Chapter 1155. Greek Copper Monster


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People from the temple of faith, which was located at the foot of the mountain, immediately ran here as soon as they heard news about the intruder. Looking through the barriers, they could see how a human silhouette sneaks from step to step up!

“This man … is that not the same Mo Fan who could defeat the formidable Jail ?!”

“It seems he really is!” What is he doing? Does he not know that it is forbidden to step on the galactic mountain path ?!

Very soon, the news that Mo Fan was the intruder on the galactic mountain path had scattered in all directions.

After some time, there were much more people watching the climb of the most famous student of world competitions on the mountain path. They all looked at his incomprehensible and inexplicable behavior.

At the top of the mountain, knights-defenders were already crowding, which looked from the height at Mo Fan.

– Who is it?

– It does not matter who he is, he himself found his death! – said the main knight Hailong.

“He seems to have come here for Ye Xin Xia!” – said Kulun.

Kulun stood next to Fenai. Initially, he was the defending knight that accompanied Xin Xia everywhere, and as the status and importance of Xin Xia increased in the Parthenon, his position also went up, but who knew that everything would collapse in an instant.

In truth, at the very beginning, he, too, refused to believe what had happened, and even after all the evidence was presented, it was very difficult for him to believe it!

“Well, what an ignoramus ?!” What is the point of going up here? Everyone in the world knows that getting here is impossible! Fenai swore.

– It seems that he was already able to get to the first statue.

– No one can destroy a copper monster!

Mo Fan stepped on the level at which the first statue was located. He turned to look at this statue, and found that the statue was also staring at him with his only eye. From the sight of this statue, goosebumps would have run for a long time!

The first statue is a Greek copper monster!

An ancient creature that symbolizes the murder in Greece, and here protects the top of the mountain from uninvited guests!

The Greek copper monster has only one eye, its four limbs are very short and heavy, its body is like a frog, and its head is like a rhinoceros skull – on top of the nose there is a large copper horn!

This copper horn immediately rushed towards Mo Fan, who did not even have time to react!

* Zhuh

A small wound appeared in Mo Fan’s shoulder, from which blood began to ooze.

The Greek copper monster was on the other side of the magician, looking at him with his only eye as if he had been here for so many years, and only killing a person can revive him!

The copper monster again began to attack Mo Fan, as if a whole host of wild animals had flown up, the speed of which was increasing every second.

Mo Fan, who had not provided for precautions, now had only to react instantly.

After some time, the magician’s body already had several non-fatal wounds, and the Greek copper monster still glanced sideways at him, about to attack again.

It was clear that the monster was not going to kill Mo Fan immediately, because for so many years he was the first to dare to invade the galactic mountain path!

The monster attacked again, only now Mo Fan managed to dodge, pushing the opponent onto the stairs.

“Why isn’t he hiding ?!” Cried Zhu Meng.

“It will not be possible to hide, because the horn of this creature has special power: if it is aimed at someone, then it certainly will not succeed in hiding!” – said Ban Lai.

– You can’t hide? But how then to fight?

– Mo Fan can only rely on himself.

New wounds continued to arise on the body of Mo Fan, because of which he no longer felt any pain. On the one hand, these wounds did not affect the course of the battle at all, but, on the other hand, even the magician’s heart no longer responded to them. Only one thought was spinning in my head: we need to break forward!

Mo Fan made his way further, despite the fact that his body was completely covered with wounds.

The point is not that Mo Fan could not concentrate on the battle with this monster, but that there really was no escape from the attacks of this creature. And although the body of the copper enemy was not so big, its horn hit very hard!

The Greek copper monster grinned, opening his mouth. Apparently this time he intended to hit Mo Fan really seriously, because some kind of cunning flashed in his eyes.

Mo Fan did not even intend to hide, he only looked with icy gaze at the enemy ….

– Ash Claw of Lightning!

In the hands of the magician sparkled electric claws that swung at the monster!

Lightning began to attack the copper beast with such force that it simply threw it into the air, and with a heavy roar crashed onto the stone steps!

– Instant movement!

Mo Fan literally evaporated among the dancing lightning.

He found himself right next to the Greek copper monster, having prepared his electric claws!

– Electrohand, explosion!

Mo Fan clenched his hand into a fist, and the lightning from her headed heavily straight at the monster.

The electric discharges were so powerful that even the plants along the steps turned into dust!

The whole body of the copper creature was covered in lightning ….

– Kara Tirana!

Mo Fan again flashed his eyes, sending forward even more powerful lightning, which passed through the body of the monster and hit a stone.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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