Chapter 1158: The Vampire of Bora!


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Suddenly, blood froze formed around the vampire, which immediately turned into a long, long bloody whip.
The vampire possessed this bloody whip to perfection, he whipped this whip on the white ferocious wolves. The fierce wolves, whose bodies consisted of powerful muscles, could not stand such a battle, some of them even flew to the side, hitting a rock and breaking their heads.
And the vampire laughed, after each lash, one could hear the suffering of the ferocious wolves. A pack of wolves flew in, but they could not get close to the vampire. In the end, the fastest ferocious wolf came closer, as a result, the arrogant vampire kicked this ferocious wolf on the head, and he rolled down the stairs and did not begin to climb back.
– Now we will have fun! This vampire looked a bit arrogant, but he lacked the cunning and vulgarity that a gargoyle has. In every movement he saw a bullfighter, who frolic with white ferocious wolves!
Mo Fan was a little familiar with vampire abilities because of Liu Zhu. But if you compare her and this arrogant vampire, then Liu Zhu was inferior to him. Mo Fan was clearly not a worthy opponent to him.
That vampire was agile. He frowned at the head of the wolf, stamped on it. The wolf remained crushed on the steps, his teeth were broken.
Another white fierce wolf jumped up, almost clutching his teeth at the vampire. But at that moment, the silhouette of the vampire turned into a purple bat, flying past the wolf.
That white fierce wolf banged his teeth in the air. Having reached the earth, the vampire again took on a human form. He grabbed the wolf by the hind paw and shook it well.
The white fierce wolf with long claws was just about to pounce on the vampire when his own comrade attacked him. The vampire stood there and watched as two white fierce wolves were busy fighting, a cold arrogant smile appeared on his face.
– Yes, he … he fights with them, as if it were not a pack of wolves, but a pack of puppies from the gateway! What a powerful vampire! – Zhu Meng said in surprise.
It was still not full strength, if this vampire used all the power that he has, then he would be able to arrange a battle here that no one saw. Parthenon is a real treasure, therefore only worthy should guard it!
“I said that the power of a stone gargoyle and a vampire is not on the same level.” Even if Mo Fan loses, it will still be nice. This vampire has a pretty high position in society. If Mo Fan will use dishonest tricks, then we can assume that he lost, cultivation down the drain. In truth, I don’t even know how old this vampire is. It is very different from the rest of the bloodsuckers, it has many high human qualities. He needs human blood to sustain life, but the one who provided him with blood has long died. Now, having lost the source of blood, his life time was limited, so he volunteered to protect the Parthenon, said Pan Lai.
– Hmm … That is, if he wants to leave, he can do it at any time? Asked Zhu Meng.
– Yes, his successors stood at the origins of the Parthenon. Under the auspices of the Parthenon light, its biological processes proceed a little slower, said Pan Lai.
“How do you know so much?” Asked Han Ji.
Pan Lai became uncomfortable, he replied with a sigh: “At that time I was also young. “I never lost, but when that guy defeated me, I decided to look for information about him.”
– … ..
“Will you have to dig your own grave if Mo Fan wins?”

– Go to hell!
At the top of the mountain, the enlightened Tisu muttered something under her breath.
During the ceremony, the enlightened woman was unhappy with the impudent Mo Fan. Seeing that the vampire Bora entered into battle with him, her soul became joyful.
This person, who does not respect the temple of ancestors, must be severely punished.
– Probably Bora can easily figure it out … Hmm … if this boy wins, then what is the power of the Parthenon? – said Hailong
Even the highest level magicians could not pass this mountain road the Milky Way. Using his successful cultivation, Mo Fan decided to try to break through. But thereby he provoked a large number of people. Therefore, the vampire Bora rushed there to deal with this guy. Otherwise, people who live at the foot of the mountain would think that the mountain road is a weak point!
“The venerable knight, this guy is the best mage among world educational institutions.” After he received the praise of the spiritual seal, he feels quite comfortable at a high level. The guy owns five elements, two of which are very strong magic of summoning and the destructive magic of the lightning element … If he breaks through the statues, then this will be quite normal. As far as I know, the Milky Way mountain road was created for young people who have achieved great success in the cultivation of magicians, ”said Conti from the Marine League.
The situation with the island – the monster fell on the shoulders of the marine league. Conti came here to ask some of the Parthenon knights to go to the Mediterranean Sea and find that monster. But suddenly, Mo Fanya saw here, who angrily burst into this territory.

