Chapter 1159: Servant of the Demon


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– Tell me your secret, otherwise I will turn you into a disabled person! – Bora said coldly.

He grabbed Mo Fan by the throat, gradually starting to use force.

Covering the neck of Mo Fan snake chain, could not stand the power of this vampire and began to disperse at the seams.

* Shhhhh

While Bora was conducting his interrogation, strange warm energy could be felt in his legs. Sensing danger, the vampire released Mo Fan’s neck and flew away from him a certain distance.

* Bam!

Burning magma spread over the ground and exploded, forming a huge pillar of flame that flew up into the sky.

The fiery dragon spun near Mo Fan. Brown and bright red flames surrounded the body of Mo Fan, turning the magician into the lord of fire – strong and merciless!

The bloodsucker’s reaction was very quick, if it were a little slower, then his hand, squeezing the throat of Mo Fan, would have burned to the ground.

Seeing the fire dancing madly near Mo Fan, the vampire Bora narrowed his eyes, saying: “An interesting sight.”

– Bloody mouse, go to battle!

The vampire waved his hands, his body turned into a lump of viscous blood. This lump increased until it turned into a giant bloody bat with long wings.

A bloody bat flew at Mo Fan, dropping drops of poisonous blood in flight. Falling on the stones, this blood melted them!

– Fire wings!

With the help of fire feathers, Mo Fan took off to the highest place on the mountain path – a sheer cliff. But before he could stand firmly on his feet, a bat had already flown up to him.

The huge rock melted in an instant, it’s good that Mo Fan used the wings of fire and managed to fly far enough away. Otherwise, his body, dressed in snake chain mail, would turn into a bloody mess.

Mo Fan flew around, seeing that Bora was standing on the spot where the rock was, he sent his powerful fist to him!

– Fists of the heavenly flame!

Rain from powerful fists, as if from meteorites, began to hit a steep cliff. Bora, attached to a steep slope, moved slowly, trying to find a safe place. But under such a bombardment with his fists, it was not even visible that the vampire was in a panic.

On a sheer mountain there were a huge number of hollows from fists. But on the vampire moving along the mountain, besides the fact that his body was slightly burnt, the rain from his fists had almost no effect.

– Bloody whip!

The vampire darted to the side, a long bloody whip hit the ground.

– Seal of Lightning!

Mo Fan very quickly created constellations that formed several thousand print lightnings. All these zippers of the seal, combining together, created a lightning whip, starting the battle with a bloody whip.

– Fiery feathers!

The duration of the fire wings was limited, Mo Fan immediately scattered the feathers of fire.

The feathers of fire sparkled like stars. They flew towards the vampire, filling their space.

– The explosion!

Mo Fan held his hand in the air, gathering the power of fire. At the same moment, the wings of fire exploded, the rumble from the explosion was so strong that the entire mountain path trembled.

The vampire lingered in the air. He could not escape from such an explosion, but managed to hide under his cloak. He even buried his head in his special coat, creating a barrier to such a powerful explosion force!

Mo Fan raised his eyebrows in surprise. How so, why does a vampire not have a single wound? Can Mo Fan use only the lightning element magic against this vampire? But then again, he spends too much energy. First a gargoyle, now this vampire. How could he break through?

– First go through this mountain passage, and then talk! – Mo Fan bit his tongue, not thinking about anything else.

If he could not even overcome the three statues, then what kind of talk can there be about protecting Xin Xia? But there is no point in arguing on this topic, it is better to try to eliminate the enemy by all means!

– Tyrant’s Thunderstorm Orb!

Lightning fell on the ground, crushing mountain stones. Lightning snakes concentrated in the air, forming a sphere of lightning and covering Mo Fan. Elements of lightning frantically gathered in this place.

– Scope of the fire threat!

Mo Fan screamed again. A fiery menace scattered around him. The mountain road turned into a sea of fire, a heat wave reached the peaks and foot of the mountains!

– Ash Claw of Lightning!

Mo Fan called a frantic lightning. Under a layer of clouds that hung low above the ground, the demonic claws of lightning began to tear the space above the head of the vampire.

The vampire of Bora turned into a bat, he darted among the claws of lightning, and, in the end, escaped a larger number of claws of lightning!

The lightning claws clenched, reducing the space Bora could be in.

