Chapter 1163: The Funeral Procession


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– Try my fist!

A large number of fire feathers, exploding, began to increase the speed of Mo Fan more than 3 times!

Mo Fan’s body was completely covered with wounds, so he could not release more powerful magic, relying only on his speed.

Mo Fanya’s flaming fist, like a falling meteorite, went straight into the face of the titan!

* Bam

After hitting the fist on the face of the titanium, it became bumpy, and the sound of cracking bones was heard!

From such a collision, the titan, reluctantly, stepped back some distance.

At this moment, Mo Fan growled loudly, and then again sent a fire projectile at the enemy’s face.

The titan could not yet bear this blow and collapsed to the ground with a roar!

The faces of people watching this whole situation warped and froze in surprise.

How could this Mo Fan manage to lay a huge titan only with his fist ?!

Han Ji and Zhu Meng looked at Mo Fanya in surprise. The fighting efficiency of this maltz was simply unpredictable! They immediately remembered the tragedy in Xi’an, when Mo Fan also behaved belligerently – then even magicians of the highest level respected him!

“It acts on wear and tear …” said Ban Lai.

Pan Lai, like no one else, knew how hard it was to break through the galactic mountain path. The last statue of the titan, which Mo Fan destroyed, cost the magician a very large number of magical powers.

– What are you doing? – asked old Bao, who is also Sun Qiming, seeing where Pan Lai is headed.

“What can I do?” The power of Mo Fan is really amazing, but when the titan returns, all of this will come to an end, ”answered Pan Lai.

“And who told you that titanium can come back?” Take a look yourself, ”said Song Jiming.

Pan Lai froze, staring there.

The titan was lying on its back, his body was convulsing, dark breathing still surrounded him, but it was clear that he could not rise again.

“How … how is this possible?” Is this really the effect of Mo Fang’s fist? – asked Pan Lai.

“The effect of the poison of the vampire Bohr,” replied Song Jiming.

Han Ji and Zhu Meng sighed joyfully, and a wave of hope swept over their hearts.

– You can say that Mo Fan laid the titan? – Han Ji said excitedly.

Song Tsimin nodded his head, and a smile appeared on his face.

Mo Fan really breaks ahead along the galactic mountain path, and this is even harder than becoming a champion of world university competitions!

Pan Lai and the rest were incredibly happy about this, but it was hard to look at the faces of people on the top of the mountain.

Will their galactic mountain path prove to be subdued by some 20-year-old kid? But what about the four strongest statues that embody the inability to go this way? They were broken and destroyed in front of people from all over the world!

From the greatness of the Parthenon nothing will remain!

“If it weren’t for this damn vampire, then he would never have been able to get up here, never!” – Hailong was angry, looking at what was happening.

The elder abbess of Mirol also changed face. Looking at how Mo Fan breaks ahead, she remembered that she immediately understood as soon as she saw this E Xin Xia — there was nothing worth waiting for from her appearance in the temple!

“In the end, he was able to break through,” Fenai said.

Fenai was always on the side of Xin Xia, and she had previously seen Mo Fang during their internship in Croatia. Now, she could watch this guy rushing with all his might into the Parthenon temple, contrary to all the laws of magic and physics, and another question continually popped up in her heart: is there a person on this planet that can do such a thing for her?

“I’m afraid that I am the one who least want to see in the temple, then you have to go on alone,” said the vampire Bora.

Mo Fan, nodding his head, went straight to the fairy temple.

As soon as he approached the temple, he was immediately surrounded by people, in front of whom were the knight Hailong and senior abbess Mirol.

Mo Fan, turning around, looked at Ban Lai, old Bao, Han Ji, Zhu Meng, and the rest — they were also standing at the gate.

Mo Fan was on the drum the opinion of the people standing in front of him, but Hailong said, “But you really impress!”

“I have to see Ye Xin Xia,” said Mo Fan, not wanting to waste time on an idle talk.

“She’s arrested, you can’t meet her,” Mirola answered.

“I went through the galactic mountain path, so I can meet any person here!” – strictly responded Mo Fan.

“Senior abbess, he really went all the way, because nothing would happen if he met her.” In any case, there are knights outside the temple who can personally follow everything, ”said another abbess named Silisha.

“Come with me, I will lead you inside the fairy temple,” said Fenai, referring to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan nodded his head.

“You two, watch him and see that he doesn’t throw something away,” Hailong said, pointing to the two knights.

Inside the temple was a large hall that was crowded with people like a city market.

Everything inside was really trimmed with crystal and crystals, and many of those present were in gray burial robes – they all came to say goodbye to Panisa. There were even knights from the temple of making.

All of Panisa’s favorite objects were stacked in the center of the room, her favorite fresh flowers were standing, and Panisa’s body itself was on a raised platform.

People silently walked in circles, looking sadly at their beloved servant.

“Only when this killer is sentenced will Panis be able to calmly go to heaven!” – said the knight, who was the protector of Panisa.

In heavy silence, everyone passed by Panisa’s body, which was planned to be cremated, but before that she had to wait for the verdict.

“If the judges of the Holy Court find the person guilty, then he himself can choose how to lose his life, otherwise we will intervene in the case,” said the senior judge of the Holy Court named Durank.

“I killed the holy girl!” Panis must take her with him to the next world! – shouted angrily the deputy from the temple of decisions named Shoushen, who is the father of Panisa.

– Please wait a bit, there is a man who broke through the galactic mountain path. According to ancient rules, E Xin Xia has the right to see the person closest, ”mother said slowly.

“Violation of the law is if she lives even for a minute longer!” – objected Shoushen.

“Don’t you want Panis to be with you even for a moment longer?” – asked the mother.

“Who knows what kind of fraud this girl is capable of avoiding punishment,” said Shoushen.

From these words, the rest of those present involuntarily grinned.

“You are exaggerating everything too much, the person who is able to lead someone from the Parthenon has not yet been born, our magicians will not allow this spell,” said the chairman of the knights in gold armor named Hulot.

– You, come all with me! – said Shoushen, collecting magicians from the temple of decisions.

Shawshan dragged with him about two hundred magicians, making an elephant out of a fly.

“He’s an ordinary high-level mage that any of us can mark.” Even if he is a supermag with hidden abilities, the galactic mountain path took him a lot of energy, so let’s just let him meet with E Xin Xia, ”Reina said.

– Yes, I also think that the evidence is not enough to say that she is Salan.

“But she really killed Panisa, and only for that she already deserves to die!”

The fairy temple is located on the highest southern point, behind it there is a steep cliff, which is additionally surrounded by magic barriers by spell magicians, so no one can approach the temple from this side.

There is only one entrance to the temple through the large gates, the path through which was covered with a gray mourning carpet that day. This rug stretched long line straight to the center of the temple, where angry believers crowded that they had followed and served Panis all this time.

Once at the entrance, Mo Fan immediately surrounded on all sides by magicians from the temple of decisions in case he decides to do something!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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