The Temple of the Knights couldn’t send their people to search now. Xin Xia was preoccupied with the Salana affair. The Holy One was killed, and the Temple of the Knights took precautions. All that remained was to wait until Xin Xia returned to normal, only then would the Temple of the Knights be able to set aside a few people to search the Mediterranean Sea.
Mo Fan saw that on the mountain road lay white ferocious wolves. The magician’s eyes involuntarily froze on a strong vampire.
The ferocious white wolves did not die, Mo Fan returned them to space in advance, believing that the soaring white wolf would be able to dispose of them correctly. Why did Mo Fan call these ferocious wolves, and not someone stronger? The reason is that the soaring white wolf is already the master of space. He subjugates the ferocious white wolves, and they obey him. Just as they obey the orders of Mo Fan. Therefore, to call them to the battlefield was the right step.
The ferocious white wolves were strong enough. The only pity is that Bora was much stronger, in an instant having laid a pack of wolves.

Mo Fan could easily distinguish between the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. The power of this vampire exceeded the power of the black king of the swordsmen. If it were not for the restraining magic barrier, then it would not be stopped!
Mo Fan analyzed the situation. You can climb the stairs up, but the white ferocious wolves left blood on these steps, stepping into it, traces of the magician will be visible.
What should Mo Fan do, knowing that the adversary is so strong? But he did not have time to think, he urgently needed to see Xin Xia.
Bora’s vampire stood there, watching Mo Fan approach him. Bora knew that Mo Fan was the master of the white ferocious wolves. Curiosity was read in his gaze, as the guy who burst here turned out to be younger than the vampire thought.
Bora stared at Mo Fan, inhaling lightly. By the speed of blood running through Mo Fan’s veins, he could determine his state of mind – fear, tension, or something else …
However, when Bora sniffed the blood of Mo Fan, his face immediately changed. His eyes stared at the magician, he opened his mouth in surprise. His enthusiasm was difficult to control, his eyes lit up with a bright fire.
“Your blood … your blood!” – Bora shouted joyfully, pointing to Mo Fan.
Mo Fan was in a stupor, he did not understand why this bloodsucker was so happy.
– What about my blood? – asked Mo Fan.
“You don’t pretend to be a fool.” The blood that flows through your veins is far from ordinary. You melted a bloody drop, but you did not turn into a monster.
This is unthinkable … Bora was very surprised and excited.
Mo Fan was astounded, how does this bloodsucker know about the bloody drop?
The bloody drop is the main subject of demonization. Using the power of 4 elements, he himself broke a bloody drop.
It turns out that a bloody drop has existed for a long time!
“You, too, are like some kind of wrong vampire,” said Mo Fan.
Mo Fan felt that the energy of this vampire is very similar to the energy of Liu Zhu. Perhaps he is the same as her.
“Don’t put me on a par with dirty bloodsuckers.” Why didn’t you turn into a demon? What techniques do you have? Asked Bora.
“I need to discuss something with you,” Mo Fan said indifferently.
Mo Fan’s secret was not demonization, but a dark talisman that hung on his neck and was not visible to the rest. The existence of the talisman allows Mo Fan to return his human characteristics in the process of demonization. Although Mo Fan was surprised that this bloodsucker knew about his demonization, but the enemy is the enemy, why do we need empty talk!
– Okay, okay, I realized that you are a guy with a character. I still want to see what abilities you have! – Bora began to get angry.
The bloodsucker threw a cloak on himself and turned into a purple bat. Like a shadow, he scurried through the air. In an instant, Bora reached Mo Fan and hit Mo Fan in the chest with one hand.
Mo Fan turned pale with fear and called for the first time to snake chain mail.
Snake chain mail was immediately located on the chest of the magician. The terrible force of the blow pushed Mo Fan to the mountains, he crushed several stone blocks with his body!
“If you are weak, then you are not worthy to control the demonization!” – Bora again turned into a bat, having flown into the stone blockage in which Mo Fan was located.
He raised a bloody light with both hands and threw it in the direction of Mo Fan. The power of the bloody light was terrifying. Having reached the earth, he turned all these mountain blocks into powder.
– Ha! Children’s games! – Seeing that Mo Fan is leaving, the shadow of the vampire flickered and he was 100 meters further from the previous place.
The space trembled. Applying instant movement, Mo Fan was in that place. But who knew that the vampire was already waiting for him there. Bloody claws began to strangle Mo Fan, lifting him into the air.
Mo Fan was in a panic. What kind of bloodsucker is this? What the final path of instant movement can know in advance. It was a monster with rich combat experience!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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