Chapter 1160. Titan of the Silver Month


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“I’m going to do something crazy.” If you are not afraid, then you can rise with me, ”Mo Fan turned to the vampire.

“We are already crazy in the eyes of the people,” Bora rose from his knee. An insidious smile played on his face.

With the advent of Mo Fan, the vampire seemed to be reborn. And those blows of fiery threat and raging fire were a necessary test for this!

“And are there other demon servants?” – simultaneously asked Mo Fan.

“As far as I know, I’m the only one.”

– Ah, well, from today you will have a sister.

The vampire smiled happily:

“Can’t wait to see her!” But first, we need to get out of this sacred mountain unharmed.


“What … what is he doing ?? How can he kneel before this unfaithful! He is crazy !! – immediately screamed hot-tempered Hailong.

All the people from the temple of the knights and the temple of the fairies were shocked by the events. Of the four guard statues, the vampire of Bora was the most mysterious. And now he knelt before a stranger! Moreover, now he is approaching the fourth statue with Mo Fan …

No one could explain what happened. Even the senior abbess Mirola involuntarily gasped:

“I always said that these bloodsuckers have no souls.” Perhaps they conspired in advance and used this pretext to undermine the authority of the Parthenon! It has long been necessary to eliminate it!

Tisu, Kulun and Fenai did not believe their eyes. How did Mo Fan manage to persuade a vampire ?? Just a few minutes ago, they fought a fierce battle and the vampire managed to occupy an advantageous position.

– Oh! Since he was useless, let the Hub destroy them both! – angrily said Hailong.

Thus, Mo Fan pierced the third barrier. At this time, discontent rose among the numerous followers and believers in the temple of faith. They believed that in this way the Parthenon loses all its authority.

Anyone who reached the fourth statue has already earned the right to see the fairy. The fairy was an incredibly revered and respected person, so even the deputy chief of a knight should ask permission from his mother for an audience with the fairy. And if the fairy nevertheless approves this, then the knight will be allowed an official meeting with the fairy under the strict supervision of the senior abbess. Although, the one who managed to break through himself can see her face to face, and all the knights will stand outside !!

The fairy was loved and revered by tens of millions of people, and anyone would dream of seeing her. If Mo Fan really succeeds in breaking through, or people think that the Milky Way mountain road is not sufficiently protected, then after that thousands of young brave men will appear every day who will try to break through to the sacred mountain. There will be no end to it.

……… ..

Mo Fan and the vampire Bora continued to climb up to the last section of the mountain path. At this point, the mountain cliff was quite wide. On the sides was a dense forest, and stone rocks were located among the trees.

Two separate rocks stood on either side of the road, like stone gates. The closer to the Fairy Temple, the narrower the path.

– Who is last? – Mo Fan looked around, but did not notice the fourth statue.

The vampire Bora was wary. He never saw the fourth creature, but very often felt his powerful breath.

Continuing to move forward, Mo Fan passed a small grove and saw the Fairy Peak ahead. At that moment, a big shadow fell on Mo Fan from above, and goosebumps ran down my body from the powerful suppression force that fell upon him!

Mo Fan raised his head sharply and saw a giant foot above him !!

The thick skin was like rock, and one little finger of the foot was the size of Mo Fan !!

– Caution! – the vampire reacted faster, and grabbing Mo Fan, dragged him to the side and the two of them hid among the trees.

* bam !!!

There was a loud bang. Mo Fan saw that the leg landed exactly where he had just stood. From a heavy blow, all the steps crumbled, and instead they left the imprint of a huge leg!

Mo Fan sighed frantically. Before he could think it over properly, the shadow of a giant leg hung over him again!

– Separate! – the vampire turned into a bat and smoothly flew out from under the giant’s feet.

This time, Mo Fan realized faster. Turning into a bird of shadow, he silently slipped away from the attack.

Lush trees were trampled right into the ground. Now the beautiful forest lacked a large chunk.

To Mo Fan, all this seemed vaguely familiar. Taking off above the crowns of trees, he looked around.

Carefully peering into the murky-white expanses, Mo Fan finally noticed a tall human silhouette. This silhouette was almost transparent, and if Mo Fan did not specifically search for him, then he would not have guessed about the existence of this creature!

