Chapter 1161. Break the Titan! * bam !!!


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The titan suddenly jumped up and began insanely stomping the forest. Mo Fan and Bora had not yet managed to restore their balance, as they were overtaken by the next attack.

The attacks of the titan of the silver month touched a vast area, so he did not even

need to aim. Noticing Mo Fan and the vampire, he attacked in approximately this direction and again began to destroy everything in his path. He crushed everything around with both arms and legs, and even if his blows did not reach the opponents, the shock wave still reached them.

“We already tried to split up, but this guy manages to get us both.” Don’t you have a strong draft animal? It is necessary to disperse his attention, the titanium obviously does not have high intelligence, said Bora.

The magician and the vampire were forced to constantly evade. The vampire turned into a bat and dodging was easy and smooth. As for Mo Fan, if not for the magic of shadow and instant movement, he would have definitely lost his head! How good that he learned the technique of instant movement! Otherwise, titanium would have immediately smeared it.

– A soaring white wolf!

Mo Fan strongly called for the soaring white wolf.

A wolf howl was heard from the silver-white gap and a soaring white wolf jumped before them menacingly.

The titan’s leg struck the ground with force and the wolf was thrown back down the steps by a shock wave.

The wolf began to climb up, carefully examining the enemy, and involuntarily trembled.

The enemy is again much stronger than him! The soaring white wolf did not even have time to release its claws and, like Mo Fan and Bora, fell under this destructive wave. The wolf began to dodge and hide between the rocks, unable to respond to the enemy!

Despite the fact that the wolf did not even launch an attack, the pressure on Mo Fan was still noticeably reduced. This titan is really not very smart, since he is going to pursue one person, they will disperse and scatter his attention!

“I will try to delay him, and you will use the most powerful magic!” – said Bora.

Mo Fan nodded, and the vampire had already disappeared from his place and stood at the feet of the titan. His black cloak swayed sharply, while at the same time countless bats flew out from under the cloak, like a cloud of black smoke!

* squeak

A crowd of bats crashed into the body of the titanium of the silver month one by one. The Titan crushed everything around, but could not get rid of the invasion of small creatures.

Soon, the entire body of titanium was covered with a thick black layer of bats. The chirping of thousands of creatures spread around.

Mo Fan seized the opportunity and immediately unfolded two spheres at once together. Two raging elements intertwined together to form an even more terrible elemental hurricane.

– Ash Claw of Lightning!

Mo Fan released lightning energy and an ash-black lightning claw reinforced 12 times hit the body of titanium! The bats disappeared at the last moment, passing lightning.

* zzzzzzz

After the attack of the ashen claw of lightning, a black trace remained on the silver shell of titanium. But, unfortunately, lightning could not penetrate the creature’s body.

– What a high defense! – Mo Fan was amazed.

After all, the magic of lightning is reinforced 12 times, and all she did to the enemy was minor external damage! Shouldn’t titanium defenses be at the level of a commander?

– Hell stone!

Mo Fan did not back down and then called on the hellish stone of the heavenly flame.

A stone of hellfire fell from heaven. Seeing this, the titan tried to cover his head with his hands and at that moment the stone hit him!

The titan swayed from side to side. An attack of hellfire had a profound effect on him, but Mo Fan thought that was not enough!

The defenses of this level are clearly impossible to break with high-level magic!

– Useless! Even if his defensive ability is not equal to the level of a commander, but he is definitely close to that! Mo Fan exclaimed in frustration when he saw that his most powerful magic had such a weak effect.

– Do not rush. The abilities of my bats are very effective against this guy. They were able to release poison into his body. Now we need to wait until it spreads. It takes time for his protection to decompose, ”the vampire said.

– How strong is their poison? – asked Mo Fan.

– When he fully acts, the protection of the titan will be below the level of the leader of the pack. Your lightning attack will be more than enough to kill him, ”answered Bora.

Mo Fan nodded. If they can destroy the protection of titanium, it will be fine.

– He has a very high pedigree. As soon as the bats began to inject their poison, titanium immediately sensed this and tried to remove the poison from the body by copious perspiration. Therefore, I should intensely continue this attack and wait for the poison to work. Your task is to distract him from this and make him fight with you. Due to rapid movements, blood circulation will accelerate and the poison will act faster. The main thing for you is to spill it so hard that he doesn’t even feel when I begin to act, ”the vampire said.

