Chapter 1156. One-horned stone gargoyle.


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– Electrical circuit!

Without waiting for the Greek copper monster to land, Mo Fan formed middle-level magic at the last moment.

The thunder and lightning of the fifth stage began to concentrate in the sky. Numerous lightning strikes struck the monster’s body until his skin cracked.

The Greek monster finally got a short moment to catch his breath, and then Mo Fan again applied the tyrant’s punishment, securely sealing the monster to the ground!

There were tears all over the body of the copper monster. The creature rushed angrily at Mo Fan. A green glow enveloped his entire body, thereby increasing the strength of the monster several times.

– Flaming sword!

In the hands of Mo Fan, a raging fire lit up and quickly formed into a giant fiery sword.

Mo Fan did not hesitate and with all his might slashed his sword towards the approaching monster!

The previous continuous lightning attack has already caused serious damage to the monster, tearing its body bronze protection to pieces. Therefore, the blow of the fiery sword fell directly on his unprotected body, chopping it literally in half!

The scattering waves of fire finished the job, further destroying the remains of the monster. One could notice the residual electrical discharges spreading over the carcass.

Stepping closer, Mo Fan stepped heavily on the remains of copper armor, crushing it into even smaller pieces. He wanted to eliminate the likelihood of a monster recovering, as the undead are capable of doing.

But obviously the monster did not have this ability. For a while nothing happened to his remains, and Mo Fan no longer felt the presence of his breath.

Mo Fan continued to step up, approaching the next statue!

……… ..

– Here … that’s how he took and killed ?? – standing on top of a mountain road, Kulun watched what was happening and shook with fear.

The remaining members of the Temple of the Knights also could not believe what was happening. A man cannot kill a Greek copper monster so simply!

“Have you not noticed that his element of lightning has the radiance of the seal of blessing?” Very powerful shine! It seems this guy managed to double his natural abilities in this form of magic, ”the enlightened Tisu said.

Perhaps, only if the Yiddish fairy herself has given you a blessing, can you hope to double your abilities. Mother’s blessing did not have such power. Tisu did not understand how Mo Fan managed to make sure that the energy of the spiritual press did not dissipate at all.

– How can someone have a double gain, even if he has a sphere …

During international competitions, many people saw the real strengths of Mo Fan. Among them, the lightning element, reinforced by the tyrant’s sphere six times, stood out especially, it could fill the whole arena. Even a gifted magician like Jail could not resist the lightning elements of Mo Fan!

And so far the element of lightning has been doubled thanks to the Praise of the spiritual seal. Few can resist one ashen claw of lightning!

After all, the Greek copper monster was not killed by a fiery sword at all, before this, numerous lightning strikes managed to destroy his body.

– Why, having such excellent abilities, does the guy seek his death? What a stupid thing! – people began to swear displeased.

Even people from the temple of the knights can hardly achieve a blessing such as praising the spiritual seal. The possibility of a twofold increase in your strength can drive any mage crazy! Indeed, at a high level of cultivation, achieving such results is incredibly difficult! For many years, the knights devoted their whole life to the Parthenon, but did not receive such an honor. Watching Mo Fan use this power, they began to experience anger and envy.


“Old Pan, why does it seem to me that this copper monster is weak?” – Zhu Meng said skeptically, looking at the remains of the monster.

“This is not a monster, but Mo Fan is too strong.” Those high-level mages standing on top are unlikely to be able to do anything. Its lightning element is reinforced 12 times! – answered Pan Lai.

The gray-haired Song Jiming, standing nearby, nodded his head.

Really. After international competitions, Mo Fan diligently cultivated for two months. Now his powers are incomparable with those of other high-level magicians. This barrier with powerful suppression power is very effective against top-level magicians, but it did not pose a big threat to Mo Fan.

“It will be harder next,” said Ban Lai.

– That he could break through.

……… ..

Mo Fan was already facing the next statue. This time it was a huge bat with long wings. The strange creature had four clawed legs and one horn on its head.

Seeing that the creature had not awakened, Mo Fan continued to climb up the stairs.

– My friend, isn’t it too naive to think that you can so easily go through the path protected by me? – a bizarre senile voice was heard behind.

Mo Fan turned sharply and saw that a stone gargoyle was already standing a meter away from him. Her face was a cross between the appearance of a man and a monster. The insidious smile looked fake and inspired fear!

