bloody stone the most significant evidence against Xin Xia. They said that if that stone could be faked, it would mean that the stone of the sentence of the Holy Court also has no significance.

Each of the judges dropped his blood on the cardinal’s bloody stone to make sure, and then the judicial officer pulled out the sentence stone.

All of them were convinced that the stone of the sentence could not be deceived and could not be faked, which means that the bloody stone of the cardinal of the black church also had the same characteristics, and he correctly determined his master.

There was only one thing left – why did this girl not have the energy Salan? And the judges had an answer to this: a bug of oblivion. Xin Xia cannot admit that she is Salan, only because she is under the influence of a bug of oblivion and simply does not remember the crimes committed.

Finally, the hall door swung open.

Each of the magicians of the Holy Court is a magician of the highest level, so their strength is simply unpredictable!

Old Bao was sitting in the hallway. Since he is a former judicial officer, he should not be allowed to enter the courtroom, and all that was left for him was to wait outside the sentence.

“I did my best, friend,” Reina sighed, patting the old man on the shoulder.

The old man’s surname is actually not Bao, after retirement he had to change his name, his real name is Song Qiming.

Song Qiming looked at other lawyers, and everywhere the answer was the same.

He realized that the crime was recognized.

– What guests! If I’m not mistaken, then over the past ten years you have not been interested at all in any case of the Holy Court, have you? – said a senior lawyer named Durank, having seen Sun Tsimina.

“I have nothing to talk about with you!” You will end just like Isender! – answered old Bao coldly. Not going to talk about anything further with him, the old man turned around and left.

Durank’s face froze, and he himself looked with a death gaze at the old man.

Old Man Bao found out the result, which means that now everything should be discussed with Han Ji, Zhu Meng, and Ban Lai.

The forces of the Parthenon and the Holy Court are simply impenetrable, and it is quite possible that even the four of them will not be able to protect Mo Fan.

Climbing up the mountain, Mo Fan already passed the temple of faith and the temple of decisions, and was already approaching the fairy temple at the end of the galactic mountain path with a quick step.

However, old Bao was already on the galactic mountain path.

– And How? Asked the rising Han Ji.

Han Ji was still hoping for a good outcome.

Old Man Bao nodded negatively: “The result will be made public before it gets dark.”

“Mo Fan, if you really want to meet her, you will have to break in, there is no other way.” Until the verdict is announced, she still remains the representative of the Parthenon. Only breaking through the galactic mountain path, you can catch a glimpse of it. The Parthenon does not allow anyone to approach Xin Xia, and everyone here honors this rule, ”said Pan Lai.

Mo Fan nodded his head.

The people of the Parthenon really will not allow him to approach either the temple or the peak on which it is located, so this was the only way to get there.

At that moment, old Bao came up to him and said in a whisper: “You will have to use all your strength to break through there.”

“I get it,” Mo Fan answered.

Pan Lai had already said that the galactic mountain path has magical borders that can be broken only by the strongest magic.

“Mo Fan …” said Pan Lai.

Mo Fan turned his head, waiting for him to continue talking.

– If you fail, then your cultivation is likely to fail. Even if the Holy Court delivered the verdict, few can change it … neither Wentai, nor even Isender, who is the strongest magician of the shadow element in the whole world, could do it. You just glorified yourself in world university competitions, went through the process of praise; we are all convinced that you will expect even higher achievements compared to those that we have achieved. I hope that you understand that no matter what you do, nothing will change this sentence, so you must pull yourself together and not waste your abilities …. In any case, before executing the punishment, we can all ask that you be given the opportunity to see her for the last time, ”said Ban Lai.

Tang Zhong did not say anything because he understood Mo Fang’s temperament. The fate of Xin Xia was predetermined, and Tang Zhong also hoped to stop the guy from the fatal mistake to the last, hoping that Mo Fan would be able to accept the situation and survive it. Xin Xia is Salan, and there is nothing to be done about it.

However, when he saw the mood of Mo Fang, Tan Zhong still did not express this.

Han Ji and Zhu Meng also understood that they could not help the guy get into the temple, because then they would incur the wrath of the Parthenon and the Holy Court, and there they would already have to deal with top-level magicians!

Mo Fan looked at Ban Lai, and then at the others.

Mo Fan dreamed of the day when he and Xin Xia would return home together and live a wonderful life, but all these dreams crashed on the same day, turning into a real nightmare.

A sworn enemy of the black church, Mo Fan was doubly in a predicament. The Black Church did not stop its hunt for him for a minute; at any moment, Mo Fan can be waited to take their life.

However, from the point of view of Mo Fan, what the black church created with Xin Xia was many times worse!

Fighting with the black churches alone, Mo Fan even knew that he should become stronger day by day, but the Xin Xia affair turned everything upside down!

He understood one thing.

Yes, he wanted to see her, yes, he wanted to be near her … but if this news actually destroyed him, what happens to Xin Xia?

When she was small, she was very weak, and just that, she immediately began to sob with crocodile tears, how can she bear all this ?!

“If I can’t protect her, then what is the point of cultivating and developing further?” – said Mo Fan.

“Maybe you just haven’t thought about it yet …” said Ban Lai.

At that moment, old Bao waved his head negatively, addressing Ban Lai.

Ban Lai did not continue his speech.

Mo Fan stood on the galactic mountain path with the air of a man who was ready to make a breakthrough.

Mo Fan has been preparing for the past two months, but today he will break into it as an uninvited guest.

“There is a galactic mountain path here, and if you do not have permission, but you still try to break through, then you will be destroyed immediately.” Think carefully, ”the magician said in a stern voice that he was sitting on the other side of the stone gate.

“I’ve thought it over well,” Mo Fan answered.

Pan Lai, like no one else, knew about the power of the galactic mountain path, so when he saw that Mo Fan was climbing there, his face changed dramatically.

However, Mo Fan was determined very decisively: if not for Xin Xia, then all of his cultivation to the present moment can go to hell!

– Invasion of the galactic mountain path!

– Invasion of the galactic mountain path!

– Invasion of the galactic mountain path!

A loud voice began to be heard over the entire district, which simply cut its ears.

As Ban Lai said before, immediately after invading the galactic mountain path, magical borders begin to act, which, like a cap, cover the entire mountain path with their magic. Mo Fan felt as though he were in a monastery of chaos, where nothing was visible at all ….

He also felt pressure exerted on his magical powers – according to his own feelings, the pressure was not too strong, and he could still be overcome by the forces of the body.

However, Ban Lai also said that if the magician’s abilities are not close to the highest level, then hoping for a mountain path is simply pointless.

The news that an intruder appeared on the mountain path instantly scattered throughout the Parthenon, and even the magicians of the temple of faith already knew about it.

It was as if some daredevil appeared that dared to violate an ancient ban, thereby attracting the attention of all people in the district!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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