– Burial with a heavenly flame – a hell of a gun!

Mo Fan used two kinds of magic together. Mo Fan connected two star clouds together, pushing the elements together.

Bora did not think that Mo Fan uses two elements at once. Trying to dodge the ashen claws of lightning, he saw the approach of the infernal cannon and realized that he would not have time to slip away.

His speed slowed; he hurriedly fired a bloody shield.

The bloody shield shattered into pieces from the power of the infernal cannon. The strength of the soulful seed of the fiery rose Mo Fan was not very powerful, however, the cultivation of a small getter reached a high level. A fire threat approached the Tyrannical thunderstorm, to add here the second-level high magic: burial with a heavenly flame is a hell of a cannon, and the power of Mo Fan increased several times!

The vampire was hit by the infernal cannon.

* Bam!

In the smoke of battle you could see a huge crater in the middle of a mountain road. The stone steps were about to collapse, and a wave of fire passed everywhere.

There was a roar in the mountains.

The vampire in the crater was able to stay on his feet. He formed a bloody circle around the body, which became his sacred shield guarding the vampire.

His body was imprinted by many wounds, lightning left a black wound on his back.

But when he saw that the wounds on the body of the vampire were not serious, Mo Fan frowned.

The magician combined two spheres, spent a lot of energy. But even if this magic, one of the strengths of Mo Fan does not defeat the vampire, then the magician will not see Xin Xia today.

Ashes flew in the air, and Mo Fan stood there, clenching his fists tightly.

Mo Fan knew that even with the help of demonization, it was hardly possible to deal with this vampire …


The vampire of Bora jumped out of the crater and walked along a mountain path that had changed beyond recognition to Mo Fan.

His face was stern and cold, and his eyes were no longer insane as before.

Mo Fan went to him, the eyes of the magician shone with a silver light, concentrating the power of thought, he again decided to fight the vampire with all his might!

“Enough,” the vampire shouted.

Mo Fan frowned, not realizing what kind of tricks a vampire was throwing.

“Leave a little strength to confront one guy, otherwise you will perish in these mountains,” Bora said.

– What does it mean? Will you let me pass – asked Mo Fan, doubting.

“If you’re weak, I can’t let you leave here.” Having reached the mountain stairs, you will not have time to regret how that guy will tear you to shreds, ”said the vampire.

“Do you want to guard me?” – asked Mo Fan.

“You are the only person who inherited demonization.” I hope that when you leave this place, your strength will increase by several times. Why seek your death here? Said the vampire Bora, whose cold had dissipated.

“I can’t help but climb the mountain,” Mo Fan said confidently.

“Of course, you, in the fight against me, have dealt me a serious blow.” But the next statue is much stronger than me … Aren’t you afraid of death? The vampire asked.

– There are no people who are not afraid of death. But there are some things that outweigh fear, ”answered Mo Fan.

– People … Stupid, but at the same time worthy of respect. From the most ancient times to our time there are monsters who do not dare to invade cities. Not at all like insensitive bloodsuckers who live longer, the more they turn into a rare treasure. Being in danger of extinction, they only can eke out their existence in dark tunnels and caves, ”the vampire sighed.

“You are a very educated vampire,” said Mo Fan.

“I’m not like them.” What I give all my strength to is a demon. Becoming his servant, I serve faithfully and faithfully, unable to change my promise. I thought that I could gradually rot here, indulge in oblivion. But I did not suspect that when Bora died, a real demon would be born. I’m sorry I tested you. And accept my devotional service. The demonic power of my previous master quickly ended. And I took an oath to protect this mountain path. If you are not happy with me, you can order me to die. I do not want to further eke out my existence. ”The vampire’s tone was aristocratic, he even knelt for greater importance.

Mo Fan was amazed that the vampire stopped fighting, ceasing to fulfill his duty to protect the mountain path.

He was not his successor, but the vampire was the same as Liu Zhu. Demonic blood let their hearts beat.

Does this mean that there is no hopeless situation?

Looking at the vampire standing in front of him, all feelings mixed in Mo Fan’s soul.

But the truth is no hopeless situations. Having burst on this mountain road the Milky Way, he met with such a concept as the temple of the knights, and yet there is an independent holy court. Now Mo Fan was only at the foot of the mountain.

However, according to the vampire, he has no chance of success in the fight against the last statue!

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