“You focus on the poison, and I’ll take it on myself,” Mo Fan understood the vampire’s intent.

“You’re alone, I’m afraid that …” Bora began worriedly.

Bora also constantly bothered the titan, so he was never able to get to one of them. But if Mo Fan confronts alone, it is deadly.

“It’s not so easy to kill me,” said Mo Fan.

Bora nodded in response. He already realized that Mo Fan was determined to break through the mountain, and if he decided something, then he could not be stopped.


– Wolf, old fellow! – Mo Fan called a soaring snow-white wolf and jumped on his back.

Without the magic of ice nearby, the wolf’s powers practically did not differ from the level of the commander in chief. If Mo Fan was going to use it to detain the titanium, then he should be extremely careful. With the slightest carelessness, such a strong opponent can simply kill a wolf!

The magician sat astride a wolf, and the animal quickly and tenaciously climbed up the cliff.

The titan has already begun to pursue them. Although his movements were not so quick, but due to wide steps, he doubled over Mo Fan and the wolf.

* Bam !!!

The titan of the silver month hit his hand on a rock, which immediately collapsed. The wolf scurried back and forth between the falling stones, but still they were thrown aside by the shock wave.

– A flaming sword!

A ten-meter fire sword appeared in the hands of Mo Fan. A giant sword slashed across the chest of the titan, but could not break through its armor.

– Ohhhh !!!

The titan made such a powerful roar that everything around him could collapse.

It was impossible to hide from the sound wave, and Mo Fan again flew up into the sky, away from the destructive force …

After the sound wave spread, the whole terrain completely transformed, turning into a pile of debris. Many trees were uprooted and randomly scattered around.

– Fists of the heavenly flame!

Mo Fan quickly formed a star cloud of the fire element, summoning heavy rain from fiery fists.

Fiery fists flurried with a barrage of titanium, but he did not even pay attention to it! Under non-stop fire attacks, he continued to pursue Mo Fan. The powerful flame did not even scratch the titanium body.

Such defensive abilities could drive any mage to despair. Neither the ashen claw of lightning, nor the stone of the hellfire, nor the fists of the heavenly flame — could do anything serious harm to the titan, although this magic was considered the most powerful of all the skills of Mo Fan!

And from each hit of the titanium, such a wave was rising that Mo Fan had no choice but to apply instant movement.

With the enormous size of the titan, its attacks immediately touched a large area of the territory, and if not for the instant movement, then Mo Fan would not have time to evade enemy attacks.

Moving to a rocky elevation, Mo Fan was about to form another stellar cloud, but it turned out that titanium is very sensitive to spatial changes. He turned sharply, and swung his giant five straight at Mo Fan!

The mage broke cold sweat. There was no time to take refuge, so he hastily destroyed a spatial star cloud and tried to apply control.

Mo Fan gazed steadily at the approaching silver palm. By focusing his thoughts and spiritual impulses, he accumulated a strong resistance force that collided with the hand of a titan !!

The titanium’s hand slowly slowed. Mo Fan resisted by all means, but his forces were still not developed enough to crush the enemy, who is much stronger than him.

* Bam !!!

The rock under Mo Fan’s feet collapsed, and he himself flew away from the blow. Like a bullet, he crashed into the rock opposite, breaking a hole in it …

Mo Fan went deep into the rock several meters, and his body looked as if there was not a single whole bone left in it.

It’s good that he managed to slow down the speed of the titanium’s hand, otherwise he would immediately turn into mincemeat!

A terrible pain pierced the whole body. In this state, it was impossible to concentrate one’s mental strength, but the titan was already rapidly approaching Mo Fan.

The magician no longer had the strength to instantly move, so his last hope was the mantle of shadow.

This time, the mantle of shadow saved Mo Fanya’s life, because the titan could not smell his breath, as if the guy did not exist. Only having retreated to a safe distance, Mo Fan allowed the titan to continue to pursue him.

The magician could not go too far, because the titan could be distracted and feel that poison began to spread in his body.

After several severe attacks, the whole body of the guy shook like an aspen leaf.

Raising his head, he looked at the raging titan, and the spirit of the battle boiled in his soul again!

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