Mo Fan did not panic, continuing to stare at the creature indifferently.

“Can you speak humanly?” – asked the magician.

“Many years ago, I was a man,” the creature replied.

“Will you miss me?” – asked Mo Fan.

The creature smiled:

– What do you think?

“I’m not at all interested in what you are.” Get out! – in the hand of Mo Fan, a fire broke out instantly, and a burning fist fell on a stone gargoyle!

“Well, well, the character is so-so,” the gargoyle’s body seemed to float back, and when a wave of fire approached, she dodged it.

Mo Fan was not going to chat with this creature. His body was transformed into a bird of shadow, which rushed to the unicorn stone gargoyle.

Concentrated, Mo Fan with both hands firmly grabbed the monster by the wings, and a subsequent fiery explosion threw it down the steps!

– Squeeze!

The eyes of the magician radiated radiance. The crushing force of spatial impulses immediately fell upon a stone gargoyle.

The spatial force, formed by the silver glow from the eyes of Mo Fan, turned the body of the gargoyle into powder!

– Well, well, very cruel. For a long time I have not met such a curious young man. That toad is not your rival. I will make you realize that the Milky Way road is not at all a place where you can go by the will of your whim! – the voice of the gargoyle was heard from the other side. With her clawed legs, she clung tightly to a tree branch. Moreover, the branch did not even bend, as if the creature was weightless!

– Fake? – carefully looking at what was left after his spatial attack, Mo Fan realized that it was not a gargoyle at all.

Mo Fan himself was well versed in using the false shadow, so he immediately realized what was happening.

“And you understand a lot.” Perhaps I will pull out your courage and see how it differs from others!

(According to ancient Chinese beliefs, the gallbladder is a container of courage.)

It seems that the creature had the ability to get to the internal organs directly through the bodily membrane. The monster’s paw penetrated Mo Fan’s body and grabbed his gall bladder.

The gargoyle smiled fiercely. She jerked her clawed paw and actually pulled out Mo Fan’s internal organs !!

The stone gargoyle was in no hurry to kill Mo Fan. In these places it is always too calm. Few people can get to them, so such cases are extremely encouraging.

“Blowing up air doesn’t make any sense.” Many fights are not based on destructive magic at all, – slowly setting Mo Fanya, the gargoyle gently opened its paw. She was anxious to see if his gallbladder was so big? Otherwise, how could he go to his death.

The paw of the monster opened and a black haze dissipated from it. The gargoyle froze for a second, and then swiftly looked back at Mo Fan, but saw only his pale silhouette.

– Not only do you own this technique! – Now the voice of Mo Fan came from the other side. The magician decided to beat the enemy with his own weapons.

This time, Mo Fang’s flaming fist was much more powerful. The fiery dragon crashed right into the gargoyle’s back, breaking all the bones.

A fiery dragon soared into the sky, and a gargoyle rolled down a mountain road.

But the gargoyle was not so weak. Flapping large wings, she very quickly reached the top.

The gargoyle staggered a little from side to side, yet it was affected by the blow of a flaming fist. Already without her previous smile, she angrily turned to Mo Fan:

“You will regret it!”

– The control!

A powerful stream of energy went to a huge stone with an engraving.

Under the control of Mo Fan, a huge stone flew towards the gargoyle, and she, in turn, picked up a muddy hurricane that hit directly into the stone and threw it in the other direction.

– Bloody cross!

The gargoyle released two blood-red light rays. Crossing, the rays formed a cross, soaring above the head of Mo Fan.

Mo Fan hastily stepped back, but the cross grew larger and larger, and soon there was nowhere to hide from it!

– Instant move!

Mo Fan applied the magic of space at a high level, and a moment later he was a hundred meters from his former place. Soaring above the rock, the bloody cross left a pit in the shape of a cross on the ground!

In two months of persistent cultivation, in addition to strengthening the energy of spiritual printing, Mo Fan also managed to master the instantaneous movement of an element of space. He so lacked this technique during international competitions …

Of course, so far he has not perfected this skill enough, but in situations where there is nowhere else to evade, this technique is very helpful. Moreover, by applying instant movement, Mo Fan can take a more advantageous position to launch an unexpected attack.

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