Nevertheless, this silhouette was grandiose and occupied more than half of this stretch of track. Lush trees barely reached his knees and looked like small weeds. For a person 1.80 tall, such dimensions were very impressive !!

– This is titanium! – Mo Fan turned to the vampire.

Bora also flew over the trees. A pair of bright red eyes drilled heavenly space.

“Why didn’t we immediately notice such a large creature?” Can it really be invisible? The vampire asked.

– Titans have a protective property, like chameleons. They live in a mountainous and wooded area and when they approach a rocky breed, their skin color me and become like a stone! – answered Mo Fan.

“You are young, but you know a lot,” said Bora.

Azaleas told him about the titans. When he saw him for the first time – it was a complete surprise. Many magicians die without having time to understand what killed them.

Titan had a great body and remarkable strength. At rest, he perfectly transforms into a rocky hill. And during the attack, due to the fact that his skin retains a stony color, no one even guesses about anything until his leg is directly above his head!

– Ohhhh !!!

The Titan realized that his disguise was revealed, and took on his usual guise.

As soon as it appeared, people who watched what was happening near the temple of faith stared in horror at the giant titanium standing in the middle of the mountain. Even at a decent distance, he did not seem smaller. Some believers who do not practice magic, with their legs bowed with fear, sat right on the ground.

Their holy piety immediately dissipated, as soon as they imagined that over the many years of their ministry, this terrible creature lived next to them!

– Please keep calm! This giant is the guardian of the sacred mountain and is dangerous only for those who are trying to break through to the Fairy Temple! At the top there is a magic barrier. Whatever happens there, this in no way touches the temple of faith! – Soon the magician arrived from the temple of faith to maintain order.

In words, everything was clear. But one kind of giant still very scared people.


“Are the titans and the Parthenon not ancient enemies?” How did this titanium become the guard of the Parthenon? – Zhu Meng was a very educated person, but this time he was at a loss.

“I don’t know that either.” In fact, most of the Parthenon members themselves did not know that the fourth guard was titanium. After all, for many years no one has managed to break so far. Even the most powerful magicians stopped in front of the vampire, ”answered Pan Lai.

At that moment, Ban Lai had mixed feelings. He was glad for Mo Fan that he was able to pass the third barrier. But at the same time, he felt awkward that he, being a top-level magician with five complete elements, could not overcome the vampire, who at one moment became Mo Fan’s bodyguard !!

……. ..

– Do not panic. A hub has been brought up in the Parthenon since childhood. This enmity was not transmitted to him, and he wholeheartedly defends the fairy temple! – firmly said the senior abbess of Mirol.

Seeing the titan, people from the temple of the knights noticeably tensed. If the titans did not die out, then sooner or later they will come to the Parthenon. In the past, many knights and magicians of faith died in these wars. Many temple ministers wholeheartedly hated the titans!

For many years now, no one has awakened the fourth protective statue of the Parthenon. With the exception of the very top of the Parthenon, the rest of the employees did not even suspect that they were titanium!

“But is the division of knights into three ranks of the blue star, the silver month, and the golden sun not based on the genealogy of the titans?” This one is titanium of the silver month! – Kulun gasped in amazement.

In the old days, a single titan of a blue star could cause serious damage to several Greek cities. And when titanium of the silver month appeared, the country had to take precautions and eliminate the threat in advance, otherwise a huge number of people could die. Such a titan could wipe a small town off the face of the earth!

The titans of the silver month are a terrible threat. And this titanium, as if covered with silver armor, is an outstanding representative of this kind!

Mo Fan was also aware of the classification of titans. The fierce giant that they met in the mountains of Tirana was just a blue star titan. And this titanium was much more dangerous! No wonder he didn’t even feel it until the titanium leg was above his head!

If it were not for the help of the vampire, then Mo Fan would certainly not have been able to defeat the titan.

At that moment, titanium had already begun to chase them.

Boom!! Boom!! BOOM!!

The giant hands of the titan sank to the ground, destroying everything in its path and destroying the forest. Mo Fan and Bora were forced to retreat farther and farther and in the end both flew into the sky, just to avoid silver fists!

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