Chapter 1157. The draft boom!


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The stone gargoyle was much faster than the Greek copper monster. Applying an instant move, Mo Fan got away from her a safe distance, but the next second saw her evil face in front of him. The gargoyle laughed fiercely.

– This time I will pull out your rib cage! The gargoyle released its claws, sparkling like lightning. They were so long and sharp that they could easily tear out the whole chest of Mo Fan.

The body of Mo Fan turned into an ash-black lightning. With bright flashes of lightning moved back to the rock.

The gargoyle had already regained equilibrium and attacked Mo Fan with its clawed paw for the second time. But the guy managed to dodge, and the rock behind him shattered from the attack of the gargoyle!

Stone fragments scattered in all directions and still soared in the air, and the gargoyle was already ready for a second attack. She aimed right between the blades of Mo Fan!

The body of Mo Fan seemed to have settled and took the form of a bird of shadow. From the high steps, he quickly moved down.

– Just think that to run away. So you definitely won’t see who you came for. Ah, poor girl! From the very first day, when she first walked past me and climbed the sacred mountain, already then I knew about her tragic fate. Do you know what they do with the convicts? I have been here for over a thousand years and have seen many lucky ones. I saw how their beauty is destroyed, how they are beheaded. I saw how their fresh blood washes away with heavy rain and it flows down these steps. Every time this happened, I thought that these people, who consider themselves talents and geniuses, could not learn humility. They could not even think that there are inviolable people or forces, and if you show no humility, then the end will be like that!

The stone gargoyle was in no hurry to pursue Mo Fan. She stood arrogantly on the upper steps. It seems that if Mo Fan was not on her site, then she calmed down.

“And so you renounced your essence and became a guard dog?” What is the use of sitting here for a thousand years. You will never be human again! – Mo Fan said indifferently.

Guard dog!

These two words instantly echoed with a wave of anger in the heart of the gargoyle!

Mo Fan hit the nail on the head. The gargoyle was once a human being and that is why it can speak. A curse spell was cast on her and she will be locked forever in the Parthenon. Of course, such a life is terribly tiresome, and in her soul a strong anger was born long ago, sufficient to destroy the entire Acropolis. But she could do nothing, imprisoned in a stone body.

Over time, she began to hate people. In her eternal confinement, the only joy was the opportunity to torment such as Mo Fan.

– You know, from the previous intruder I pulled out all the guts and hung it on a flower tree !! Said the gargoyle viciously.

“Watch dogs always bark the loudest,” Mo Fan said indifferently.

The gargoyle nearly burst with anger. Her silhouette, like a ghost soared into the sky, the shadows lay on top of each other, more and more sharp claws appeared that descended from the sky like rain from sharp swords and did not leave a single gap for shelter.

– Thunderstorm Tyrant! – Mo Fan stamped his foot on the ground with force and the powerful breath of lightning as if a hurricane had dissipated in all directions.

Electric discharges raged in the clouds, and ash-black lightning dragons gathered above Mo Fan. In the end, they transformed into thunder and lightning strikes of incredible strength. Lightning continuously descended from heaven and struck directly at Mo Fan!

In a sphere saturated with lightning energy, an electric arc formed at that hour. The whole body of Mo Fan was shrouded in lightning discharges like armor!

The gargoyle could not withstand Mo Fang’s lightning attack, reinforced 12 times. The electric arc was like a giant whip that continually hit the gargoyle’s body. The paralyzing effect completely immobilized the monster!

– Deadly silent lightning!

The strands of electrical discharges encircled Mo Fan’s hand, and following the trajectory of its movement, a beam of rays rushed into the body of the gargoyle and burned it through!

The gargoyle did not have time to evade the attack, because the deadly silent lightning was the fastest type of destructive magic. A beam of electric rays burned through a hole in the body of a gargoyle and flew out between its wings!

– AAAAA !!

The gargoyle let out a piercing scream. Her wings and chest were badly burned. With such a hole, an ordinary animal would die on the spot!

– The control!

Mo Fan did not let the gargoyle escape. A silver glow poured from his second hand, and a huge invisible hand grabbed a gargoyle!

Mo Fan concentrated all his thoughts and put all his spiritual powers into the magic of space.

The invisible hand shrank more and more, and the body of the gargoyle hanging in the air gradually collapsed and its squeal did not stop.

– A whip of lightning!

Several thousand rays of the seal of lightning, following the disembodied hand of Mo Fan, rushed to the gargoyle.

The creature was reliably captured by the invisible power of magic and had no chance to evade a terrifying attack. In the next instant, the lightning element hit the gargoyle!

Mo Fan’s incorporeal hand was completely invisible, but as lightning discharged through it, its outlines appeared in the air. She looked like a giant paw of a monster taken under the control of the lightning power of the enemy.

– The draft boom!

Before Mo Fan, a silver-blue elemental star cloud appeared. First, incredibly beautiful elemental star systems appeared, then they connected into a majestic star cloud. All three hundred and forty-three stars of the star system shone brightly moving to the next level and printing out the entry gates of a higher level !!

– Awww!

– Awww!

There was a howl of a herd of wolves. The cold penetrating wind opened the gates of the call and the seething haze broke out!

A white fierce wolf slowly emerged from the gates of the summoning. One of his paws was the size of a tree, and when he appeared whole, even the nearby stone rock could not hide him!

The fierce look of the wolf was aimed at the stone gargoyle and he rushed bloodthirstily forward.

Seeing a giant wolf, the gargoyle that is urine flapped its wings, but the paralyzing effect of lightning did not dissipate yet, and its movements were extremely slow.

– Awww!

Soon another wolf appeared. He was a little smaller than the previous one, but just as fast and ferocious. The wolf immediately rushed up, jumping over the steps, wanting to tear the gargoyle to pieces!


The third white wolf turned out to be even more abrupt temper. Although two of his comrades had already seized the prey, he quickly ran upstairs, trying to take the championship. Then came the fourth wolf, fifth, sixth …

Countless stream of wolves soon filled the entire mountain. They crowded around the gargoyle, gnawing at its flesh and bones. Spatter of blood, internal organs and pieces of skin scattered outward in all directions!

The agonizing squeals did not stop. Apparently, the gargoyle was an immortal creature, but it took her a long time to recover. Therefore, her torment was a thousand times harder than that of an ordinary animal!

Wolves continued to tear her to pieces. Most likely they were not carnivorous, but they needed to fill their stomach for energy.

“How … where did you get the five elements?” You definitely can’t be a spell magician! – the angry cry of a gargoyle echoed among the mountains. But after these words, one of the wolves tore off her head. Mo Fan did not hear the following words, but they continued to be heard in the stomach of the wolf!


“How cruel …” Han Ji watched in dismay. For a long time, this was the only thing he said.

“Yes,” said Ban Lai.

The abilities of Mo Fan were amazing. Still, he really deserves the first place in international competitions! He possessed five powerful elements and so skillfully combined various elements that his rivals could not even resist him! If he fully develops five elements of a high level, then few of the magicians of the highest level can compare with him!

– The high level has its advantages. At the very least, he can open his forces here in all its glory, and a higher level, on the contrary, would have fettered him. What a pity that the highest-level magicians are the weakest on the sacred mountain, ”said old man Song Tsimin.

– Pan Lai, what’s next? Complicated? – seeing how Mo Fan cracked down on the second statue, Zhu Meng thought for a moment.

– That time I failed in the third stage. He is guarded by a vampire, whose age is at least two thousand years … – answered Pan Lai.

“Wa … a vampire … two thousand years …”

“Does a vampire a thousand years old not reach the level of a commander ??” – Zhu Meng blurted out excitedly.

– Yes! If you meet a vampire two thousand years old, then even if you two, Han Ji and Zhu Meng, join forces, it is not a fact that you can defeat him. But the good thing is that he, too, is under the influence of overwhelming force. His power is suppressed to the level of a commander, but I’m afraid that Mo Fan will not be able to withstand his abilities, ”answered Pan Lai.

“Is he so strong?”

– If I could not defeat him, what do you think?


Mo Fan moved on. The strength of the call will still be in effect for a short time, so the magician was in a hurry to eliminate the third statue.

The third statue looked like a man, only with sharper and longer fangs.

The creature had already woken up and stood in the middle of the steps, blocking the road. With extreme contempt, he looked at the approaching wolves.

– Most of all I hate wolves! The vampire blurted absently.

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